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THE FIELD OF ENQUIRY SINCE many volumes have already been written, for the general reader as well as for the student, on the various aspects of immigration in the United States, it seemed desirable in this instance to present the subject in a somewhat different light. Immigration is not an isolated phenomenon, manifesting itself only in our own republic. It is true that the problems arising here have been sufficiently serious to obscure for us the situation elsewhere. Nevertheless, a preşentation of the subject in its world-wide aspects should prove useful to all at the present time. The bringirg together of certain facts in regard to immigration, in form convenient for comparative study, should be of value in ascertaining the population problems and methods of solving them in the newer portions of the world today. The present work aims to recognize the wide aspects of such a study by including all of the great immigrant receiving nations. These countries include the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil and the Argentine Republic. People are coming and going in other parts of the earth, but the countries named receive the greatest numbers. Moreover, the interests of these countries are in certain respects the same. They all desire equally the development of their great natural resources, but they wish, at the same time, to maintain a high standard of population quality. With the exception of the United States, the countries are in fairly early stages of agricultural and industrial development, and are eager for the kind of prosperity that depends upon rapidly increased adult population.

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