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Second. That he is properly certified as free from any physical defect or disease which would be likely to interfere with the proper discharge of his duties;

Third. That his character is such as to qualify him for such position or employment; and

Fourth. That he posseses the requisite knowledge and ability to enter on the discharge of his duties in the service.

To preserve a uniform standard in such qualifications for like positions and employments in the several institutions and offices of the State service, the Commission, after consultation with the principal officers concerned, may by regulations prescribe uniform limitations and tests for the government of the examiners.

Rule XX. Reports of Appointing Officers. For the purpose of certification to the Comptroller, or other fiscal officer, for the payment of salaries and to enable the Commission to keep an official roster of the classified service as required by law, each appointing and employing officer, from time to time after the date of the promulgation of these rules and upon the date of the official action in or knowledge of each case, shall report to the Commission as follows:

(a) Every appointment or employment whether probationary, temporary, or otherwise, in the classified service, with the date of commencement of service and the title and compensation of the position.

This includes every employment or designation of any person to render any service, whether permanent, temporary or special, to the State of New York or any of its civil divisions to which these rules shall be extended, in any capacity whatever, compensation for which is to be made to the person employed or designated, except in the military service and the unclassified service as defined by law and by section 2 of rule III.

(b) Every failure to accept an appointment under him by a person entitled thereto, with copies of the offer or notice of appointment and the reply thereto, if any.

(c) Every discharge during or at the end of a probationary term, with the date thereof.

(d) Every vacancy in a position, whether caused by dismissal, resignation or death, with the date thereof.

(e) Every position abolished, with the date of such abolition.

(1) Every change of compensation in a position, with the date thereof.

(g) Every promotion, giving positions from which and to which made, with the salaries and date thereof.

(h) Every transfer, giving the positions from which and to which made, with the date and salaries thereof.

(i) Every reinstatement in a position, with the date and salary thereof.

Rule XXI. The Official Roster. The Commission shall keep in its office an official roster of the classified State service, and shall enter thereon the name of each and every person who has been appointed to, employed, promoted or reinstated in any position in such service upon such evidence as it may require or deem satisfactory that such person was appointed to, or employed, promoted or reinstated in the service in conformity with the provisions of law and of these rules. The official roster shall show opposite, or in connection with each name, the date of appointment, employment, promotion or reinstatement, and the office in which and the compensation of the position, date of commencement of service, and the date of transfer in or separation from the service by dismissal, resignation, cancellation of appointment, or death.

Rule XXII. Certification for Payment for Services. For the purpose of certification of pay-rolls, estimates and accounts as required by section 19 of the Civil Service Law, appointing officers and heads of departments shall furnish the Commission with pay-rolls, estimates, accounts and certificates in form and manner as follows:

1. Heads of departments, offices and institutions in the State service, whose employees are paid individually direct from the treasury of the State or any civil division thereof, shall furnish the Commission, at least five days before payment is to be made, pay-rolls in duplicate, showing the names of the persons to be paid, the title of the position held or kind of service performed by each person, the rate and amount of compensation to which he is entitled, and the period for which he is to be paid, and shall certify that the persons named therein are employed solely in the proper duties of the positions and employments indicated, and that persons described as or proposed to be paid as “ laborers " are employed at ordinary unskilled labor only. After examination and certification by the Commission as hereinafter prescribed, such pay-rolls shall be transmitted by it to the Comptroller or fiscal officer of such civil division for further examination and payment as required by law, and one of said duplicates shall accompany the warrant on the Treasurer or other disbursing officer.

2. For payments for irregular or occasional services, and for advances of salary to regular employees, the head

of such a department, office or institution shall transmit to the Commission the original account or a special payroll or a request for advance payment, bearing his written approval, which approval shall be deemed to be a certificate of the facts required by the preceding section to be certified on the regular pay-rolls. Upon examination and certification by the Commission such account, pay-roll or request shall be forwarded to the Comptroller or other fiscal officer.

3. Heads of departments, offices or institutions whose employees are paid directly by the department without previous detailed estimate to the Comptroller, shall furnish the Commission, before payment is made, or in case of employees of the Department of Public Works and of the State Engineer and Surveyor on the canals, outside of Albany, before credit is claimed from the Comptroller on such pay-rolls, the pay-rolls and certificates as required in section i hereof, and except in the case noted, disbursing officers of such departments, offices and institutions shall not pay such persons until the Commission shall certify as hereinafter prescribed. Heads and disbursing officers of such departments, offices and institutions shall file the pay-rolls certified by the Commission as vouchers in claiming credit from the Comptroller or other fiscal officer for such payments.

4. The estimates for payment of officers and employees, and for services of State hospitals and charitable institutions required by law to render detailed estimates in advance under what is known as the “estimate system," containing the names, titles of positions held or kind or service performed and rate of compensation of all officers and employees in the classified service with the certificate specified in section 1 hereof, shall be submitted to the Commission for certification before approval by the Comptroller or other department having power of revision of such estimates, and no vouchers for payments for services shall be received unless in accord with such estimates, and the certificate of the Commission.

5. The Secretary or assistant secretary of the Commission shall compare such pay-roll, estimate or account for services with the official roster and shall attach thereto or place thereon a certificate in form substantially as follows:

I hereby certify that the person (or persons) named in this (or the attached) pay-roll (or estimate of account) for service rendered to the State of New York in the........ containing ........ names have been appointed or promoted to or employed in the positions or places and at the rates of compensation indicated in pursuance of the Civil Service Law, and the rules made in pursuance thereof as shown by the official roster of the State service except

(Here insert names in reyard to which the pay-roll, estimate or account disagrees with the official roster.)

Secretary of the State Civil Service Commission.

To provide for the making of such certifications and for other purposes the Commission shall designate an employee in its office to act as assistant secretary of the Commission, under and by direction of the Secretary when that officer is on duty and for him and in his stead in his absence.

6. Upon satisfactory evidence that, with intent to evade the provisions of law and of these rules, any person appointed to or employed in any position in the classified

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