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upon the gastro intestinal tract is due to its richnesi in the natural enzymes or soluble ferments of fresh milk.

The rapid and complete assimilation of its proteids and phosphates through the action of these enzymes makes Lacto-Globulin of greater value than absolutely any other known form of nutriment.

Lacto Globulin is unique as a food in Tuberculo. sis, Typhoid, Scarlatina, Rheumatism, Diabetes, Bright's Disease, Diarrhæa, Vomiting, Dyspepsia and all gastric affections. It presents a practical result based on the researches of Daniloff, Luoin, Buechner, Concetti and Escherich. The physiological action of LactoGlobulin is theoretically fully confirmed by the experiments of Pawlow.

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A scientific treatise, “ The Hanu Book of Lacto-Globulin,” free samples and any information wished for, will be supplied to physicians on application to the

Lacto-Globulin Co.

Ltd., 795 Craig Street. MONTREAL.

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John H. HAMILTON, M A., D.C.L., Chancellor. F. W. CAMPBELL., M.D., Dean of Faculty. J. B. MCCONNELL, M.1)., Vice-Dean of Faculty.

J. M. JACK, M.D., Registrar. GEORGE FISK, M.D., Asst. Registrar. F. W. CAMPBELL, M.A., M.D., L.R.C.P. Lond.. D.C.L.Daan, Professor of Medicine, Phy.

sician to the Montreal General and Western Hospitals J. B, MCCONNELL, M.D., C.M., Vice-Dean Associate Professor Practice of Medi ine, Physician

Western Hospital. JAMES PERRIGO, A.M., M.D., M.R.C.S. Eng., Professor of Gynæcology, Surgeon Western Hos

pital. H, L. REDDY, B.A., M.D., L.R.C.S.E., L.R.C.P. Lond., Professor of Obstetrics, Physician to

Western Hospital, Physician Accoucheur Women's Hospital. A. LAPTHORN SMITH, B.A., M.D., L.R. C.S.E. L.R.C.P. Professor of Clinical Gynæcology,

Surgeon Western Hospital, Gynæcologist Montreal Dispensary. J. T. DOXALD, M.A., Professor of Chemistry. GEO. TILLERIE Ross, M.D., Lecturer on Laryngology and Rhinology, Laryngologist Western

Hospital. JOSEPH BEMROSE, ".C.S. Profaegns of Practical Chemistry. F. R. ENGLAND, M.D., Professor of Surgery, Surgeon western Hospitai. W. H. DRUMMOND, C.M., M.D., Professor of Medical Jurisprudence, ANDREW MACPAAIL, B.A., M.D., C.M., M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P Lond., Professor of Pathol

ogy and Bacteriology., Pathologist Western Hospital. ROBT, WILSON, M.D., Profes or of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Physician Western

Hospital, out-patient department. JAMES V. ANGLIN, B.A., M.D., Professor of Mental Diseases, Assistant Superintendent Pro

testant Hospitai i'or the Insane, Verdun. C. A. HEBERT, M.R.C.P., London, M.R.C.S., England, Professor of Anatomy, Temple Bldg.

St. James St.
G. H. MATHEWSon, B.A., M.D., Professor of Opthalmology.

W. GRANT STEWART, B.A., M.D., C.M., Lecturer in Medicine, Physician to Western Hospital
ROLLO CAMPBELL, C.M., M.D., Lecturer on Surgery, Assistant Surgeon Western Hospital.
WILLIAM BURNETT,C.M., M.D., Lecturer in Obstetrics, Assistant Accoucher Women's Hog-

F. J. HACKETT, C.M., M.D., Lecturer in Surgery. Assistant Surgeon Western Hospital.
C. A. HEBBERT, M.R.C.P. Lond., M.R.C.S. Eng., Lecturer in Anatomy,
A. J. RICHER, C.M., M.D.. Lecturer in Medicine.
D. MCNAMARA, M.D., C.M.,Lecturer in Anatomy.
W. G, REILLY, M.D., Lecturer in Anatomy, Physician Western Hospital.
JAMES M. JACK, M.D., Lecturer in Dermatology, Dermatologist to Western Hospital.
R. H. CRAIG, M. D., 'Lcturer in Laryngology and Rhinology, Laryngologist to Western

C. I. S'IARPE, M.D., Lecturer in Pediatrics.
R. F. RORKE, M.D., Lecturer in Histology.
Geo. Fisk, M.D., Lecturer in Surgery, Asst. Surgeon Western Hospital,
Gen, HALL, M.D., Lecturer in Physiology, 581 Wellington street.
L. LABERGE, M. D., Health Officer of City of Montreal, Lecturer in Hygiene.

HERBERT TATLEY, M.D., Instructor in Surgery, Asst. Surgeon Western Hospitai.
J.J. BEYNY, M.D., Instructor in Anästhetics, Ånästhetist Western Hospital.
E. A. ROBERTSON M.D.. Instructor in Gynecology, Physician Montreal Dispensary.
Chas. C. GURD, M.D., Instructor in Gynæcology.
F. E, TaoyPSON, Instructor in Obstetrics.

G. A LAO'MBE, M.D., M.P.P., Demonstrator of Anatomy, 710 St. Catherine street.
F. W. GILDAY, M.D., Demonstrator in Surgery Orthopaedics), 68 Beaver Hall Hiil
I. L. HARGRAVE, B.A., M.D. Demonstrator of An y, 16 St. Famille street.
H. LIGHTSTONE, M.D., Demonstrator of Anatomy.


Rev. J. B. ELLIS, M.A., Kingston, Jamaica.

The course leading to the degree of C.M., M.D. extends over four years, and consists of four winter sessions of nine months each, beginning in Uetober.

The Faculty of Medicine of Bishop's College aims at imparting a invroughly practical medical education, and its facilities for doing so are in many respects unequalled in Canada. In addition to the regular course of didactic lectures, students have the advantage of extensive and varied hospital privileges.

The General Hospital, Royal Victoria, Western Hospital, Hotel Dieu Hngpital and Dispensaries atford every opportunity to students of this

College to receive clinical instruction p Medicine

and Surgery. At the Women's Hospital special advantages are afforded for the ractical study of Obrtetrice.

The annual College fees are $100.
For information and copies of Annual Announcement, addres

J. M. JACK, M.D., Registrar.



If ALE or PORTER is required for

Medicinal or Dietetic use

Ask for




EDALS and Diplomas of merit have been awarded to these brands

in FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, UNITED States, England and Canada,

Four chemists have analyzed and certified to the purity and wholesomeness of them.

Testimonials and letters from many prominent physicians and hospital superintendents can be produced, but for ethical reasons cannot be published.

You are asked to try these brands, if not already known to you, and to recommend them in practice as long as you can conscientiously do so.



WITH RUBBER HANDS AND FEET. Although a person may have had the misfortune to lose both of his legs, he is not necessarily condemned to perpetual inactivity. A pair of Marks' artificial legs with rubber feet will

restore bim to his usual occnpations.

These cuts represent Mr. James McDonald, of Mamaroneck. N.Y who wears'two artificial legs. He is so active on his artificial legs that many of his neighbours are ignorant of the loss of his natural ones. The latest information re ceived from him states that be dances, rides a bicycle and skates almost as well as if be bad his natural legs.

With the old stile of artificial legs with complicated ankle joints, such perfection

could not be attained, but with Marks' patent rubber feet lie is restored.

There are over 28,00) of these artificial limbs in nse in different parts of the world, the greatest portion of which have been supplied from measurements, without ever having seen the wearers wur now illustrated measuring shent easily filled out by any person, furnishes all the necessary data Eminent surgeons recommend Marks' patent rubber bands and feet for their remarkab.e advantages. Forty highest awards have been receivel. Purchased by the United States and many foreign goveci ments, A tre tise containing 50 pages and 800 illustrations, together with an illustrated measuring sheet, will be sent free. Address No Duty on Artificial Limbs-On June 21st, 1897, the

A. A. MARKS, 701 Broadway, Dominion Governmen: passet a new tariff. By prjvision of item No. 479. artificial limbs are admitted

New York City. into Canada free of duty.

In corresponding with Advertisers, please, mention THE CANADA MEDICAL RECORD.




uis Preparation, composed of Parsley Seed, Black Haw (bark of

the root), Asparagus Seed, Gum Guaiacum, Henbane Leaves, and

Aromatics, immediately relieves Uterine Pain and Spasm during or between the menstrual periods.

It is invaluable in the treatment of menstrual irregularities following exposure, overwork, anxiety, fright, etc., acting as a warm stimulant tonic to the stomach and pelvic organs, and immediately relieving pain, spasm, and nervous excitability.

It is a safe and certain reinedy in the treatment of retarded, irregular, or painful menstruation, acts as a pre entive of abortion, and relieves pain after miscarriage or natural labor.

To those patients wliere backache, bearing down or dragging pains are a more or less constant symptom, and the menstrual period is one to be dreaded, the adıinistration of Asporaline Compound between the periods, followed by larger doses just before and up to the establishment of the expected menstruation, will not only give relief and promote regularity, but, unless serious organic lesions exist, effect a permanent cure.

In cases of hysterical or nervous disorders due to disturbances of the menstrual function, Asparoline Compound gives immediate. relief from th nervous symptoms, eventually effecting a permanent cure by removing the cause.

Indications : Dysmenorrhoea, Amenorrhoea, Menorrhagia, Irregular Menstruation and Atonic Conditions of the Female Generative Organs.

The adult dose of Wampole's Asparoline Compound is from a dessertspoonful to a tablespoonful in a wineglass of hot water, according to the severity of the pain. Smaller doses may be taken three or four (3 or 4) times daily, one-half (1) hour before meals and at bedtime. For young girls, whose ages range from twelve to sixteen (12 to 16) years, one (1) teaspoonful should be taken at the same intervals as the adult doses.

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CO. MANUFACTURING CHEMISTS. Main Offices and Laboratories PHILADELPHIA, U.S.A. Canadian Branch Office & Laboratory, TORONTO, CANADA.

In corresponding with Advertisers, please mention The CaxADA MEDICAL RECORD

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