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when I shall come thither in the Likeneis of laden, 48 Prayers and Meditations. A Prayer the Morning you intend to

O Most gracious and eternal Lord God,

who haft called all such as are weary and heavy laden to come unto thee by Faith and Repentance, and thou wilt refresh them : In Affiance of this thy gracious Invitation, I will come to thy heavenly Table, not trusting

N in my own Righteousness, but in thy manifold LO and great -Mercies; and although I am not Opara worthy so much as to gather up the Crumbs worth that fall from thy Table, yet since it is thy Lord) Property always to have Mercy, I will not hither. despair of a kind Reception: Forgive my want | Mercia of a due Preparation, and accept of my fincere raility Desire to perform an acceptable Service unto bende thee : Clothe me with the Wedding - Garment, durft even the Graces of the Gospel, and then I am Mercy sure I shall be a welcome Guest at thy Table, come thy Son Jesus Christ, in whom thou art well pleased. Poffess my Soul with a lively Faith, profound Humility, filial Obedience, inflamed

OL Affection, and universal Charity, that fo I may become a worthy Partaker of these holy Myf teries, to my great and endless Comfort. Grant this, O heavenly Father, if it be thy blessed Woen Will, through Jesus Christ. Amen. Our Father, &c.

LOC See Psal. xxiii. xxv. xxvi.

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902 ruing F Sbort Prayers and Meditations before the

Minister at Church begins the Commu-determal ' nion-Service,

At going up to the Altar.
N the Multitude of thy tender Mercies, o

Lord God, do I now approach thine Altar;

pardon my Sins, and look not upon my Unworthiness, (for I am a finful Creature, o ther up

Lord) but upon those Motives which drew me hither, even my own Miseries, and thy tender

Mercies; therefore help me to supply in HuFord

mility what I want in Worthiness, and let my. bended Knees and contrite Heart shew that I. durst not have adventured hither, had not thy

Mercy held out the golden Scepter, and said, Eel, at Come unto me, all ye that labour, and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you.

At giving your Alms.
O Lord, who didît not despise the Widow's

Mite, accept of this little which I freely thee Members. When the Priest is setting in Order the Elements

to be confecrated. LOOK down, O Lord God, from thy holy

Habitation, and from the glorious Throne of thy Kingdom, and sanctify us. с


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Mark xii. 42.



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When you receive the Bread.
ORD, I am not worthy of the Crumbs

which fall from thy Table, and yet thou giveft unto me the Bread of Life. Evermore give me this Bread, that I may eat thereof, and not die eternally. John vi. 34, 50.

After receiving the Bread. NOT

OT unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but

unto thy Name give the Praise, for thy loving Mercy, and for thy Truth's sake.

Before receiving the Cup. WHAT

HAT Reward shall I give unto the Lord

for all the Benefits that he hath done unto me? I will receive the Cup of Salvation, and call upon the Name of the Lord,

After Drinking
BLelled be God the Father of our Lord Jesus

Christ, for his unspeakable Gift, in whom we have Redemption through his Blood, even the Forgiveness of our Sins.

When you retire from the Altar.
Less the Lord, O my Soul, and all that

is within me bless his holy Name; bless o the Lord, O my Soul, and forget not all his

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Benefits; who forgiveth all thine Iniquities, " and healeth all thy Diseases; who redeemeth

thy Life from Deltruction, and crowneth ' thee with Loving-kindness and tender Mer<cies.' - let that heavenly Food, which thou hast so lately fed me with, transfuse new Life and new Vigour into my Soul, and into the Souls of all those who have been partakers with me of this. holy Communion, that our Faith, Hope and Charity, may daily increase, and that we may all grow in Grace, and in the Knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Chrift. Amen, and Amen.

See Psalm viii. xxiii. Ixvi. ciii.

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Prayers and Meditations which may be joined to
the former, where the Communions are large.

Aspirations for a devout Gommunicant.
E Nlighten, O Lord, the Eyes of my Una

derstanding with the Light of Faith and Wisdom, that I may ever look on thee my Redeemer as the way, the Truth, and the Life, which leadeth unto eternal Life. What am I, Lord, and what is my Father's House, that thou shouldit thus follow me with thy Bles. sings? I was created by thee and for thee, and mayst thou ever be the Comfort of my Soul. -Good Jesus, my Hope and only Refuge, I here render thee hearty Thanks for all thy Sufferings, and I beg that I may find Shelter


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in thy Wounds againit all Enemies, Ghostly and Bodily: Imprint the Memory of them fast in my Heart, that I may love thee, and in all my Sufferings never want thy divine Aflistance, or forget what thou hast suffered for me. Take from me all Self-Love, and give me perfect Love for thee, that I may now be more faithful in my Duty; and let nothing for the futuré put me out of my Way: O that I could ever remember thee, think of thee, and delight in thee alone, and love thee only, who hast loved us, and washed us with thy moft precious Blood from the Guilt of our Sins. O that my Senses may ever be shut against all Vanity and Sin, that my Mind being free from all fruitless Solicitude and Fear, I may fix my Heart there where truę Joys are only to be found. From henceforth. I will seek unto thee my only Good; my Affections and Defires shall be fixed on thee, in whose Presence there is Fulness of Joy, and at whose right Hand there are pleasures for evermore.

My Will I now resign into thy Hands, defiring that thy Will

may be mine, both now and for ever. Be thou my Instructor and Director in all Things, that I may never do or speak, defire or think, any thing but what is according to thy good Will. I

AM thy Servant, O Lord, O give me

Understanding according to thy Word, that I may learn thy Commandments, and lay aside all Interest, beside that of Heaven. Ó



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