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with personnel, contracting authority and the interpretation of individual contracts, budgeting and accounting, appropriations, Congressional investigations, and State law. References to administrative actions and policy determinations, as distinguished from the strictly legal construction of Federal law, have been omitted except in isolated cases. Annotations of decisions and opinions have been included only to the extent deemed relevant to activities of the Bureau of Reclamation.

For access to some of the omitted material the reader is referred to the following sources published by the Bureau of Reclamation: “Reclamation Project Feasibilities and Authorizations" (1957), "Supplement" (1968); "Bureau of Reclamation Appropriations Acts and Allotments” (1960), "Statistical Supplement” (1966); “Reclamation Project Data” (1961), “Supplement” (1966); and “Reclamation Repayments and Payout Schedules” (1965).

In a work of this magnitude errors and omissions are unavoidable. Suggestions for corrections and additions are invited and should be submitted to the Solicitor, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C. 20240.

Copies of unpublished material that is annotated may be obtained for a nominal charge in most cases by writing the Solicitor at the above address.

The cut-off date for the statutory and interpretative material included in the main text is December 31, 1966; for the Appendix, it is the end of the 90th Congress in 1968. The issuance of regular supplements is planned which, together with the initial three volumes, will provide a complete up-to-date reference work.

Richard K. Pelz,

Washington, D.C.
July 1971.

Secretaries of the Interior Since 1902

Ethan A. Hitchcock--
James R. Garfield.-
Richard A. Ballinger-
Walter L. Fisher---
Franklin K. Lane.-
John B. Payne---
Albert B. Fall.----
Hubert Work.----
Roy O. West---

Appointed Name

1898 Ray Lyman Wilbur.
1907 Harold L. Ickes...
1909 Julius A. Krug-
1911 Oscar L. Chapman-
1913 Douglas McKay--
1920 Fred A. Seaton---
1921 Stewart L. Udall.-----
1923 Walter J. Hickel------
1928 Rogers C. B. Morton---

Year Appointed

1929 1933 1946 1949 1953 1956 1961 1969 1971

Solicitors, Department of the Interior, Since 1902'


Year Name

Appointed Name Willis Van Devanter..

1897 Nathan R. Margold-Frank L. Campbell---

1903 Warner W. Gardner.. George W. Woodruff------ 1907 Fowler H. Harper--Oscar Lawler-----

1909 Mastin G. White.. Charles W. Cobb...

1911 Clarence A. Davis-Preston C. West----

1913 J. Reuel Armstrong--Alexander T. Vogelsang---

1916 Elmer F. Bennett-Charles D. Mahaffie--

1916 George W. Abbott.Edwin S. Booth.-

1921 Theodore F. Stevens.. John N. Edwards

1923 Frank J. Barry--Ernest O. Patterson---

1926 Edward Weinberg--Edward C. Finney

1929 Mitchell Melich...

Year Appointed

1933 1942 1943 1946 1953 1955 1957 1958 1960 1961 1968 1969


Commissioners of Reclamation

Frederick H. Newell---
Arthur P. Davis.---.
David W. Davis---
Elwood Mead.---.
John C. Page----

Appointed Name

1902 Harry W. Bashore---
1914 Michael W. Straus.--.
1923 Wilbur A. Dexheimer-
1924 Floyd E. Dominy---
1937 Ellis L. Armstrong-

Year Appointed

1943 1945 1953 1959 1969


* Title of the Solicitor prior to 1914 was Assistant Attorney General.

*Mr. Fowler H. Harper was Solicitor during the military service of Mr. Warner W. Gardner.

The Reclamation Service was established within the Geological Survey of the Department of the Interior in July, 1902, headed by a Chief Engineer. In March, 1907, the Service was given bureau status under a Director. The name of the Reclamation Service was changed to Bureau of Reclamation on June 20, 1923, and the position of Commissioner of Reclamation was established.




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