Suspension for Two Years of General Immigration to the United States: Hearings...on S.J.Res. 207

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Page 48 - April, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, and then resided in said islands, and their children born subsequent thereto, shall be deemed and held to be citizens of the Philippine Islands and as such entitled to the protection of the United States, except such as shall have elected to preserve their allegiance to the Crown of Spain in accordance with the provisions of the treaty of peace between the United States and Spain signed at Paris December tenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight.
Page 44 - No imperial designs lurk in the American mind. They are alien to American sentiment, thought, and purpose. Our priceless principles undergo no change under a tropical sun. They go with the flag.
Page 1 - The provisions of this section are in addition to the provisions of the immigration laws now in force, and shall be enforced as a part of such laws, and all the penal or other provisions of such laws not inapplicable, shall apply to and be enforced in connection with the provisions of this section.
Page 48 - States isn ot of a local nature. Section 4 of the bill affects the Territory of Hawaii and the United States. The head tax is to be converted into the general fund of the Treasury of the United States. The bill is clearly a regulation of commerce and a, regulation affecting the States, the Territory of Hawaii and their people, as well as the people of the Philippine Islands. (See Chief Justice Fuller's dissenting opinion in the Downes Case, 182 US 354.) Such a power of Congress can only exist if...
Page 48 - We are also of opinion that the power to acquire territory by treaty implies not only the power to govern such territory, but to prescribe upon, what terms the United States will receive its inhabitants, and what their status shall be in what Chief Justice Marshall termed the "American Empire.
Page 48 - The civil rights and political status of the native inhabitants of the territories hereby ceded to the United States shall be determined by the Congress.
Page 1 - States if he is excluded by any provision of the immigration laws other than this section, and an alien, although admissible under the provisions of the immigration laws other than this section, shall not be admitted to the United States if he is excluded by any provision of this section. (c) Terms defined in the Immigration Act of 1924 shall, when used in this section, have the meaning assigned to such terms in that Act.
Page 115 - I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was adopted by the Council of the City of Los Angeles, at its meeting held on January 18, 1939.
Page 55 - States, or persons who have declared their intention to become such, in quantities not exceeding...

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