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axbo wait at the altar are par- and shutteth up his compassion
takers with the altar ? Even fo from him; how dwelleth the
hath the Lord also ordained, that love of God in him? 1 S. Jobn
they who preach the Gospel 3. 17:
Tould live of the Gospel. 1 Cor. Give alms of thy goods, and
9. 13, 14.

never turn thy face from any
He that soweth little, mall poor man: and then the face of
reap little; and he that soweth the Lord shall not be turned a-
plenteously, shall reap plente- way from thee. Tob. 4.7:
ously. Let every man do ac Be merciful after thy power :
cording as he is disposed in his If thou hast much give plente-
heart :

not grudgingly, or of oudy : If thou haft little, do thy - neceffity; for God loveth a diligence gladly to give of that cheerful giver, 2 Cor. 9. 6, 7. little : for so gatherett thou thy

Let him that is taught in the self a good reward in the day of Word, minister unto him that necessity. Tob. 4, 8, 9. teacheth in all good things. Be

He that hath pity upon the not deceived ; God not poor, lendeth unto the Lord; mocked : for whatsoever a and look, what he layeth out, it man soweth, that shall he reap. fall be paid him again. Pror. Gal. 6.6, 7.

19. 17: While we have time, let us do

Bleried be the man that progood unto all men; and specially videth for the Gck and needy : unto them that are of the hours the Lord fhall deliver him in the hold of faith. Gal. 6. 10. time of trouble. Pfal.41. 1.

Godliness is great riches, if a man be contant with that he Whilf rbeje Sentences are in hath: for we brought nothing reading, the Deacons, Cburchinto the world, neither may

wardens, or other fit per for ap-, we carry any thing out, I Tim. 6. pointed for that purpose, fall 6, 7.

receive the alms for the poor, Charge them who are rich in and oiber devotions of the Peothis world, that they be ready to ple, in a decent Bafon to be progive, and glad to distribute ; vided by the Parish for tbat laying up in store for them purposes and reverently, bring it selves a good foundation against to ibe Priest, who shall bumbly the time to come, that tlrey may present and place it upon the attain eternal life. I Tim. 6. 17, boly Table,

God is not unrighteous, that I And when there is a commuhe will forget your work3, and

nion, the Priest jhall then place, labour that proceedeth of love ;

upon the table so much Bread which love ye have fhewed for

and wine, as he small think sufhis Name's lake, who have mi

ficient. After cubicb done; i be nistered unto the saints, and yet

Priest shall say, do minister. Hebr. 6. 10.

Let us pray for the whole ftate To do good, and to distribute of Christ's Church militant forget not: for with such facri here on earth. fices . God is well pleased. Hebr. Almighty

and severdiyini gorda 'Whoso hath this world's good, hast taught us to make prayers and seeth his brother have need, and fupplications, and io give


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18, 19:

thanks for all men; We humbly parted this life in thy faith and e. beseech thee most mercifully fear; befeeching thee to give us

* If tbere be no [* to accept our gracé so to follow their good alms or oblations, alms and oblations, examples, that with them we iben palletbe and] to receive may be partakers of thy heaing our alms and these our prayers venly kingdom. Grant this, o oblations) be left which we offer Father, for Jesus Christ's fake out unfaid. unto thy Divine our only Mediator and AdvoMajesty; beseeching thée to in- cate. Amen. spire continually the universal TWhen tbe Minister giveth WarnChurch with the spirit of truth, ing for the celebration of the bounity and concord: and grant that ly Communion, (which be fall all they that do confess thy ho always do upon the Sunday or ly Name, may agree in the truth some boly day immediately preof thy holy Word, and live in 'ceding, ) after the Se mon or ko. unity and godly love. We beseech mily erded, be shall riad this thee also to save and defend all Exbortation following. Chriftian Kingesa e Precices, and Darex beloper poder,


next I purpose, through fervant GEORGE our King; God's affistance, to adminifter that under him we may be gods to all such as shall be religiously ly and quietly governed : and and devoutly difposed, the most grant unto his whole Council, comfortable Sacrament of the and to all that are put in au- Body and Blood of Chrift; to thority under him, that they be by them received in remem. may truly and indifferently mi brance of his meritorious Cross nifter uitice, to the punishment and passion; whereby alone we of wickedness and vice, and to obtain remifsion of our fins, and the maintainance of thy true re are made partakers of the kingligion and virtue. Give grace, o dom of heaven. Wherefore it is heavenly Father, to all Bishops our duty to render most humand Cúrates, that they may ble and hearty thanks to Alboth by their life and doctrine mighty God our heavenly Fa. set forth thy true and lively ther, for that he hath given his word, and rightly and duly ad- Son our Saviour Jesus Christ, minister. thy holy Sacraments. not only to die for us, but also And to all thy pecple give thy to be our spiritual food and fufheavenly grace; and especially tenance in that holy Sacrament. to this congregation here pre- Which beinz so divine and comfent; that with meek heart and fortable a thing to them who re:, due reverence they may hear ceive it worthily, and fo danand receive thy holy word; tru gerous to them that will prely serving thee in holiness and sume to receive it unworthily; righteousness all the days of my duty is to exhort you in the their life. And we most humbly mean season to consider the digbeseech thee of thy goodness, nity of that holy Mystery, and O Lord, to comfort and luccour the great peril of the unworthy all them who in this transitory receiving thereof; and so to life are in trouble, forrow, need, search and examine your own fickness, or any other adverfi- consciences (and that not lightty. And we also biess thy holy ly, and after the manner of difName, for all thy servants de- semblers with God; but fo) that


e may come holy and clean to with a quiet conscience : there. such an heavenly feast, in the fore if there be any of you who marriage-garment required by by this means cannot quiet his God in hcly Scripture, and be own conscience herein, but rereceived as worthy partakers quireth further comfort or counof that holy Table.

fel ; let him come to me, or to The way and means thereto some other discreet and learned is; First, to examine your lives Minister of God's word, and oand conversations by the rule pen his grief; that by the miof God's commandments ; and nistry of God's holy Word he whereinsoever ye shall perceive may receive the benefit of absoyour selves to have offended, lution, together with ghostly either by will, word, or deed, counsel and advice, to the quithere to bewail your own fin eting of his conscience, and afulness, and to confess your- voiding of all fcruple and doubtselves to Almighty God, with fulness. full purpose of amendment of life. ` And if ye Thall perceive for, in case be shall see the People your offences to be such as are negligent to come to the boly Cómnot only against God, but also munion, instead of the former, against your neighbours : then be shall uje tbis Éxhortation. , ye shall reconcile yourselves unfor them, being ready to make D Early beloved brethren, on

--- I intend, by God's grace, restitution, and satisfaction, ac to celebrate the Lord's Supper : cording to the uttermost of your unto which in God's behalf I powers, for all injuries and bid you all that are here prewrongs done by you to any o- sent; and beseech you for the ther; and being likewise ready Lord Jesus Christ's sake that ye to forgive others that have of- will not refuse to come thereto, fended you, as ye would have being so lovingly called and bids forgiveness of your offences at den by God himself. Ye know God's hand: for otherwise the how grievous and unkind a receiving of the holy Commu- thing it is, when a man hath prenion doth nothing else but in- pared a rich feast, decked his tacrease your damnation. There- ble with all kind of provision, fore if any of you be a blasphe- so that there lacketh nothing mer of God, an hinderer or Nan- but the guests to sit down; and derer of his Word, an adulter- yet they who are called wither, or be in malice or envy, or out any caure, most unchank. in any other grievous crime: fully refuse to come. Which of repent ye of your fing, or else you in such a case would not be come not to that holy Table : moved? who would not think left after the taking of that ho a great injury and wrong done ly Sacrament, the devil enter unto hiiñ? Wherefore, most into you, as he entered into Ju- dearly heloved in Christ, take das, and fill you full of all ini. ye good heed, left ye withdrawquities, and bring you to de- ing yourselves from this holy Struction both of body and soul. Supper, provoke God's indig

And because it is requisite nation against you. It is an easy that no man should come to the matter for a man to say, I will holy Communion, but with a not communicate, because I am full trust in God's mercy, and otherwise hindered with world


calleth you, are ye not alhamd Dearly beloved in the Lord,

ly business. But such excuses are At the time of the Celebratingas not fo easily accepted and al the Communion, the Communi. lowed before God. If any man cants being conveniently placed say, I am a grievous finner, and for the receiving of the holy Satherefore am afraid to come : crament, the Priest fall say tbis Wherefore then do ye not re Exbortation, pen and amend? When God

ye that to ed to say, ye will not come ? holy Communion of the Body When ye should return to God, and Blood of our Saviour Chrift, will ye excuse yourselves, and must consider how Saint Paul say, ye are not ready ? Confi- exhorteth all persons diligently der earnestly with yourselves, to try and examine themselves, how little such feigned excuses before they presume to eat of - will avail before God. They that that Bread, and drink of that refused the feast in the Gospel, Cup. For as the benefit is great because they had bought a farm, if with a true penitent heart or would try their yokes of oxen, and lively faith we receive that or because they were married, holy Sacrament (for then we were not so excufed, but count- fpiritually eat the fesh of Chrift, ed unworthy of the heavenly and drink his blood; then we feast. I for my part shall be rea. dwell in Christ, and Christ in dy: and according to miné of- us; we are one with Christ, and fice, I bid you in the Name of Christ with us :) so is the dan. God; I call you in Christ's be- ger great, if we receive the fame half ; 1 exhort you, as ye love unworthily. For then we are your own salvation, that ye will guilty of the Body and Blood of be partakers of this holy Com- Christ our Saviour; we eat and munion. And as the Son of God drink our own damnation, not did vouchsafe to yield up his considering the Lord's body: soul by death upon the crois for we kindle God's wrath against your salvation : so it is your du- vs; we provoke him to plague ty to receive the Communion, us with divers diseases, and funin remembrance of the sacrifice dry kinds of death. Judge thereof his death, as he himself hath fore yourselves, brethren, that conimanded : Which if ye Mall ye be not judged of the Lord; neglect to do, consider with repent ye truly for your fins yourtelves how great injury ye pat; have a lively and stedfast do unto God, and how sore pú- faith in Chrift our Saviour; anithment hangeth over your mend your lives, and be in perheads for the same; when ye fect charity with all men ; so wilfully abstain from the Lord's shall ye be meet partakers of Table, and separate from your those holy mysteries. And abrethren, who come to feed on above all things ye must give the banquet of that most hea. moft humble and hearty thanks venly food. These things if ye to God the Father, the Son, and earnestly consider, ye will by the Holy Ghost, for the redempGod's grace return to a better tion of the world by the death mind : for the obtaining where- and passion of our Saviour Christ, of we shall not cease to make our both God and man; who did humble petitions unto Almigh- humble himself even to the death ty God our heavenly Father.. upon the Cross, for us miserable

anaers, who lay in darkness and we acknowledge and bewan the shadow of death; that he our manifold lins and wickedmight make us the children of ness, which we from time to God, and exalt us to everlast. time moft grievously have com. ing life. And to the end that mitted, by thought, word, and we should alway remember the deed, against thy divine Maexceeding great love of our jesty, provoking moit justly thy Master, and only Saviour Jefus wrath and indignation against Christ, thus dying for us, and us. We do earneitly repent, and the innumerable benefits which are heartily forry for these our by his precious blood-shedding misdoings; The remembrance he hath'obtained to us; he hath of them is grievous unto 115 ; instituted and ordained holy The burden of them is into. mysteries, as pledges of his love, lerable. Have mercy upon us, and for a continual remem- Have mercy upon us, most merbrance of his death, to our great ciful Father, for thy Son our and endless comfort. To him Lord Jesus Christ's fake, forgive therefore, with the Father and us all that is past; And graně: the Holy Ghost, let us give (as that we may ever hereafter we are most bounden) conti- serve and please thee in new. nual thanks ;, submitting our. nefs of life, To the honour and selves wholly to his holy will glory of thy Name, Through Jeand pleasure, and studying to sus Christ our Lord. Amen. serve him in true holiness and 9 Then small the Priest for the Birighteousness all the days of our

shop, being present) stand up, life. Amen.

and turning himself to the PeoTben shall i be. Priest say to them ple, pronounce this Absolution. that come to receive the boly Communion,

ly Father, who of his great

hath ly repent you of your fins, ness of sins to all them, that and are in love and charity with with hearty repentance and true your neighbours, and intend to faith turn unto him ; Have merlead a new life, following the cy upon you, pardon and deliver commandments of God, and you from all your sins, confirm walking from henceforth in his and strengthen you in all goodholy ways; Draw near with ness, and bring you to everlast. faith, and take this holy Sacra, ing life, through Jesus Christ our ment to your comfort; and Lord. Amen. make your humble confession to

1 Then shall the Priest say, Almighty God, meekly kneel. Hear what comfortable words ing upon your knees.

our Saviour Christ saith unto all 9 Tben fall this general Confef-. that truly turn to him,

Ome , those that are minded to riceive Ibé boly Communion, by one of the and I will refresh you, S. Mattb. Ministers, both be and all the II, 28. People kneeling bumbly upon their So God loved the world, that knees, and saying,

he gave his only begotten Son, Lord Jesus Chrift, Maker in him should not perish, but of all things, Judge of all men; have everlasting life. s. job. 3.16,


hon be made, in the name

of all Curacel

, and are heavy leader,

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