The Canada Medical Record, Volume 32, Issue 4

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Page 199 - Laryngology, Hygiene, and Other Topics of Interest to Students and Practitioners. By Leading Members of the Medical Profession throughout the World. Edited by AOJ KELLY, AM, MD, Philadelphia, USA, with the Collaboration of WM.
Page 205 - By John H. Musser, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania; Physician to the Philadelphia and...
Page 137 - Ancemia logically, rationally and radically, for several substantial reasons: 1. Because it supplies the starving organism with, the requisites for immediate reparation. * 2. Because it needs no preparation or transformation at the hands of the vital machinery before it can be assimilated and converted into living force.
Page 137 - Anyone sending a sketch and description may quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an invention is probably patentable.
Page 204 - OBSTETRIC NURSING. Obstetric and Gynecologic Nursing. By EDWARD P. DAVIS, AM, MD. Professor of Obstetrics in Jefferson Medical College and the Philadelphia Polyclinic; Obstetrician and Gynecologist to the Philadelphia Hospital, 1anio volume of 400 pages, fully illustrated.
Page 169 - Temperature of the water as indicated by child's temperature. 4. Quiet and rest. Tranquilizing influences about patient. Undisturbed sleep. 5. Correct feedings to avoid fermentation and gas in abdomen. If there is need, high hot salines. 6.
Page 169 - How to Kill a Baby with Pneumonia. — Crib in far corner of room with canopy over it. Steam kettle; gas stove (leaky tubing). Room at 80 F. Many gas jets burning. Friends in the room, also the pug dog. Chest tightly enveloped in waistcoat poultice. If child's temperature is 105 F. make a poultice thick, hot and tight. Blanket the windows, shut the doors. If these do not do it, give coal-tar antipyretics and wait.
Page 134 - THERAPEUTIC QUALITIES THE absolute absence of all OPIATES, NARCOTICS, and ANALGESICS, thus offering, instead of false roundabout and mere transitory relief, a true and scientific treatment for AMENORRHEA, DYSMENORRHEA, and other IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION. In these conditions and the most obstinate cases of...
Page 137 - BOVININE comes to the rescue by supplying a vitalized and perfectly compounded pabulum that calls for no chemico-vital effort or expenditure whatever. Have we made the contrast between BOVININE and all the rest of the prepared foods distinct enough? If not, please apply the crucial test — clinical use — at our expense, and convince yourself that our claims are neither extravagant nor exaggerated, but are strictly based...
Page 204 - A. EDWARD DAVIS, AM, M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Eye in the New York Postgraduate Medical School; Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine.

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