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No. VII., for April 1837.

Folly of our great men, 218.


Examination of the proof that "slavery was tolerated among the ancient people
of God," 219.-If it proves any thing, it proves that every country in Christendom
is a slave country, that slavery was the only servitude tolerated by the Scriptures,

220.-When does "obed" mean slave? Answer and illustrations, 221.-Buying

servants, 223.-The character of Abraham's servants.

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No. VIII., for July, 1837.

Additions to the slaveholding power, 345.


Deaths of Managers-increase of Auxiliaries, 347.-Publications-Agents-

Agents for colored people, 348.- Colored people in Ohio-occupation of land, 349.

-Colored people in Upper Canada-Testimony of Dunlap and Mackenzie, 350

---of John H. Dunn-Anti-slavery among children, 351.-Agents to the West

Indies-Charleston ladies-George Thompson, 352.-Robert Breckinridge-Dr.

Wardlaw, 353.-British Baptists, 354.-Virginian in Scotland-Dumbarton and

the Vale of Leven, 355.- Favorable notice of ecclesiastical bodies, 356, 357, 358.

-Legislature of Pennsylvania, 359.-Mr. Stevens' Report-Governor Ritner's

Message, 360.-Resolutions of Vermont and Massachusetts, 361.--Decision of

the Supreme Court of Massachusetts, in the case of the girl Med, 362.-Abolition-

ism at the South, 363.-Maryville Intelligencer, 364.-Commercial crisis, 366.-

Affairs of Mississippi, 367.-British cotton trade, 368.-Imports of cotton, in the

years 1835 and 1836, 369.-Rice and tobacco, 370.-Bearing of diminished profits

upon the abolition of slavery, 371.-General participation in the profits of slavery,

372.-Northern sycophancy, 373.-Publishers, 374.-Books "expunged" and

mutilated, 375.-Profligacy of the press, 377.-Ecclesiastical opposition, 377.-

Methodist General Conference, 378.—Threatening epistles, 379.-Presbyterian

General Assembly, 380.-Testimony of Rev. Mr. Smylie, 386.-Harmony Pres-

bytery, 386.-Clinton Resolutions, 378.-Congregational General Associations,

388.-Dignity of the pastoral office, 392.-Mobs-Judge Lawless-Grand Jury of

St. Louis, 394.-Persecutions of Mr. Lovejoy and Dr. Nelson, 395.-Persecution

of Mr. Garratt, 396.-Dr. Ely and Marion College, 396, 397.- Rebuke of the New-

York Observer, Vermont Chronicle, and Boston Recorder, 397.-Attack on the

Philanthropist, 398.-Mob-meeting in Cincinnati, 399.-The Market House Com-

mittee, 401.-Firmness of the Ohio Executive Committee, 402.-Speech of the

Mayor of Cincinnati to the mob, 403.-Outrage upon Mr. Kitchell, 404.-Outrage

upon Mr. Hopper, 405.-Testimony of the Hon. B. Swain of North Carolina,

405. CHAPTER OF ABOMINATIONS, 406.-Flogging to death-shooting with small

shot-suicides, 406.-Branding-outlawing-rewards for killing-death for strik-

ing, 407.--Burning alive-shooting runaways-pulling out gray hairs, 408.-Dog-

ging men-Amalgamation-DOMESTIC SLAVE TRADE, 409.-Slave trade advertise-

ments, 410.-POLITICAL SUPPORT OF SLAVERY, 412.-Denial of the rights of peti-

tion in Congress, 413.--Petition from slaves-Hon. John Q. Adams, 414.-Pre-

sident's Inaugural Address, 415.-MEASURES, 421.-Tyranny of caste to be over-

thrown, 423.-Facts in regard to American prejudice, 424.-New-Bedford whale-
ship owned and navigated by colored men, 427.-Use of the press, 427.-POLITI-
CAL ACTION, 429.-Petitions to Congress, 431.-Fugitives, 432.-Jury trial-
Texas, 433.-Haytian Independence, 434.

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