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EQUITY. See Antitrust Acts; Constitutional Law, V, 4; Injunc-

tion; Jurisdiction, I, 1; IV, 2; Procedure, 1-2.
EVIDENCE. See also Antitrust Acts, 1; Constitutional Law, II,

1; III; V, 8-11; Criminal Law, 2; Transportation, 1-2;
Treason; Trespass; Trial.
1. Admissibility Self-incriminating statements Concealed ra-
dio.-Evidence of conversation between defendant and undercover
agent in defendant's place of business, heard by witness outside on
receiver tuned to radio transmitter concealed on undercover agent,
not excludable; $ 605 of Federal Communications Act not violated;
evidence not excludable as means of disciplining law enforcement
officers. On Lee v. United States, 747.

2. Criminal casesBurden of proofReasonable doubt.-Reason-
able doubt rule of Davis v. United States established no constitutional
doctrine but only rule for federal courts. Leland v. Oregon, 790.
EXECUTIVE ORDER. See Constitutional Law, I, 1.
EXPENSES. See Taxation, 3-4.
EXTORTION. See Taxation, 1; Trial, 1.
FAIR TRIAL. See Constitutional Law, III; V, 1, 4-11; Juris-

diction, II, 7.
FEDERAL EMPLOYEES. See Government Employees; Juris-

diction, IV, 1.

ment Employees.

Regulation-Authority of Commission-Integrated systems.-Li-
censee under Part I subject to regulation also under Part II as
public utility; regulable also under Part I where States "unable
to agree"; power sales of integrated system as “in interstate com-
merce"; validity of Commission order in light of illegal contract;
end result of rate reduction as not unjust or unreasonable. Penn-
sylvania Power Co. v. Power Comm'n, 414.
FEDERAL QUESTION. See Jurisdiction, II, 1, 4-7.



FELONY. See Constitutional Law, V, 6; Criminal Law.
FIFTH AMENDMENT. See Constitutional Law, V.
FINDINGS. See Antitrust Acts, 1; Procedure, 2; Transporta-

tion, 1-2.
FIRST AMENDMENT. See Constitutional Law, II.
FOREIGN COMMERCE. See Admiralty; Constitutional Law, IV.
FOREIGN CORPORATIONS. See Trading with the Enemy Act.
FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT. See Constitutional Law, II; V;


FOURTH AMENDMENT. See Constitutional Law, III.

tutional Law, II.
FREIGHT. See Transportation, 1-3.
GAS. See Jurisdiction, II, 5.
GEORGIA. See Jurisdiction, II, 4.
GERMANY. See Jurisdiction, I, 2; Usufruct.
GIFTS. See Taxation, 2–3.
GOOD FAITH. See Constitutional Law, V, 6.
GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES. See also Jurisdiction, IV, 1.

Injuries-Remedy--Seamen.-Benefits under Federal Employees
Compensation Act exclusive in case of public-vessel seaman injured
in line of duty through negligence of United States; effect of 1949
amendments; action for damages under Public Vessels Act barred.
Johansen v. United States, 427.
GROUP LIBEL LAW. See Constitutional Law, II, 4; V, 7.
HABEAS CORPUS. See Jurisdiction, I, 2.
HARTER ACT. See Admiralty, 1.
ILLINOIS. See Constitutional Law, II, 4; V, 7, 11.
IMMIGRATION ACT. See Constitutional Law, V, 6.
INCOME TAX. See Taxation.
INFLUENCE. See Criminal Law, 1.
INJUNCTION. See Antitrust Acts; Constitutional Law, I, 1;

Jurisdiction, I, 1; IV, 2.
INSANITY. See Constitutional Law, V, 9.
INSTRUCTIONS TO JURY. See Constitutional Law, V, 9.

INTERSTATE COMMERCE. See Antitrust Acts; Constitutional

Law, IV; Federal Power Act; Jurisdiction, I, 3; IV, 2; Trans-

INTERVENTION. See Procedure, 1.
IRRESISTIBLE IMPULSE. See Constitutional Law, V, 9.
JAPAN. See Treason.
JOINT RATES. See Transportation, 2-3.
JUDGES. See Contempt.
JUDGMENTS. See Antitrust Acts; Constitutional Law, V, 4, 10;

Contempt; Criminal Law, 3; Procedure, 3.
JURISDICTION. See also Antitrust Acts; Contempt; Federal

Power Act; Labor, 1; Procedure; Treason; Trial, 1.

I. In General, p. 1000.
II. Supreme Court, p. 1001.
III. Courts of Appeals, p. 1001.

IV. District Courts, p. 1001.
I. In General.

1. Reviewable decision-Preliminary injunction.-Cause as ripe
for determination of constitutional question though it had proceeded
no further than preliminary injunction stage. Youngstown Sheet &
Tube Co. v. Sawyer, 579.

2. Occupation courts in Germany-Prosecution for murder-Civil-
ian citizen.--Jurisdiction of U. S. Court of the Allied High Commis-
sion for Germany to try civilian wife of member of Armed Forces
for murder of husband in U. S. Area of Control; tribunal in nature
of military commission; courts-martial jurisdiction concurrent, not
exclusive; writ of habeas corpus discharged. Madsen v. Kinsella,

3. Interstate Commerce Commission orders Judicial review.-
Order based on findings supported by evidence sustained on judicial
review. Swift & Co. v. United States, 373.

4. Labor Board orders. Judicial review.-Function of Court of
Appeals and of this Court on review of Labor Board order. Labor
Board v.

American National Ins. Co., 395.
5. D. C. Public Utilities Commission— Judicial review of deci-
sion.-Scope of judicial review of decision of Public Utilities Com-
mission of the District of Columbia. Public Utilities Comm'n v.
Pollak, 451.


II. Supreme Court.

1. Scope of review Constitutional questions. Constitutional
question not properly presented not considered. United States v.
Spector, 169; Beauharnais v. Illinois, 250.

2. Review of federal courtsAdministrative decision.—Cause re-
manded to District Court which applied incorrect principle of law
on review of administrative decision. United States v. Great North-
ern R. Co., 562.

3. Labor Board orders-Review.-Function of this Court on re-
view of Labor Board order. Labor Board v. American National
Ins. Co., 395.

4. Review of state courtsFederal question.Case dismissed
where state court judgment might have rested on adequate state
ground. Stembridge v. Georgia, 541.

5. Review of state courts Federal question.—Appeal challenging
constitutionality of Oklahoma law providing for unitized manage-
ment of common sources of supply of oil and gas, did not present
substantial federal question. Palmer Oil Corp. v. Amerada Petro-
leum Corp., 390.

6. Review of state courts-Federal question.-Cause continued
further for sufficient "determination" by state court as to whether
judgment was based on federal or state ground. Dixon v. Duffy, 393.

7. Review of state courtsCriminal cases.—Illegal acts of state
officers relevant only as bearing on fairness of trial. Stroble v. Cali-
fornia, 181.

8. CertiorariDenial.Reasons given for vote to grant certiorari
in case in which Court denies petition. Remington v. United States
(Dissenting opinion of BLACK, J.), 907.

9. Certiorari-Denial.-Indication of nature of question raised by
petition for certiorari which Court denied. Leviton v. United States
(Memorandum of FRANKFURTER, J.), 946.
III. Courts of Appeals.

Labor Board ordersReview.-Function of Court of Appeals on
review of Labor Board order. Labor Board v. American National
Ins. Co., 395.

IV. District Courts.

1. Suits against United States-Employees.--Act withdrawing
from district courts jurisdiction of suits against United States by
employees for services, applicable to pending cases. Bruner v.
United States, 112.


2. Railway Labor Act-Collective bargaining-Racial discrimina-
tion.-Jurisdiction of District Court to enjoin collective bargaining
agreement which would oust Negro "train porters” from jobs; in-
junction not barred by Norris-LaGuardia Act; provisions of decree.
Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen v. Howard, 768.
JURY. See Constitutional Law, V, 9; Trial.
LABOR. See also Admiralty, 2; Constitutional Law, I, 1.

1. National Labor Relations Act-Unfair labor practice—Man-
agement functions clause.—Right of employer to bargain for “man-
agement functions clause” in collective bargaining agreement; nature
of obligation to bargain collectively; power of Board; function of
Court of Appeals and of this Court on review of Board order; pro-
ceeding not rendered moot by signing of agreement. Labor Board v.
American National Ins. Co., 395.

2. Railway Labor Act-Bargaining agentsRacial discrimina-
tion.-Railway Labor Act precludes bargaining agents from ousting
Negroes and granting jobs to white workers. Brotherhood of Rail-
road Trainmen v. Howard, 768.
LEASES. See Antitrust Acts, 2.

LIBEL. See Constitutional Law, II, 4.

LICENSES. See Antitrust Acts, 2; Constitutional Law, II, 3;

Federal Power Act.
LISTENING DEVICES. See Constitutional Law, III.
LIVESTOCK. See Transportation, 2.
MARITIME LAW. See Admiralty.
MASTER AND SERVANT. See Admiralty, 2; Government Em-

ployees; Labor.
MEDICAL SOCIETIES. See Antitrust Acts, 1.
MILITARY COMMISSIONS. See Jurisdiction, I, 2.
MONOPOLY. See Antitrust Acts; Constitutional Law, V, 4; Fed-

eral Power Act.

MOOT CASE. See Labor, 1.
MOTION PICTURES. See Constitutional Law, II, 3.
MOTOR CARRIER ACT. See Transportation, 4.
MURDER. See Constitutional Law, V, 9-10; Jurisdiction, I, 2.

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