The Republican Magazine: To Promulgate and Perpetuate Republican Principles, Volume 1

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Republican Magazine Company, 1892

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Page 386 - Commerce, undoubtedly, is traffic, but it is something more; it is intercourse. It describes the commercial intercourse between nations, and parts of nations, in all its branches, and is regulated by prescribing rules for carrying on that intercourse.
Page 511 - That as our Republican fathers, when they had abolished slavery in all our national territory, ordained that " no person should be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law...
Page 16 - He, therefore, who is now against domestic manufacture, must be for reducing us either to dependence on that foreign nation, or to be clothed in skins, and to live like wild beasts in dens and caverns. I am not one of these ; experience has taught me that manufactures are now as necessary to our independence as to our comfort...
Page 386 - The oppressed and degraded state of commerce previous to the adoption of the Constitution can scarcely be forgotten. It was regulated by foreign nations with a single view to their own interests; and our disunited efforts to counteract their restrictions were rendered impotent by want of combination. Congress, indeed, possessed the power of making treaties; but the inability of the Federal government to enforce them had become so apparent as to render that power in a great degree useless.
Page 265 - ... 1. Resolved, That there are questions connected with the foreign policy of this country, which are inferior to no domestic question whatever. The time has come for the people of the United States to declare themselves in favor of free seas and progressive free trade throughout the world, and, by solemn manifestations, to place their moral influence at the side of their successful example.
Page 511 - ... and that the primary object and ulterior design of our Federal government were to secure these rights to all persons under its exclusive jurisdiction; that, as our republican fathers, when they had abolished slavery in all our- national territory, ordained that no person should be deprived of life, liberty, or property...
Page 164 - We reaffirm the American doctrine of protection. We call attention to its growth abroad. We maintain that the prosperous condition of our country is largely due to the wise revenue legislation of the Republican Congress. We believe that all articles which cannot be produced in the United States, except luxuries, should be admitted free of duty, and that on all imports coming into competition with the products of American labor there should be duties levied equal to the difference between wages abroad...
Page 92 - When men shall live by reason. And not alone by gold ; When man to man united, And every wrong thing righted, The whole world shall be lighted As Eden was of old.
Page 264 - That justice and sound policy forbid the federal government to foster one branch of industry to the detriment of another, or to cherish the interests of one portion to the injury of another portion of our common country...
Page 108 - Treasury proposed the issue of treasury notes " against deposits of silver bullion at the market price of silver when deposited, payable on demand in such quantities of silver bullion as will equal in value, at the date of presentation, the number of dollars expressed on the face of the notes at the market price of silver, or in gold, at the option of the Government, or in silver dollars at the option of the holder"; together with "the repeal of the compulsory feature of the present coinage act.

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