Handbook of Military Administration

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Jeffrey A. Weber, Johan Eliasson
CRC Press, 2007 M12 7 - 480 pages
While policy makers are perpetually conceptualizing new reform packages, the actual enactment of those reforms is typically more challenging. Remarkably, the one public institution that is able to meet that challenge is also the largest. The United States Department of Defense, which employs over 600,000 people and deals with $500 billion in fundin

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Chapter 1 Introduction
The Coutervailing Patterns of American Military Administration
Chapter 3 Military Administration 18501900
Chapter 4 Reshaping the Defense Enterprise
Chapter 5 Strategic Planning by the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff 1990 to 2005
Chapter 6 The Leviathans Bit The US Defense Budget
DoDs National Security Personnel System Faces Implementation Challenges
Chapter 8 The History and Role of TRADOC System Manager TSM Abrams
Chapter 12 CivilMilitary Relations Theory and Military Effectveness
Chapter 13 Application of the Military for Coutnering Nostate Terrorist and Guerilla Networks
Chapter 14 Military Leadership and Culture
Chapter 15 The Profession of Arms and the Management of Violence
The European Security and Defense Policy
Chapter 17 Transformation at Last? Achieving Radical Military Reform in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Chapter 18 Overview of Latin Americas Military Administrations
Peoples Republic of China

Chapter 9 Private Military Companies
Chapter 10 Defense Policy and Doctrinal Insluation
Chapter 11 Military and Homeland Security
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Page iii - Handbook on Public Personnel Administration and Labor Relations, edited by Jack Rabin, Thomas Vocino, W. Bartley Hildreth, and Gerald J. Miller 16.
Page 13 - ... perceived that we are here providing for civilian control over the military arm, but for civilian control to be exercised through a single military expert of high rank, who is provided with an adequate corps of professional assistants to aid him in the performance of his duties, and who is bound to use all his professional skill and knowledge in giving effect to the purposes and general directions of his civilian superior, or make way for another expert who will do so.
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Page 141 - ... implementation of the demonstration project, cost and benefits, impacts on veterans and other equal employment opportunity groups, adherence to merit system principles, and the extent to which the lessons from the project can be applied governmentwide.
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Page 210 - No one starts a war — or rather, no one in his senses ought to do so — without first being clear in his mind what he intends to achieve by that war and how he intends to conduct it.
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