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To the Senate and House of Representatives :

In compliance with the act of Congress approved January 16, 1883, entitled “An act to regulate and improve the civil service of the United States,” the Civil Service Commission has made to the President its second annual report.

That report herewith transmitted.

The Commission is in the second year of its existence. The President congratulates the country upon the success of its labors, commends the subject to the favorable consideration of Congress, and asks for an appropriation to continue the work.

CHESTER A. ARTHUR. EXECUTIVE MANSION, Washington, February 11, 1885.

Cfnited States Civil

Service Commission,

Washington, D. C., January 25, 1885. SIR: We have the honor to submit herewith the second annual report of the United States Civil Service Commission for the year ending January 16, 1885.


Commissioners. The PRESIDENT.



Applicants, Instructions for. See Appendix No.5 and......

Examinations, number of and where held

Numbers examined and appointed .

Ages of those examined and appointed, Appendix No. 6 and

Discrimination, none on party grounds....

Grades and subjects of examination, Appendix No. 1, Rule 7.

Classified service, meaning of......

Competitive examinations, meaning of

Departmental examinations

General examinations

Limited examinations

The three branches of the service defined, Appendix No. 2, Rule 5

Special departmental examinations, Appendix No. 2, Rule 7

Appointments to departmental service

Examinations and appointments in the postal and customs service...

Practical methods and needed precautions

Principle on which law and rules are based

Meaning of a merit/system and merit service...

How influence was used

Numbers of applications and examinations.

Time and place of holding examinations

The examiners

Quota of a State

Certifications and appointments

Views of committee of House of Representatives as to Commission

Waiting for appointments.


Women in the service.

Soldiers and sailors.


Residence of those examined, Appendix No. 6, Tables 4 and 5..



Commission has no patronage.

Political assessments

Practical effects of the new system.

The President's views

Views of postmasters..

Views of collectors and other customs officers

General results reached...

Partisan associations in the Departments

The public schools and the merit system

British experience of civil service reform.

Civil service reform in New York


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