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An attempt has been made to develop this subject logically from the common school as the basis of the entire system, to the uni. versity, which is the culmination of it. The page and section references included in parenthesis in the foot notes to the various sections of this chapter refer to the pamphlet edition of the consolidated school law, published by the department of publio instruction.


Commissioners of Statutory Revision. Dated, February 22, 1898.

Article XV. Trusts for schools; gospel and school lots; dnes

and penalties ($8390-407). XVI. Instruction of the blind, and deaf-mutes (88415

XVII. School commissioners; their election; powers

and duties (88460-471).
XVIII. Department of public instruction (88480-496).

XIX. Cornell university (88510-536).
XX. The university ($9560-601).
XXI. Libraries (89630-691).
XXII. Miscellaneous (88720-744).
XXIII. Effect of chapter; laws repealed ($$750-753).


Beotion 1. Short title.

2. Free common schools.
3. Common schools.
4. Public school.
5. Instruction in public schools.
6. Who may attend common schools.
7. School age.
8. School year.
9. School day.
10. Definition of district.
11. Superintendent.
12. Commissioner.
13. Trustee.
14. School officer.
15. School authorities.

Section 16. Duty of school authorities.

17. Duty of superintendent.

18. Supervision under this chapter exclusive. [General note.— The first article relates partioularly to general provisions, including many definitions and statements of powers and duties not now a part of the law.]

Section 1. Short title.-This chapter shall be known as the

eduoation law.


§ 2. Free common schools. The legislature shall provide for the maintenance and support of a system of free common schools, wherein all the children of this state may be educated.

[Constitution, article IX, § 1.]

§ 3. Common schools.The term “common schools” includes:

1. Public schools which alone or in branches, parts or other divisions, provide free instruction for all children of school age residing in the district; but does not include a department or school under exclusive supervision of the regents.

2. Schools for the blind, deaf-mutes or other defectives under this chapter. 3. Free public kindergartens.


$ 4. Public school.-A public school is one established by the state, a municipal corporation, or school district, and wholly under public supervision and control.

$ 5. Instruction in public schools. The public schools shall provide instruction in the English language in the following subjects:

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