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5. Prescribe the allowance of food to prisoners undergoing pun. ishment in solitary confinement and examine daily and as often as required by the warden into the state of health of such prisoners until released from such confinement.

6. Attend to the medical needs and prescribe the diet of the sick prisoners in the hospital, in the cells or elsewhere, and his directions in relation thereto shall be followed by the warden.

7. Have charge of the hospital, and keep a daily record of all admissions thereto, showing the name, age, nativity, place of birth, occupation, habit of life, crime, time of entrance and discharge from the hospital, disease, date of admission to the prison and the time confined in a county jail before conviction.

8. Report monthly to the warden the number of patients received into the hospital during the last preceding month, stating the facts in relation to each patient as shown by the hospital record, the number of deaths, the number of sick prisoners, not received into the hospital for whom he shall have prescribed during such month, and the number of days during which such prisoners, in consequence of sickness shall have been relieved from labor.

9. Annually report to the warden on or before the first day of November, the sanitary condition of the prison for the year ending with the last day of the previous September, with a condensed statement of the information contained in his monthly reports, and such other matters as shall be required by the warden.

[R. S., pt. IV, ch. 3, tit. II, § 58, as amended by

L. 1880 ch. 382,
without material change.]

161. General duties of chaplain.—The chaplain in each state prison shall:

1. Hold religious services in the prison, under such regulations as the superintendent may prescribe, and attend to the spiritual wanis of the prisoners.

2. Visit weekly each cell in the prison.

3. Visit the prisoners in their cells for the purpose of giving them religious and moral instruction, and devote at least one hour in each week day and the afternoon of each Sunday to such in. struction.

4. Furnish at the expense of the state a Bible to each prisoner who requests it.

5. Have charge of the library, and see that no improper books are introduced into the cells of the prisoners, and if any such book shall be found in the cells or in the possession of a prisoner take and return it to the warden.

6. Visit daily the sick in the hospital.

7. Report in writing quarterly to the warden the number of prisoners instructed during the last quarter, the branches of such instruction, the text-books used therein, the progress made by the prisoners, noting especially cases of unusual progress.

8. Annually on or before the first day of November, report in writing, under oath, to the warden, the religious and moral conduct of the prisoners during the year ending with the last day of the previous September, stating what services he shall have performed and the results of his instruction, and setting forth, as far as practicable, in tabular form, the number of prisoners in the prison on the last day of the previous September, the name and age at conviction of each, the number born in the United States, foreigners, birthplace of parents, the number able to read, read only, to read and write, well educated, classically educated, temperate, intem perate, healthy, scrofulous, whether employed at the time of the commission of the crime, county where convicted, occupation, sentence, how many times recommitted and social state.

FR. S., pt. IV, ch. 3, tit. II, $ 59, as amended by

L. 1889, ch. 382,
without material change..

§ 165. General duties of principal keeper.- The principal keeper of each state prison shall enter in a time book, the name of each officer, keeper, guard and employe of the prison, except the warden, and shall daily mark therein the number of hours of service performed by each officer, keeper, guard or employe. At the end of each month, he shall report to the warden a verified summary statement of such record.

In the absence of the warden he shall have all the powers and shall perform the duties of the warden, except those relating to the financial affairs of the prison.

[R. S., pt. IV, ch. 3, tit. II, $ 60, as amended by
I. 1889, ch. 382,
without change in substance.

$ 166, General duties of storekeeper.-The storekeeper of each state prison shall:

1. Have charge of and keep in a safe place all articles purchased for the use of the prison.

2. Compare all purchases with the bills therefor furnished to him by the warden and note all discrepancies in quantity, or


3. Make an entry of all articles received by him for the use of the prison.

4. Make an entry of each requisition upon him, showing the quantity and quality, on whose order and where sent. Articles shall not be delivered by him to any person, except upon the writ. ten requisition of the warden, principal keeper or kitchen keeper, or in their absence, of the persons acting as such. All such requisitions shall be filed in his office.

5. Keep an account of all goods sold by the warden or other officers of the prison.

6. Jake out, at the end of each month, a sworn statement of the quantity and quality of articles delivered on requisitions, to whom delivered and the quantity and quality then on hand and the value thereof. Such statement shall be delivered to the war. den, examined by him and if found correct, he shall attach thereto his certificate to such effect.

[R. S., pt. IV, ch. 3, tit. II, § 6, as amended by

L. 1980, ch. 382,
rewritten, but without change in substance.]

$ 167. General duties of kitchen keeper.—The kitchen keeper of each state prison shall keep an account of the articles received on his requisition from the store keeper, the quantity prepared as food for the use of the prison and the articles sent to the hospital. He shall make a verified report at the end of each month to the warden of the amount of such goods received and consumed during the month, and the amount on hand at such time.

[R. S., pt. IV, ch. 3, tit. II, $ 62, as amended by

L. 1880, ch. 382,
without change in substance.]



Section 170. Waden, chief financial officer.

171. Warden's books of accounts.
172. Collection of debts.
173. Payments by warden or other officer.
174. Monthly estimates of expenses.
175. Contracts for supplies.
176. Vouchers.
177. Weekly bank deposits; statement of warden.
178. Monthly reports of warden to comptroller.
179. Annual report of warden to the superintendent.
180. Estimates of the value of prison property.
181. Affidavits.
182. When bond of warden may be prosecuted.
183. Real property connected with Sing Sing prison.
184. Real property connected with the Clinton prison.

[General note.—There are no changes proposed in the present law, by this article, except in form and language. The references at the end of the sections show their derivations.

$ 170. Warden, chief financial officer.—The warden shall have the control of all matters of prison finances, subject to the direction and supervision of the superintendent. He shall conduct the fiscal transactions and dealings of such prison in his name as warden.

[R. S., pt. IV, ch. 3, tit. II, § 51, first sentence as amended by
L. 1889, chap. 382,
without material change.]

$ 171. Warden's books of accounts. The warden of each prison shall cause his accounts and fiscal transactions to be entered by

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