Cuba: Population, History and Resources 1907

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United States Bureau of the Census, 1909 - 275 pages

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Page 74 - Mexico, at the rate of 5 cents for the first ounce, and 3 cents for each additional ounce or fraction thereof.
Page 110 - ... by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, and imprisonment not exceeding one year, or both. SEC.
Page 67 - Santiago is the capital of the province and oriental region. There are a number of tobacco factories, but the chief business is the exportation of raw materials and the importation of manufactured goods and provisions. Sugar, iron ore, manganese, mahogany, hides, wax, cedar, and tobacco are exported to the United States.
Page 42 - States, based upon just and substantial grounds, for the preservation of Cuban independence, and the maintenance of a government adequate for the protection of life, property, and individual liberty...
Page 41 - To the People of Cuba: Coming among you as the representative of the President, in furtherance and in continuation of the humane purpose with which my countiy interfered to put an end to the distressing condition in this island, I deem it proper to say that the object of the present government is to give protection to the people, security to person and property, to restore confidence, to encourage the people to resume the pursuits of peace, to build up waste plantations, to resume commercial traffic,...
Page 44 - In so far as is consistent with the nature of a provisional government established under authority of the United States, this will be a Cuban government conforming, as far as may be, to the constitution of Cuba.
Page 35 - all the powers of governors of cities in a state of siege * * * with full and unlimited authority to detach from the island and to send to the Peninsula all officials and persons employed in whatsoever capacity, and of whatsoever rank, class, or condition, whose presence may appear prejudicial, or whose public or private conduct may inspire you with suspicion * * * and further to suspend the execution of any order or general regulations issued in whatever branch of the administration and to whatever...
Page 12 - ... culminates in Pico Turquino, which is reputed to have an altitude of 8,320 feet. From Santiago it extends to the east end of the island, but is much more broken and has more of a plateau-like form, with a great diminution in altitude. This portion of the range takes on a different name, being known as the Cobre Range. It contains numerous flat summits, approximating 3,000 feet in altitude, one of which, known as La Gran Piedra, is said to have an altitude of 3,300 feet.
Page 12 - The dominating orographic feature of the province, indeed of the whole island, is the Sierra Maestra, which, commencing at Cape Cruz, south of Manzanillo, extends eastward, closely paralleling the coast, from which it rises abruptly, as far east as the neighborhood of Santiago. In this part it contains many points exceeding 5,000 feet in altitude and culminates in Pico Turquino, which is reputed to have an altitude of 8,320 feet. From Santiago it extends to the east end of the island, but is much...
Page 44 - To the people of Cuba: The failure of Congress to act on the irrevocable resignation of the President of the Republic of Cuba, or to elect a successor, leaves this country without a government at a time when great disorder prevails, and requires that pursuant to a request of President Palma, the necessary steps be taken in the name and by the authority of the President of the United States, to restore order, protect life and property in the Island of Cuba and islands and keys adjacent thereto and...

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