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shall continue in office, and the inhabitants may hold special meetings, elect officers to supply vacancies, and vote taxes; and all other acts necessary to raise money and pay such debts shall be done by the inhabitants and officers of the district.

[Con. School Law, tit. VI, § 12, rewritten. (Page 30, § 12).]

§ 41. First meeting in new district.-When a school district is

formed, the commissioner shall deliver to a qualified voter a notice describing the district and appointing the time and place for the first district meeting. Such voter shall serve the notice in the same manner as for a special meeting under this chapter, and for his refusal or neglect shall forfeit five dollars for the benefit of the district. If such meeting is not held, the commissioner may call another meeting in the same manner. [Con. School Law, tit. VII, SS 1, 2, rewritten and consoli- .

dated. (Page 30, SS 1, 2).]



Section 50. District officers.

51. Qualification of officers.
52. Eligibility to office.
53. Term of office.

54. Terms in new district.

55. Vacancy; how created.
56. Vacancy; how filled.

57. Resignation of district officers.

58. Notice to persons elected.

59. Penalty for refusal to serve.
60. General duties of trustee.

61. Report of trustee to commissioner.

62. District in two or more counties.

Section 63. Duties of clerk.

64. Contracts with other districts.

65. Contracts with schools without the state.

66. Code of public instruction.

67. When action does not abate.

68. Water closets and privies.

(General note.—This article makes few changes in the former law, but the subject is rearranged and rewritten. The neighborhood schools provided by chapter two hundred and ninety-five of the laws of eighteen hundred and ninety-seven are abolished and permission is given the trustee to make contracts with districts outside the state, for the instruction of children residing therein.]

§ 50. District officers.—Each common school district shall have one trustee, a clerk, a collector, and a treasurer.


$ 51. Qualification of officers.--Every district officer must be a resident and qualified voter of the district, and able to read and write.

[Con. School Law, tit. VII, § 23, rewritten. (Page 41, § 23).]


$ 52. Eligibility to office.--I school commissioner or supervisor is not eligible to the oftice of trustee, and a trustee cannot hold the office of district clerk, collector or treasurer. A collector may also hold the office of treasurer. [Con. School Law, tit. VII, § 22 rewritten. The last sentence

of the section is new. (Page 40, $ 22).]

§ 53. Term of office. The term of a district officer, except a member of a board of education, is one school year, and begins on the first day of July, next following an annual meeting.

[Con. School Law, tit. VII, § 24 rewritten. (Page 41, $ 24).]

$ 54. Terms in new district. The terms of all officers elected at the first meeting of a newly created district shall expire on the last day of June next thereafter. [Con. School Law, tit. VII, § 25, rewritten with the follow

ing changes. The term of all officers is fixed so that they will expire on the last day of June instead of on the first Tuesday of August, as by present law. This change is necessary by reason of the change in the school year from the first Tuesday in August to the first day of July. (Page 41, § 25.)]

§ 55. Vacancy; how created.-A district office becomes vacant by the death, resignation, refusal to serve, incapacity, removal from the district or from office, or the criminal conviction of the incumbent. A trustee vacates his office by the acceptance of the office of commissioner or supervisor. The collector or treasurer also vacates his oflice by not executing the bond required by law.

[Con. School Law, tit. VII, SS 28, 29, 30.
Con. School Law, tit. VIII, part of $ 5 rewritten and con-

solidated. (Pages 42, 65, 88 28, 29, 30, 5).]

$ 56. Vacancy; how filled.--A vacancy in the office of trustee may be filled by election within thirty days after it occurs. If not so filled, a successor may be appointed by the commissioner in whose district the principal school house is situated. A vacancy in the office of clerk, collector, or treasurer may be filled by appointment by the trustee. An appointment under this section must be in writing and filed with the district clerk. A person elected or appointed to fill a vacancy under this section holds his office during the remainder of the term.

[Con. School Law, tit. VII, SS 29, 31, 32, rewritten and con

solidated. (Page 42, SS 29, 31, 32.)]

$ 57. Resignation of district officers.-A district officer may resign to a district meeting. A trustee may also resign to the commissioner, and any other district officer to the trustee. A resignation takes effect immediately upon its delivery to the body or officer authorized to receive it, unless a different date is therein fixed.


$ 58. Notice to persons elected.—The clerk of a district meet ing shall forth with notify each person elected thereat of his election and the date thereof, and such person shall be deemed to have accepted the office, unless within five days after the service

of such notice he shall file his written refusal with the clerk. The

presence of such person at the meeting shall be deemed a su ficient notice to him of his election.

[Con. School Law, tit. VII, § 27, rewritten. (Page 41, $ 27.)]

$ 59. Penalty for refusal to serve.-A qualified person chosen to a school district office who refuses to serve therein forfeits five dollars. A person so chosen who, not having refused to accept the office, wilfully neglects or refuses to perform any duty thereof, forfeits the sum of ten dollars. Such penalties are for the benefit of the district.

[Con. School Law, tit. VII, part of 33 rewritten. (Page 42,

$ 33.)]

$ 60. General duties of trustee.—The trustee shall:

1. Purchase or lease a site for a schoolhouse, and build and pur. chase such house, as may be designated by a district meeting, and erect necessary outbuildings.

2. Hire, keep in repair and furnish a house or room for the use

of the school.

3. Provide fuel, stoves or other heating apparatus, pails, brooms and other implements necessary to keep the schoolhouse or room clean and reasonably comfortable for use; provide for building fires and cleaning the school room, and employ a janitor.

4. Provide necessary bound blank books for the use of district


5. Purchase a dictionary, maps, globes or other necessary apparatus, and expend therefor not exceeding twenty-five dollars in any one year.

6. Employ all teachers, determine their number, compensation and terms of employment, the number of terms to be held during each school year, and establish branch schools when necessary, or when directed by the commissioner.

A trustee-elect may at any time after his election employ a teacher for a term commencing after the expiration of the current year, and for that purpose only his term of office is deemed to commence immediately upon his election,

7. Insure the schoolhouse, furniture, apparatus and library, and comply with the conditions of the policy.

8. Have the custody and control of the schoolhouse, its site and appurtenances, and keep such property in good repair and condition.

9. Establish rules for the government and discipline of the school, and prescribe the course of study therein, subject to the requirements of this chapter.

10. Make repairs and abate nuisances when directed by the


11. Raise by tax on the property of the district all sums authorized by a district meeting, or by law, or which may be neces

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