The National Standard Dictionary: A Pronouncing Lexicon of the English Language

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A.L. Burt, 1883 - 608 pages

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Page 594 - Melpomene, one of the Muses, daughter of Jupiter and Mnemosyne. She presided over tragedy. Horace has addressed the finest of his odes to her, as to the patroness of lyric poetry.
Page 577 - This size is usually the smallest a / THOUGH several differing opinions exist as to /the individual by wrfbm the art of printing was first discovered; yet all authorities concur in...
Page 543 - Keystone State. The State of Pennsylvania ; — so called from its having been the central State of the Union at the time of the formation of the Constitution. If the names of the thirteen original States are arranged in the form of an arch, Pennsylvania will occupy the place of the keystone.
Page 577 - PETER SCHOEFFER, of Gernsheim, perceiving his master Faust's design, and being himself ardently desirous to improve the art, found out (by the good providence of God) the method of cutting (incidendf) the characters in a matrix, that the letters might easily be singly cast, instead of being cut.
Page 587 - CHIRON. A centaur, half a man and half a horse, son of Philyra and Saturn. He was famous for his knowledge of music, medicine and shooting, and taught mankind the use of plants and medicinal herbs.
Page 578 - Where a space sticks up between two words, a horizontal line is drawn under it, and the mark No. 14 placed opposite, in the margin. Where several words have been left out, they are transcribed at the bottom of the page, and a line drawn from the place of omission to the written words (see No. 15) ; but if the omitted matter is too extensive to be copied at the foot of the page, Out...
Page 563 - ... as acknowledge, acknowledgment. Nouns ending in y, preceded by a vowel, form their plural by adding: s; as money, moneys; but if y is preceded by a consonant, it is changed to ies in the plural; as bounty, bounties. Compound words whose primitives end in y, change the y into i ; as beauty, beautiful.
Page 588 - DAPHNE. A daughter of the River Peneus, or of the Ladon, and the goddess Terra, of whom Apollo became enamored. Daphne -fled to avoid the addresses of this god, and was changed into a laurel.
Page 577 - He private'y cut matrices for the whole alphabet : and when he showed his master the letters cast from these matrices, Faust was so pleased with the contrivance, that he promised Peter to give him his only daughter Christina in marriage, a promise which he soon after performed.
Page 544 - Old Colony. A name popularly given to that portion of Massachusetts included within the original limits of the Plymouth Colony, which was formed at an earlier date than the colony of Massachusetts Bay. In 1692 the two colonies were united in one province, bearing the name of the latter, and, at the formation of the Federal Union, became the State of Massachusetts. Old Dominion. A popular name for the State of Virginia. The origin of this term has been differently accounted for by different writers.

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