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and it was done. Victory over besetting sins followed immediately, and I became conscious of the possession of such a peace of soul as I had hardly known even at my best times.

These results abide now. I told my people what a blessing I had received, and exhorted them to seek the same. Many of them did so, and very soon a glorious revival broke out. Believers were quickened, and the careless awakened to a serious concern about salvation. Scores of the latter were sayingly converted and added to the Church.

At the same time, and without any communication that I know of between the two places, a similar awakening took place at one of Mr. H—'s stations, and then the work spread to all our stations and surrounding districts. It has been going on ever since, and is as vigorous now as ever.

We have not confined our efforts to our own stations, but have gone everywhere preaching the Word. In these expeditions we are usually accompanied by some of the converts, who give their personal testimony in support of the truth preached, telling what they were, and what, by the grace of God, they are.' God gives His most signal blessing on their testimony; and, as many of them were members of different Churches before they were converted, they are very useful in speaking to others in the same condition, and the name of such is legion. ..

I am sure you will unite with us in praising God for so much blessing, and also in praying that He may bless us more and

I am sending this to father, who is still at Luss, ... to find out your address, and forward. I am thankful to say that I enjoy fairly good health. I hope you too are well. Kind regards to dear Mrs. F- and Miss F– I shall be so glad to hear from you soon again. Yours affectionately in Christ,

H. M. PHILLIPS. Farm Cave Valley, P. O., Jamaica, February 17th, 1883.

[We are always glad to hear of the power of the Holy Spirit being known and felt among ministers and people who are called by the name of Christ, therefore we cherish the hope that the work related above may prove the beginning of a very genuine and gracious outpouring of the Spirit in our West Indian possessions, and that the influence may, like the blessed Comforter, abide there. We are justly jealous of much around us which is attributed to the Holy Spirit, that is, we fear, merely sensational; but we have long felt that the Lord's ministers and people lack that zoal for God and love for souls which characterized the early Christians, and which so enlarged their hearts and filled their souls with missionary spirit and enterprise.



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DEATH SWALLOWED UP IN VICTORY. “I AM better, and hope I shall soon be quite well." Such was the reply of a young man who was fading away under that dreadful malady, consumption, on being asked the condition of his health, as we sat down by the side of his bed. In the last stage of consumption, at the grave's mouth, on the brink of eternity, yet he could say, “I am better, and hope I shall soon be quite well." What a paradox to the unregenerate! How plainly it shows that the divinely enlightened are truly led to appreciate above all the things of time and sense-yea, even life itself—the blessings and presence of Him who is able to “make a dying bed soft as downy pillows are.”

How could this be? Was he not born in sin? Most decidedly! We must either admit that, or deny the testimony of the Word of God and our own experience. Then how could it be ? According to his own statement, it was the Lord's pleasure to convince him of sin when in the Sabbath-school. Being afflicted, he was, about six years ago, taken to the hospital, Cambridge, and, not knowing whether he should end his mortal career there or recover, he became inore deeply impressed with his condition as a sinner in the sight of the heart-searching God, which led him to lift up his heart in prayer to God. Speaking of the event, he said, “When father left me in the hospital, I believe I spent the whole night in prayer, being deeply convinced that I was a sinner"

" A sinner is a sacred thing;

The Holy Ghost hath made him so." Reader, do you know you are a sinner, by the renewing and teaching of the Holy Ghost ? If so, you will get no solid—10 permanent-peace until you know the Saviour of sinners. “For

two years," said our young friend, “I laboured and toiled, thinking I must do something and be something to inherit eternal life.” Is this your case, reader? Then cease from all such expectations or thoughts

“ Cease from your own works, bad or good;

Seek cleansing in the precious blood-
The blood of Christ, the Lamb once slain-

Oh, seek for shelter in His name !" Well might the wise man say, “The labour of the foolish wearieth every one of them, because he knoweth not how to go to the city” (Eccles. x. 15). So our departed friend found it

, for two years' legal labour did not bring him within the precincts of that city which is named “the possession of peace.

But it was the pleasure of the Holy Spirit, in His own time, to give him clearer views of the way of life. Speaking of the case, he said, After two years' labour, Mr. " (the minister he sat under) took for his text Psalm xxxiv. 7: The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them. It was made a great blessing to me, and relieved my soul of the distress I had been in. The description of those that • fear Him' was much blessed to me, and

my heart.went up in praise to God for what He had done for me.” But that state did not long continue. He soon sank into a dark state of mind. “Being," said he, “in the field one day, I was in great trouble about my soul. I crept behind the hedge, dropped upon my knees, and tried to pray, when these words came, "Son, be of good cheer; thy sins, which are many, are all forgiven thee;' and that quite delivered me.”

It was at that period our young friend began to listen to the ministry with much interest; and during his affliction he mentioned many texts he had heard spoken from with profit to his soul, among which are the following: Psalm xxv. 17; John vii. 46; Psalm ciii. 9 ; Psalm xxvi. 8; 1 Peter iv. 12 ; Isaiah xxviii. 16; and on one occasion, when Psalm xxiii. was read, and a little said upon it, he said he should never forget how precious he felt the love of God to be to his soul.

During the first part of his affliction he was very quiet, and said but little. One night, soon after he was kept from his work, his mind became much exercised upon the subject of saving faith, when the Holy Spirit led his soul to meditate upon those brought before us in the Word of God who possessed saving faith, and to compare his own with theirs, when he was much encouraged by the case of the woman who said, “If I may but touch the hem of His garment, I shall be made whole.” Speaking of this encouragement, he said, "If ever I had a manifestation, that was one, which I never can forget.” After he was confined to his bed, a very happy state of mind was granted him, which continued to his dying day, with but little exception.

One night, after the prayer-meeting, I received a message requesting me to go up to his father's, as he wished to see me. Entering his room, I found him very ill, and apparently very near his end. Asking him how he was, he said, “I am better, and get better every day. I am happy." "That is a mercy. The Lord does favour you," said one present. “Yes, He does," was his reply. “I shall not need the light of the sun there." "No," said one sitting by his bed, "the Lord will be the light thereof." He said, “I am sure I shall go to heaven. I am sure I shall be happy. I would not change places with any one, not with that rich man Mackie. Why, if I am the King's son, I can't be more than that!” “ You have met with us many times below. You



loved to go where the people of God met,” said a friend. “ I did, but they used to laugh at me” (meaning worldly young men); “but I knew I wanted something they could not bestow, and which I could not get among them. They may laugh now. The devil is beaten now. I have conquered—at least One has for me.” “That is very much better,” said one to him, “ than if Satan had left of his own acco because, had it been so, he would have taken the key himself, and then he could have returned and entered at his leisure." “I am happy! I am full! I long to be gone! I hope it won't be long, but I wish to be patient,” said the afflicted one. A friend said to him, “You are going to see Him whose presence you have enjoyed here, and in the house of prayer, where you have often tried to hide your feelings.” That made him smile, and he said, “ Yes; and I used to think I never prayed, but I don't think so now, for only while we pray we live.'»

One said to him, “ You will soon enjoy what the poet has said

". There you will see His face,

And never, never sin ;
There, from the rivers of His grace,

Drink endless pleasures in.'" “Yes," he said, "and no end." "Is it not wonderful,” said one present, " that the Son of God should have come into this world, become a Man of Sorrows, take the place of His people, die for them, and present them as pure in God's sight as He is Himself ? " He looked up, and said, “What a mystery! It is ail of grace. Nothing else will do for me. It is grace first and grace last. “No man can come unto Me, except the Father which hath sent Me draw him?

666'Twas grace my wayward heart first won,

'Tis grace that holds it fast ;
Grace will complete the work begun,

And save me to the last.' “That verse has been very sweet to me since I have been afflicted.”

On one occasion, he said to his grandmother, “I have such a blessed view of heaven, it is impossible for me to stop long in this world.” Many other things he said to the many, many friends that went to see him. About the last utterances were, “Jesus, my All, to heaven is gone," &c. “ Lord Jesus, do come quickly, and fetch my poor soul away! The Lord's time is best."

So passed away Walter Golding, once a teacher in the Particular Baptist Sunday-school, Oakington, aged twenty years. May each teacher of that school have a like blessed end, if the Lord will.

J. P.



SIR, -I was thinking what a blessed thing it is to hear that blessed name of Jesus preached in the church of Wilbraham! Who could have thought it ? Who knows what the Lord is going to do $ But it will be a savour of life unto life, or death unto death ; and methinks what a blessed thing it is that you preached not unto us "another Jesus.” I would tell the blessed Apostle himself that I would have no other Jesus, for I will have Him or none, for He is that blessed Person that suits such poor, lost, ruined, sin-sick, broken-hearted souls as us, carrying about with us a body of sin and death, for we are constrained and made willing to believe what the Lord saith is true, and He saith that I am wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores, from my head to the sole of my foot; and I know that to be truth, that my heart “ is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked;" and I know that is truth, that my own righteousness is as filthy rags. I am, like Joshua, clothed with filthy garments ; but we also know that blessed truth, “Their righteousness is of Me, saith the Lord ;" and, again, He is called, “The Lord our righteousness," and “ whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” He “came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” And what a merciful gift of God it was, that He sent Him to heal the poor broken-hearted—to hear their poor groans and cries, and to set the prisoners free! And what a Pearl of great price He is made, to be called “Wonderful ;" and He shall be wondered at. Oh, what a blessing hath God given us in His blessed Son! The blessing is so great that no comparison can be made, and we are forced to speak, with the blessed Apostle, “ Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift.”

I am a poor man, and you are a gentleman, and I am not worthy of your coming under my roof. But Lazarus was a son of Abraham, as well as the rich man-yea, more, for he was one of Abraham's faithful children-but to complain of want I cannot in the least, for

- The Lord is our support,

And He that doth me feed ;
How, then, can I want anything

Of what I stand in need ?
" He that is down need fear no fall ;

He that is low no pride ;
He that is humble ever shall

Have God to be his Guide.”

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The blessed Lord was poor, a Man of Sorrows, and well

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