Virginia School Report: Annual Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

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Page 115 - State of not less than one mill nor more than five mills on the dollar, for the equal benefit of all the people of the State, the number of children between the ages of five and twenty-one years in each public free school district being the basis of such division.
Page 114 - It shall be his duty to determine the true intent and meaning of the school laws and regulations, and to explain to the county superintendents and other school officers the several duties enjoined thereby upon them, and his decision shall bo final, unless and until reversed by the board of education.
Page 114 - ... Free Schools in the county wherein such persons reside, and report to him touching all such matters respecting their condition and management, and the means of improving them, as he may indicate ; but no allowance or compensation^ shall be made to such persons for their services or expenses.
Page 114 - ... county where such persons reside, and to report to him all such matters respecting their condition and management, and the means of improving them, as he shall prescribe ; but no allowance or compensation shall be made to such visitors for their services or expenses.
Page 114 - He shall require of county superintendents detailed reports annually and as often besides as he may deem proper ; and he may require special reports, at any time, of any officer connected with the school system. He may also appoint persons, at his discretion, to visit or examine all or any of the public free schools in the county wherein such persons reside, and report to him, touching all...
Page 114 - He shall prepare suitable registers, blank forms and regulations for making all reports and for conducting all necessary business under this Act, and by circulars and otherwise, shall give such information and instructions as he shall deem conducive to the proper organization and government of the public free schools and the due execution of their duties by the school officers.
Page 86 - ... light an intense reaction ensues. This dilation and contraction of the pupil of the eye cannot but prove injurious. In regard to light, teachers should always observe the following rule : Never allow pupils to sit for any length of time facing a light; never close the blinds of the school-room except to prevent the direct rays of the sun from falling on the pupils; and never close the blinds on the north side of the room.
Page 117 - To regulate all matters arising in the practical administration of the school system, which are not otherwise provided for.
Page 82 - As a means of educating the people, the superiority of public over priTate instruction is sufficiently demonstrated by the recent history of education in Virginia. Previous to 1870 the people were dependent chiefly upon private schools for primary instruction. Many poor children had their tuition paid from the Literary Fund, and there were nine counties where there were some public schools. For higher instruction the State supported two institutions. The number of pupils attending schools of all...
Page 115 - The superintendent of public works shall make a registry of all boats navigating the canals, which shall be kept on file in his office and be open to public inspection during office hours. The name of a registered boat shall not be changed without the order of the superintendent of public works. If a resident of the state produces to the superintendent of public works due proof of the transfer of a registered boat, and...

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