United States Congressional Serial Set, Issue 10085

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1937
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Radio companies to furnish positions of ships at sea to newspapers free 1259 Time credits to injured substitute postal employees
Providing surcharge on certain air mail in Alaska 1261 Increase number of judges of Supreme Court of Puerto Rico 1262 Amending law relative to f...
Administration and maintenance of Natchez Trace Parkway 1278 Revising boundaries of Grand Canyon National Park etc 1279 Use of certain faciliti...
Construction of auxiliary vessels for Navy
Authorizing alterations and repairs to certain aircraft carriers 1285 Increase number of students in Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps 1286 Fixin...
Prohibit use of mails for procurement of divorces in foreign countries 1290 Minimumwage compact bet Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island...
Promotion of employees in Customs Field Service
Arapahoe and Cheyenne Indians to submit claims to Court of Claims 1294 Manner of paying production taxes on minerals on Indian lands Oklahom...
Payment to Sac and Fox tribe of Indians in Oklahoma 1297 Amend sec 12B of Federal reserve act rel to stockholders liability 1298 Permitting prod...
Western bands of Shoshone Nation Nevada jurisdictional act 1300 Interior Department appropriation bill 1938
Site for Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington D C
Retirement annuities for librarians of Congress who serve 35 years 1347 Personnel etc of Charles Carroll of Carrollton Bicentenary Commission 134...
Acceptance of bequests of James Reuel Smith 1358 Amending law by increasing borrowing margin of Mayaguez P R 1359 Administration of oaths ...
Alterations in bridges over Columbia River at Cascade Locks Oreg etc 1363 Bridge across Mississippi River at or near Natchez Miss
Bridge across Columbia River at or near Astoria Oreg
Bridge across Missouri River at or near Arrow Rock Mo 1366 Bridge over Lake Sabine at or near Port Arthur
Bridge across west passage of Narragansett Bay 1368 Bridge across Mississippi River between New Orleans and Gretna La 1369 Declare part of Burr ...
Bridge across Sinepuxent Bay at Ocean City Md
Bridge across Mississippi River Lake Village Ark and Greenville Miss 1374 Amend law rel to increasing fund for purchase of metal for minor coins ...
Transfer to Sec of Treasury portions of Camp Dix military reservation 1390 Additional circuit judge for sixth circuit 1391 To invite Finland to anniv...
Relief of disbursing officers of Civil Works Administration 1413 Providing additional revenue for District of Columbia
Comptroller general to credit accounts of disbursing officers etc 1424 To amend act authorizing Ct of Cls to hear claim of Perth Amboy N J 1425 Co...
Increasing compensation of char people in postal service
Escheat to United States of certain compensation payments to veterans 1429 Amending certain administrative provisions of tariff act of 1930
Authorizing certain payments to American War Mothers Inc et
Relief to water users on reclamation and Indian irrigation projects 1445 Retirement annuities for certain librarians of Congress
Allocation of net revenues of Shoshone power plant
Extend to Puerto Rico benefits of act rel to agricultural extension work 1448 Punish persons transporting stolen animals in interstate commerce
Lease lands of Agua Caliente or Palm Springs Reservation for airport 1450 Development of facilities for water storage and utilization
To amend act for collection and publication of peanut statistics 1452 Fair labor standards act
Members of Congress to make agreements under agricultural programs 1471 Increasing efficiency of Coast Guard 1472 Carrying out unemployment...
Patent tracts of land to New Mexico and Cordy Bramblet 1500 To issue patents for grazing lands to States subject to prior leases 1501 Fixing rate of ...
Jurisdiction of District Courts over suits relating to State taxes 1504 Completion maintenance and operation of Fort Peck project in Montana 1506 Eli...
Incorporating American Chemical Society
Establishing Pipestone National Monument in Minnesota 1510 To create Brunswick division in southern judicial district of Georgia 1511 Funds of M...
Amending act relating to promotion of safety on highways of D C
Addition of lands to Tahoe National Forest etc 1524 Prohibiting agreements fixing fees in receivership proceedings etc 1525 Participation of U S in P...
Disposition of records of Department of Labor
Disposition of records of Civil Service Commission
Disposition of records Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works 1530 Disposition of records of Interior Department 1531 Disposition of r...
Disposition of records of Department of War 1533 Disposition of records of Federal Communications Commission
Disposition of records of Federal Trade Commission
Disposition of records of Treasury Department 1537 Disposition of records of Department of State 1538 Disposition of records of Department of Co...
Disposition of records of Department of Agriculture
Amending helium act as amended
Acquire commodities for manufacture of military supplies in emergency 1543 Abolish appeals in cases rel to removal of persons charged with crime ...
Revenue bill of 1937
Third deficiency appropriation bill 1937
Confidential information furnished Foreign and Domestic Commerce Bur 1566 Amend trading with the enemy act rel to return of enemy property et...
Painting of Signing of the Constitution for placement in Capitol 1570 Laboratory for development of uses for southern agricultural products 1572 Ai...
Clarify expatriation laws rel to certain nativeborn citizens of U S 1574 Additional judge for southern district of Ohio 1577 Accommodations for distr...
Establishment of Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina 1272 Transport foreign air mail on certain commercially operated aircraft 1274 ...
Amend act rel to construction of flood control works on rivers etc 1585 Determination and payment of certain claims against Mexico
Establish Civil Service Administration and extend merit system 2 pts 1588 Weights and measures standardization
Modification of flood control project in Lowell Creek Alaska
Amend merchant marine act 1936 rel to powers etc of Maritime Comn 1600 Reduced transportation charges in cases of drought and other disasters ...
Establishing public airport in vicinity of National Capital
Amendments to Federal Trade Commission act 1615 Authorize Ketchikan Alaska to issue bonds for street improvements
Disposition of records in Veterans Administration
Disposition of records in Department of Agriculture
Disposition of records in Navy Department
Disposition of records of U S Employees Compensation Commission 1620 Disposition of records in Department of Commerce 1621 Disposition of r...
Reclassification of fourthclass postmasters salaries

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Page 39 - In all cases of mutual debts or mutual credits between the estate of a bankrupt and a creditor the account shall be stated and one debt shall be set off against the other, and the balance only shall be allowed or paid.
Page 19 - States as a holiday or as a day of public fasting or thanksgiving; (15) a person shall be deemed insolvent within the provisions of this act whenever the aggregate of his property, exclusive of any property which he may have conveyed, transferred, concealed, or removed, or permitted to be concealed or removed, with intent to defraud, hinder or delay his creditors, shall not, at a fair valuation, be sufficient in amount to pay his debts...
Page 26 - Debts owing to the United States, a State, a county, a district, or a municipality as a penalty or forfeiture shall not be allowed, except for the amount of the pecuniary loss sustained by the act, transaction, or proceeding out of which the penalty or forfeiture arose, with reasonable and actual costs occasioned thereby and such interest as may have accrued thereon according to law.
Page 37 - Act and within four months prior to the filing of the petition, with the intent and purpose on his part to hinder, delay, or defraud his creditors, or any of them, shall be null and void as against the creditors of Buch debtor, except as to purchasers in good faith and for a present fair consideration...
Page 19 - ... submit to an examination concerning the conducting of his business, the cause of his bankruptcy, his dealings with his creditors and other persons, the amount, kind, and whereabouts of his property, and, in addition, all matters which may affect the administration and settlement of his estate; but no testimony given by him shall be offered in evidence against him in any criminal proceeding.
Page 19 - A suit which is founded upon a claim from which a discharge would be a release, and which is pending against a person at the time of the filing of a petition against him, shall be stayed until after an adjudication or the dismissal of the petition; if such person is adjudged a bankrupt, such action may be further stayed until twelve months after the date of such adjudication, or, if within that time such person applies for a discharge, then until the question of such discharge is determined.
Page 29 - ... the person receiving it or to be benefited thereby, or his agent acting therein shall then have reasonable cause to believe that the enforcement of such judgment or transfer would effect a preference, it shall be voidable by the trustee and he may recover the property or its value from such person.
Page 35 - Act; or if the dissolution of such lien would militate against the best interests of the estate of such person the same shall not be dissolved, but the trustee of the estate of such person, for the benefit of the estate, shall be...

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