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NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. SUBSCRIBERS will oblige by forwarding their orders and subscriptions for 1885 as early as possible to Mr. E. WILMSHURST, Blackheath. Kindly noto that only even numbers, such as two, four, six, &c., can be sent post free.

RECEIVED.-J. C. G.; W. B.; Lydia ; A. M.; Prisca ; M.; J. B.; Ebenezer; H. R.; H. S. L.; J. T.'; Mrs. J. Fearn; Naturalist; G. H. M. R.; E. C.; L.T.

Books RECEIVED." Amateur Gardening." Those who are fond of gardening will do well to consult this cheap and excellent weekly paper on the subject. One Penny, or 6d. the monthly part._(A. Grover, 18A, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, London, E.C.)—“The Gospel Herald” (Wileman, 34, Bouverie Street, London, E.C.).— " The Australian Particular Baptist Magazine” (G. Loyton, Sydney, N.S.W.). --“The Regular Baptist Magazine” (America): "The Banner of Truth? (New York).—“Public Notices and Cautions” (Gadsby, 17, Bouverie Street, E.C.). 9d. cloth; 1s. gilt edges.

PRINTING FUND.-It is our desire to “sow beside all waters" the good seed of divine truth; and, while we sincerely thank the many friends who have kindly helped us to spread it abroad, we earnestly solicit a continuance of the support of all who desire the success of the Gospel of Christ. The following is gratefully acknowledged-Elizabeth G. (stamps).

To "T. W. P.—The same questions are being asked by many, and we must refer you and others to a leaflet, issued for the purpose of giving a brief description of the nature and objects of the Society in question. The leaflet can be had free of Mr. W. Wileman, 34, Bouverie Street, E.C.

FACT SUPERIOR TO FICTION—“ OUR YOUNG PEOPLE'S TREASURY."'-We are pleased to find that this little volume has a good sale, and meets with great favour among parents and teachers, as well as among the young. Many friends have written to thank us for publishing it, also to express their desire for its success, and for the blessing of the Lord upon its circulation. We believe it will help to meet a want greatly felt in our families and schools, as it supplies sound Scriptural reading in an interesting form, without resorting to fictitious tales. If we meet with good encouragement in this effort, we shall try and send forth other volumes successively, so as to provide a series of books which may, with the Lord's blessing, be of great spiritual service to the young. We earnestly appeal to the lovers of the rising race to assist us in this work by sending us early orders for the book, which is admirably suited as a present to scholars and young people. The price is One Shilling, and the Editor will make an allowance to schools taking quantities. Orders will be attended to as soon as received.

“GLEANER AND SOWER ALMANACK.”—This will be ready in a few days; and, besides having daily texts of Scripture and the usual information, it will be beautifully illustrated. Friends who send early orders will avoid disappointment. Price One Penny. Two, four, six, or any even numbers sent post free by the Editor; or, if fifty are ordered, he will send them by parcels post for 3s. 60.

THE YEARLY VOLUMES OF GLEANER AND SOWER.—These will be ready by the beginning of December. GLEANER, boards, with a beautiful picture on the cover, 1s. 6d., or six volumes for 8s. GLEANER and SOWER, in cloth, handsonely bound, 28., or six volumes for 10s., of the Editor. These volumes are acknowledged to be excellently adapted as presents, and we hope that we shall find the sale to be even larger than in former years. Friends can help us much by recommending them far and wide.

All Advertisements and orders for Magazines to be addressed to Mr. E. WILMSHURST, Bookseller, Blackheath, London, S.E. P. O. Orders to be made payable at Blackheath Village.

ALL communications for the GLEANER and SOWER should be addressed to Mr. T. HULL, 117, High Street, Hastings. Post Office Orders may be made payable to him at the BRANCH OFFICE, High Street.

Second Edition. Illustrated. Price 18.


By EBENEZER WILMSHURST. “Gives numerous instructive facts, conveying Caution and Counsel in a form paturally adapted to give pleasure to young readers.”- Gospel Standard. Contains a series of devout and well-written addresses." --The Baptist.

Post free from MR. WILMSHURST, Blackheath, S.E.

Cloth Boards, 28. 6d. Loather, Gilt Edges, 48. 6d. LIFE AND SERMONS OF MR. DANIEL SMART, Minister of Providence Chapel, Cranbrook. With excellent Photograph.

“ Divine light and life characterize every page."--Gospel Magazine. TWO JUBILEE SERMONS BY MR. SMART.-Price 4d. Post free from Miss SMART, Cranbrook; or of E. WILMBHURST, Blackheath. London Publisher: E. WILMSHURST, Warwick Buildings, Paternoster Row.

THE WILLOW-BOUND HARP, and other Poems and Hymns. Published at 28. 6d. plain, 3:. 63. gilt edged; reduced price, 28. and 38., post free. “Leaflets of Autumn," "The New and Old Years," “ Christmas Bells," &c., &c., 8d. per dozen. “ In Memoriam of the Sunderland Disaster," id. each, or 10d. per dozen, all post free. To be had of the Author, G. H. M. READ, 32, Pleasant Place, Margate.

Reduced to One Halfpenny each, or 6d. per dozen. SUNDAY SCHOOL ADDRESSES, suitable for distribution amongst the young, by John PRIOR, a teacher in Gower Street Chapel Sunday School. No. 1, GRÁCE; No. 2, REMEMBER THY CREATOR; No. 3, THE BIBLÉ. London : C. A. BARTLETT and Co., Paternoster Row.

THE GREAT EXODUS; or, “ THE TIME OF THE END." -By the Rev. J. A. WYLIB, LL.D. Second Edition, price 6s. 6d. London: HAMILTON, ADAMS & Co. Edinburgh : ELLIOT, 17, Princess St.

• THE LORD IN THE CLOUDY CHARIOT,” also “SAV. ING KNOWLEDGE.”—TWO SERMONS by the late JOSEPH IRONS, preached in Grove Chapel, Camberwell, London, in the years 1843 and 1851; reprinted, October, 1883, and August, 1884. One penny each ; by post, 1fd. Four copies, 4d., post free. From David Fisk, 6, Brighton Place, Brighton. THE "GLEANER” AND "SOWER” MAGAZINES.

Ministers, Superintendents of Sunday Schools, and others interested in the spread of Pure Literature and Sound Truth, are earnestly solicited to try and increase the circulation of the above Magazines, which are most suitable for placing in the hands of all, whether young or old.

Even numbers will be sent to any address, post free. SOWER & GLEANER-BACK NUMBERS. Price 38. 6d. per 100, carriage free; or 38. per 100 not carriage paid.

Will friends kindly send for some of these, and spread them far and wide ? They are especially valuable for distribution, and will help to make the Magazines bet:er known. Can be had of Mr. E. WILMSHURST, Blackheath.


DENHAM HOUSE, NORTHBROOK ROAD, LEE, KENT.Principal, Miss VIDLER. Young Ladies are carefully Educated in this School, and are under the special guidance of the Principal, who also studies their health and comfort. Terms moderate. Pupils pass the Local Examinations each year successfully.

SEASIDE EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT.-Parents and others seeking a Superior Boarding and Day School for Boys, where modern methods of imparting secular knowledge are pursued, while the good old paths of Bible training are followed, should send for a Prospectus of the High School, Hastings._Address, John HOOPER, M.A., LL.B., Lond. L.C.P., High School, Baldslow Road, Hastings.

Mr. HOOPER numbers among his friends and well-wishers the following Protestant clergymen and ministers- The Revs. A. J. Baxter, Dr. Doudney, G. Hazlerige, C. Hemington, T. Hull, J. Ormiston, Dr. Wainwright, T. 8. Wakeley, and others. Pupils received any part of the term.

EARS FROM HARVESTED SHEAVES; or, Daily Portions Selected from the Works of J. C. PHILPOT, by his Daughters. Crown 8vo., cloth, lettered, 48. ; leather, gilt edges, 68.

London: E. WILMSHURST, Warwick Buildings, Paternoster Row. Post free from J. C. PEMBREY, 164, Walton Street, Oxford; and Miss PHILPOT, 6, Sydenham Road, Croydon.

Every Saturday, One Penny. Monthly Parts, Sixpence. AMATEUR GARDENING.-FOR TOWN AND COUNTRY. A Weekly Journal for the Villa Gardener.

The Editor of the SOWER says :-"Those who want useful information and help in the study of the various plants, fruits, flowers, &c., which make a garden beautiful and profitable, will do well to procure this valuable weekly, and avail themselves of the interesting instruction it contains."

Sold by all Newsagents. Offices, 13A, Salisbury Square. MEMOIR OF WILLIAM CHURCHMAN, the Poor Cripple Taught of God. Illustrated. One Penny.


POOR JOSEPH.-A New Edition, including the Account of Joseph Bottomley. One Halfpenny; or 38. 6d. per 100.

A MONUMENT OF GRACE.-An Account of Fanny S--, 3s,

per 100.

THE TWO CARDINALS; OR, ALL IS VANITY.-With Portraits. 33. per 100.

MEMOIR OF JOSEPH SWAIN, the Hymn-Writer. With Excellent Portrait on wood. 3s. per 100.


per 100.


WHO CAN TELLP-A Few Words about One of Christ's Little Ones. By K. B. One Penny.

GOSPEL NARRATIVE TRACTS.-Suitable for Circulation among the Young. Eight different. 25 for 1s. post free ; 3s. 6d. per 100.

A Catalogue of Gospel Tracts, Protestant Literature, Books for the Young, &c., forwarded on application to

WILLIAM WILEMAN, 34, Bouverie Street, Fleet Street, London, E.C.


" I said, I will go up to the palm tree, I will take hold of the boughs thereof : now also thy breasts shall be as clusters of the vine, and the smell of thy nose like apples; and the roof of thy mouth like the best wine for my Beloved, that goeth down sweetly, causing the lips of those that are asleep to speak.

(Concluded from page 256.) Now, we find in our text that the child of God expresses a resolution that the Holy Spirit had formed in her heart—" I said, I will go up to the palm tree.” The child of God had evidently been standing at a distance from Christ, or wandering from Him, and in this matter there generally come in two different causes. Sometimes there will be a diffidence in respect of Christ—a fear to approach Him, through losing sight of His grace and graciousness—and sometimes other things allure the heart from Christ, and it wantons for a time to some degree after other beloveds; and, to say the truth, this last, for the most part, is closely connected with, and springs from, the former. Something weakens faith, and then lust is sure to be prevalent. But now the heart perceives its wanderings, feels its sad condition, and discovers that there is nothing in Jesus to keep the desiring soul from coming to Him. The child of God feels his misery away from Christ, sees the remedy in Christ, and perceives how freely Christ is set forth in the Word of His Gospel. Hence he becomes encouraged and emboldened, and the resolution to go to Christ is formed_“I will go up to the palm tree.” “There is nothing in Christ to keep me away from Him. True, He is holy, and I am vile. But then He is for the sinner, not against him. Did any ever trust in Christ and find himself confounded ? Shall I then stand at a distance from Him ? Did He not come from heaven expressly to save sinners ? Does He not say to such-to any who are willing to come to Him—Come unto Me'? Has He not promised, “I will not cast out'? Is there not a fulness in Christ? Is there not equally a freeness ? Without Him I must perish; afar from Him I cannot thrive ; I will go up to Him. Yea, I shall not be despised. I will lay hold of those sweet branches of His grace, which He reaches forth so invitingly to the weary soul. I will lay hold of His strength, His wisdom, His righteousness, His atonement, His all-fulness. Oh, this sweet Jesus suits me to a nicety! I see, too, I may go to Him and welcome. I will stand no longer, then, at a distance desponding,

No. 71, New SERIES, NOVEMBER, 1884.

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