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omit, or alter, as he fhall fee fit: Becaufe, as the Judgments and Opinions of Mankind are very different; fo it can never be expected that the fame Method, or Form of Prayer fhould fuit all Perfons; or even the fame Perfon at all Times.

In the prefent Compofure, no fmall Pains have been taken, to make the whole as generally useful as can be well expected in a Work of this Nature; but as the best Performances have Imperfections, fo this (to be fure) is not without them. However, it is hoped, there are none fo great but what a Chriftian may overlook for the Sake of that Good, which is intended by it.

It is not pretended, that the following Prayers are all entirely new. There will be found among them several Collections from other Books; but those being fuch only as have been thought excellent in their Kind, it was believed the whole would not be less acceptable for that Reafon. And here particular Acknowledgments ought to be made to the Wife and pious Author of The great Duty of frequenting the Chriftian Sacrifice; from whence, with his Leave, fome Prayers in the Office of Humiliation, and for the Communion, have been collected.



An Office of Humiliation.

A Prayer before Self-Examination,
Motives to Examination, together with fome Rules to
be obferved therein,

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1. Of our Duty to God,

II. Of our Duty towards our Neighbour,

III. Of our Duty towards Ourfelves,

A Prayer confifting of Confeffion of Sins, and im-

ploring Pardon and Grace, which may be used in

our Preparation to the Sacrament, or at any other.
Times of extraordinary Devotion,

Another Form of Confeffion,

A Prayer to be used at the fame Time, or shortly




A Confeffion of Sins to be used by a grievous Sinner,
who having led a very wicked Life, is now to come,
to a Senfe of his Sins, and defires to humble himself
before God of the fame,
A Prayer to be used by the fame Perfon, containing a
Profeffion of godly Sorrow for Sin, and of Vows
and Refolutions of better Obedience,

A Prayer confifting of Petitions for the Virtues of

a Chriftian Life,




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