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cannot give ; and He will, when needful, put some wholesome bitters in your cup of earthly comforts, that you may not drink too eagerly. In a word, though believers will surely repent, and be found in the use of the means of grace, these things have nothing to do with their acceptance. They are “accepted in the Beloved," * because He died for sinners, and because, renouncing every other plea, they commit their souls and their all to Him, as their wisdom, righteousness, their Lord, their Prophet, Priest, and King.

Do not indulge unbelief, but consider it not merely as a weakness, but a sin. Yea, it is the greatest of all our sins, and the source of them. We can believe one another, and yet distrust and contradict the God of truth. When He says, “I will receive you," how dare we say He will not ? But you are yet but a young plant. May the blessing of God water you, and make you grow in faith and holiness ; "then shall you know, if you follow on to know the Lord.”

I have often written in this strain to Mrs. C- The same Gospel is equally good for the mother and the child. Give my love and Miss Catlett's to your dear parents, to James, and to all your brothers and sisters, and take a large share for yourself. We can love those whom we never saw. How else should we love the Saviour ? I mean to write to Mr. C and to Mr. B- while I am here, and as soon as I conveniently can. We left London on the 9th instant, and spent a week at Reading; arrived here in safety on the 19th. We are both in perfect health. Mercy and goodness attend and surround us, at home and abroad.

I commend you to the great and good Shepherd. Endeavour to be cheerful, thankful, humble, and watchful. You have no sufficiency in yourself, even to think a good thought; but let not this discourage you. Look to Him, and you shall be enlightened. You shall be able to do all things, through Him who is always near to strengthen you. Pray for us, and believe me to be,


affectionate friend, Southampton, July 25th, 1799.


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PALISSY THE POTTER, when Henry III. of France tried to terrify him out of his Protestantism, replied, “The Guissarts, all your people and yourself, cannot compel a potter to bow down to images of clay."

* We hope all our readers who are seeking Jesus will well consider this point of truth, for many make a sad mistake in trying to get a preparation to come to Christ with, instead of looking to Him for it, and they are thereby kept in legal bondage. See Acts v. 31.-ED.

THE LATE EDITOR OF THE SOWER AND GLEANER included in his list of books & choice selection of works of truth, which will be sent post free to any one ordering to the amount of 4d. and upwards. The attention of Ministers, Sunday-school Teachers, and all lovers of truth, is called to these works, * as calculated to be made a blessing if widely distributed.

Stamps, or a Post Office Order, payable at Shefford, should accompany each order. Address, Miss KENT, Day School, Clifton Road, Shefford, Beds.

. See LITTLE GLEANER tor October. CLIFTON SELECTION.-Large Type: a, cloth, sprinkled edges, 28.6d., or per dozen, £1 48.; b, roan, 38., or per dozen, $1 108.; c, black leather, 38. 6d., or per dozen, $1 148.; d, French morocco, gilt, 3s. 9d., or per dozen, 61 178. ;

, whole calf, gilt edges, 58., or per dozen, 62 10s. The smaller print, 1s. 3d., or 128. per dozen, cloth; 1s. 6d., or 158. per dozen, roan; 18. 9d., or 178. per dozen, purple leather; 28., or £1 per dozen, French morocco, gilt ; 28. 6d., or $1 48. por dozen, morocco gilt. Carriage free, from Miss A. KENT, Shefford, Beds. We trust every one of our readers will order a copy. The work cost the late Editor much labour, and is published at a very low price, that its spread and use. fulness may thus be increased. It is intended for private as well as public use.

CLIFTON HYMNAL FOR THE YOUNG.-Price 6d., 8d., 10d., and 18. ; 458., 558., 708., and 858. per 100, free to London, or to any station of the Midland or Great Northern Railways. A carefully selected Book of Hymns, with many originals, by the late Editor of the GLBANER and SOWAR.

CLIFTON TUNE BOOK, Second Edition, with additions, containing a selection of favourite tunes, with a number written expressly for this work. Suited to Clifton Hymn Book, Clifton Hymnal, and all Hymn Books. Price 18. in cloth, ls. 6d. in leather. Post free, from Mi88 KENT, Shefford, Beds.

Second Edition, cloth boards, price 28. 6d. Handsome morocco, 68. MEMOIR OF THE LATE SEPTIMUS SEARS.

This work contains an account of his Early Life, Call by Grace, Afflictions, Spiritual Exercises, Ministerial Labours, &c., &c., with a BEAUTIFUL PORTRAIT ENGRAVED ON STEEL,

This Memoir is an interesting and valuable work. London : HOULSTON AND SONS; Miss KENT, Day School, Shefford, Beds. ; E. WILMSHURST, Blackheath, 8.E.; or of any Bookseller.

WORKS BY THE LATE J. C. PHILPOT, M.A. Letters by the late Joseph Charles Philpot, M.A., formerly Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford, and for twenty years Editor of the Gospel Standard. With a Brief Memoir of his Life and Labours, and a Portrait on Steel. Price reduced to 3s. cloth ; 6s. half calf ; 88. full calf.

Memoir of the late William Tiptaft. Second Edition. Price 18. stitched ; 18. 4d. cloth flush ; 1s. 6d. cloth boards; 2s.6dhalf calf.

Meditations on Matters of Christian Faith and Experience. First and Second Series. Price 38. cloth ; 48. 6d, half calf, each Series.

The True, Proper, and Eternal Sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ. Price 6d. sewed ; 1s. cloth.

The Advance of Popery. With a Preface by Mr. Hazlerigg. Sixth Thousand. 18. stitched ; ls. 6d. cloth.

Sermons by Mr. Philpot. Reprinted from “ Zoar Chapel Pulpit.” Price 1fd. and 2d. Two or more Sermons post free.

The above works may be obtained, post free, from Mrs. PHILPOT, 6, Sydenham Road, Croydon.

EDUCATION.-Warkworth House School, Cambridge, conducted by J. P. WILES, M.A. (late Foundation Scholar of Trinity College, and 14th Wrangler, 1872). The course of instruction includes the ordinary English subjects, the French language, Mathematics, and Classics. Pupils are prepared for the University and the various Public Examinations. Boarders have the privilege of attending a place of worship where the truths of vital godli. ness are faithfully preached. For terms, references, &c., address, Warkworth House, Cambridge.

EDUCATIONAL.-Parents seeking a superior school, where their sons will receive a thoroughly sound Education, combined with kind and careful Christian training, should apply for prospectuses to Mr. G. P. PBARCB, A.C.P., Pennington Hall, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells. References kindly permitted to MR. HULL, and other parents of pupils. Admission at any time.

LADIES'SCHOOL, VINE COTTAGE, LONGFORD, near COVENTRY.-Principals, the Misses ORTON. The Year of Study is divided into three terms, commencing January, May, and September. Terms and references on application.

PREPARATORY SCHOOL.-Home for Six Little Girls and Boys, who are under the immediate care of the Principal. (Established 1867.) Unex. ceptional references.—Address, Miss R. RELPE, 4, Silverhill Villas, Silverhill, St. Leonard's-on-Sea.


Miss BRIMBLE receives a limited number of Young Ladies to BOARD AND EDUCATE on moderate terms, for whom home comforts, care, and school discipline are ensured. References kindly permitted to Mr. Hull. Prospectus on application. Admission at any time.

HUBBARD'S EMBROCATION (No.1) FOR THE PEOPLE.Sanctioned by Her Majesty's Government. Protected under the Trade Marks Act (38 and 39 Vict., ch. 91). The Genuine " Hubbard's Embrocation” bears the Registered Trade Mark, to copy which is felony. A speedy remedy for Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sprains, Sore Throats, Bronchitis, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, &c. The ingredients are purely vegetable, and it possesses properties which render it invaluable as a household remedy. Being the best counterirritant, it can be used with confidence in those diseases for which the Medical Profession recommend counter-irritants and rubefacients, such as Rheumatism, Sprains, Chest Colds, &c. 18. 6d. and 2s. 9d. per bottle.

HUBBARD'S EMBROCATION (No. 2) FOR HORSES AND CATTLE.—This Embrocation is invaluable to owners of Horses and Cattle, as is proved by the ultimate verdict of the Public, that no stable is complete without it. The many testimonials we have received prove the truth of our statement. It is a safe remedy for Bruises, Sprains, Lameness in the Shoulders and Hip Joints, Strains in the Back Sinews, and Stiff and Contracted Muscles ; for Poll Evil, Strangles, Influenza, Swellings, Inflammation, and Foul in Beasts' Feet; for Cuts, Green Wounds, Escape of Joint Oil, and Running Thrusb. ls. 6d. and 38. per bottle.

The above may be obtained through any Chemist or Medicine Vendor throughout the United Kingdom. BARCLAY and Sons, Wholesale Agents, 95, Farringdon Street, London, E.C. ; and W. TROUGHTON, 101, Beaufort Street, Chelsea, s.W.

The Genuine “Hubbard's Embrocation” is sanctioned by Her Majesty's Government, and bears the Registered Trade Mark, to copy which is felony.

Testimonials may be had on application to W. HUBBARD, Pakefield House, Lowestoft. Respectable Agents wanted. Liberal Commission allowed.

CLIFTON CHAPEL FUNDS. POOR FUND.-K. L., G. A. V., 20s. With sincere thanks of Olifton, Biggleswade, Beds.


RAINHAM, KENT, PROVIDENCE CHAPEL.-OPENING SERVICES will be held (D.V.) on Thursday, October 30th, when Three Sermons will be preached—in the morning, by Mr. R. KNILL (of Croydon); afternoon, by Mr. G. PRINCE (of Forest Hill); evening, by Mr. G. HAZLERIGG (of Leicester). Services to commence, in the morning at 11, afternoon at 3 ; and in the evening at 6:15. Collections after each service.

AGED PILGRIMS' FRIEND SOCIETY.-A SERMON will (D. V.) be preached in aid of this Society, on Wednesday Evening, November 5th, at seven o'clock, by Dr. DOUDNEY, of Bristol, in the Church of St. Mary Woolnoth, Lombard Street, E.C., by kind permission of the Rector.

This Church was for some years the scene of the labours of John Newton, and the attendance of friends on this interesting occasion is cordially invited.

Contributions in aid of the Collection will be thankfully received from those unable to be present.

Office, 83, Finsbury Pavement, E.C. J. E. HAZELTON, Secretary.

J. TRIMMING, Architect and Surveyor, STREAM LODGE, HASTINGS, Desigts and Superintends Building Work in any part of the Country. Experienced in Chapel Work. References to Mr. Huli, Hastings; Mr. Vine, The Dicker; Mr. Knight, Hayward's Heath.

EARS FROM HARVESTED SHEAVES; or, Daily Portions Selected from the Works of J. C. Philpot, by his Daughters. Crown 8vo., cloth, lettered, 48. ; leather, gilt edges, 6s.

London : E. WILMSHURST, Warwick Buildings, Paternoster Row. Post free from J. C. PEMBREY, 164, Walton Street, Oxford; and Miss PHILPOT, 6, Sydenham Road, Croydon.

PHILPOT'S LETTERS ON THE IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL.-Re-published, with Introduction. Post free 14d., or six for 6d. From E. WILMSHURST, Blackheath, S.E.

“THE LORD IN THE CLOUDY CHARIOT,” also “SAVING KNOWLEDGE."-TWO SERMONS by the late Joseph IRONS, preached in Grove Chapel, Camberwell, London, in the years 1843 and 1851; reprinted, October, 1883, and August, 1884. One penny each ; by post, 1 d. each ; four copies post free. From David Fisk, 6, Brighton Place, Brighton.

THE GREAT EXODUS; or, " THE TIME OF THE END." - By the Rev. J. A. WYLIE, LL.D. Second Edition, price 6s. 6d.

London: HAMILTON, ADAMS & Co. Edinburgh : A. ELLIOT, 17, Princess Street.

Every Saturday, One Penny. Monthly Parts, Sixpence. AMATEUR GARDENING.-FOR TOWN AND COUNTRY. A Weekly Journal for the Villa Gardener.

The Editor of the SOWER says :-"Those who want useful information and help in the study of the various plants, fruits, flowers, &c., which make a garden beautiful and profitable, will do well to procure this valuable weekly, and avail themselves of the interesting instruction it contains."

Sold by all Newsagents. Offices, 184, Salisbury Square.

POST FREE FOR SIX STAMPS, or LARGE EDITION (bound in cloth), ls. 3d., from


CONSUMPTION By G. T. CONGREVE, Coombe Lodge, Peckham.


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The Nature, Progress, and True Treatment of this Scourge of England,

with 133 Selected Cases. The following Case is from the ELEVENTH SERIES :“CONSUMPTION IN AGGRAVATED FORM.”-CASE OF

MRS. PUGA, of SHIFNAL. In a letter, dated May 20, 1884, Mr. Pugh writes me :-"Pardon me that I have not written ere this, expressing my gratitude for the great good your Balsam and Liniment have done for my wife. Consumption had set in, ovidently in the most aggravated form. Through your kindness in making a reduction in your charge, we were able to continue your treatment for twelve months, when she quite recovered, and has been wonderfully well since.-John PoGo, Prior Lee, Shifnal, Salop.”

From the “ CHRISTIAN HERALD,” June 4, 1884. “ CONSUMPTION CURABLE.—There is probably no disease affecting mankind that has been so dire in its ravages, and so distressing to friends of the sufferer, as this. How many a Christian worker has been called away at the beginning of a life of usefulness. How many a promising youth or lovely girl has faded like a leaf or flower. Medical science, until of late years, has been utterly at fault in dealing with this terrible disease. Little was done except to palliate urgent symptoms, and even as regards this, few men of eminence were agreed. Mr. George Thomas Congreve, of Coombe Lodge, Peckham, was the first to announce boldly that Consumption is Curable.' He has proved this statement, not only by the most convincing arguments, but by indisputable facts. The new edition of his book may be had post free for sixpence only, and has deservedly attained a circulation of one hundred thousand. It contains a great number of cases. Besides these, we point our readers’ attention to those which Mr. Congreve is publishing, one case every week, many of which had been given up as incurable. Mr. Congreve's ably-written book there is a chapter which should be read by all — Forebodings of Danger.' Disease, from its earliest approach, and through all its stages, is graphically described, and fallacies of treatment exposed. Moreover, the book is full of the most valuable information, and should be consulted in all cases of chest disease. Mr. Congreve has been eminently successful in cases of students of Mr. Spurgeon's and other colleges, mission workers, Salvation Army workers, &c. He is known to a vast number of Christian ministers of all denominations, and the poor (by their recommendation) have always found the most kind and sympathetic treatment at his hands.' The EDITOR of the “CHRISTIAN COMMONWEALTH” writes,

July 17, 1884. “DR. CONGREVE'S TREATMENT OF CONSUMPTION.-Our readers will bear testimony to the fact that we are not in the habit of commending what we are not satisfied is worthy.

We make these preliminary observations in view of what we are about to remark concerning Dr. Congreve's treatment of pulmonary diseases. We have had a few cases of his treatment under our special observation, and one of these has been in our own family, and we do not hesitate to say that his treatment has given entire satisfaction. The case in our own family was a very difficult one, but we are happy to say that a practical cure has been effected, and we feel it to be a duty to both Dr. Congreve and suffering humanity to give this voluntary testimony to what our eyes have seen.-Ed. C.C.


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