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A Thorough, Progressive, and Complete Course in Arithmetic, Algébra,

and the Higher Mathematics.

Ray's Primary Arithmetic. Ray's Higher Arithmetic.
Ray's Intellectual Arithmetic. Key to Ray's Higher.
Ray's Practical Arithmetic. Ray's New Elementary Algebra.
Key to Ray's Practical. Ray's New Higher Algebra.
Ray's Test Examples in Arith. Key to Ray's New Algebras.

Ray's Plane and Solid Geometry.

By ELI T. TAPPAN, A. M., Pres't Kenyon College.

12m0., cloth,

-276 pp.

Ray's Geometry and Trigonometry.

By ELIT. TAPPAN, A. M., Pres't Kenyon College. 8vo.,sheep, 420 pp. Ray's Analytic

Geometry. By Geo. H. HOWISON, A. M., Prof. in Mass. Institute of Technology. Treatise on Analytic Geometry, especially as applied to the prop: erties of Conics : including the Modern Methods of Abridged

Notation. 8vo., sheep, 574 pp. Ray's Elements of Astronomy.

By S, H. PEABODY, A. M., Prof. of Physics and Civil Engineering; Mass. Agric. College. Handsomely and profusely Illustrated.

8vo., sheep, 336 pp. Ray's Suryeying and Navigation.

With a Preliminary Treatise on Trigonometry and Mensuration. By A. SCHUYLER, Prof. of Applied Mathemalics and Logic in Balewin Universily. 8vo., sheep, 403 pp. Ray's Differential and Integral Calculus.

Elements of the Infinitesimal Calculus, with numerous examples and applications to Analysis and Geometry. By Jas. G. CLARK, A. M., Prof. in William Fewell College. 8vo., sheep, 440 pp.


Published by WILSON, HINKLE & CO., Cincinnati and New York.





Complete in Three Books : *Primary Geography, Intermediate Geography, School Geography,

The attention of educators generally is respectfully invited to the Eclectic Geogra. phies. The series is complete in three books: the selection and arrangement of their subject matter are in accordance with the most approved and practical methods of instruc. tion in this branch of study : the mechanical execution, especially of the maps, is unsurpassed by that of any other American text-book: and it is believed the books will be found in every particular the best school geographies published.

“The maps are beyond all praise."--Sup't Harris, St. Louis. “ The general plan is certainly the best yet published."-Sup’t Luckey, Pittsburgh.

“Their mechanical execution is a credit to Western skill and enterprise."-State Sup't McCarty, of Kansas.

“The definitions are concise, the language not ambiguous.”—Sup't Fletcher, Chillicothe.

“The descriptive geography, generally so prolix, is concise and complete.”-Sup't Lockhart, Paris, Ky. “The subject matter in them is just about what is needed.”-Sup’t Perry, Ann Arbor.

The authors have made the descriptive part positively engaging."--Sup't Phillips, Kansas City.

They are not over-crowded with small details."-Supt Thompson, Mattoon. “The series is characterized by simplicity of arrangement and fullness of infor. mation."-Rev. A. D. Mayo, Cincinnati.

A larger amount of well selected and skillfully arranged facts than we have ever found in the same space in similar text-books.”—. M. Knight, Evansville.

“They unite Physical and Political Geography in a way that can not fail to interest."-A. V. B. Sample, Examiner, Ind.

“In typography and illustrations they are the best results of American art and talent."--Hon. É. È. Ihite, Ohio.

The arrangement is simple, natural, and philosophical ; the gradation easy and regular.”-Sup't Neely, St. Joseph.

“In method, design, simplicity, and clearness of definition, they do much credit to authors and publishers.--Hon. B. C. Hobbs, late State Sup't, ind.

“Much tact, good sense, and discrimination are evinced in the omission of super- , fluous matter."-Sup't Harvey, St. Anthony.

“The convenience of reference to maps, the same being placed opposite the questions referring to them, is a prominent feature.”-Sup't Mason, Boonerille.

" The subject of map-drawing is admirably treated, and invested with the importance due to it.--Iestern Educational Review.

“Every thing about them indicates care, scholarship, thoroughness, and accuracy."-Sup't Reynolds, Madison.

AT PRICES.-Notwithstanding the unusually heavy expense involved in the prepara. tion and publication of the Eclectic Geographies, we are pleased to be able to state that, as compared with other series, they will be furnished at as low rates as any similar books of corresponding grade in the market. Address publishers for price list. Der Specimen pages of the Eclectic Geographies sent gratis to any address.

WILSON, HINKLE & CO., Publishers.

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