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A Journal of Individuality. A Free Lance in
the Noblest Sense of the Word. NO "policy"
except the policy of Truth, Honesty and Fair-
ness. No Padding. No dead Matter. All Frauds

and Humbugs fearlessly Exposed.



Copyright 1904 by William J. Robinson.

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Daily Medical

101 Decency Wins and a Prophecy... IV, 12 Definition of the word Fakir....11, 53 Discharged Help

101 Duffy's Malt Whiskey and the Medical Press

63 Disgraceful Condition of Pharmacy.. 69 Done with the Organic Chemical Company

.IV, 59 Dr. Adolph Koenig

.IV, 162 Drug Store Window.



Abortion of Gonorrhea...

136 A Little Oasis...

I', 3,5 A. M. A. and the Rank and File. . IT', 12 American and European Pharma

ceutical Products American Medical Editors' Association

IV, 7 "American Medicine".

IV, 1.58 Another Year Gone.

.IV, 1.53 Antikamnia Infamy

167 Antipyretics, should they be used in Fevers?

IV. 84 Appeal to our Readers..

71 Accomplished the impossible.

1 Are all doctors easy-marks?:

89 Artificial Gonorrhea.....

39 Athletic Sports in their Relation to

Physical, Intellectual and Moral

Atlantic City Meeting.

.1Ꮩ , 6

Effective Work of Critic and Guide. . 5 Enemies

IV, 4 Etna Chemical Company.

169 Examinations in Toxicology.

11 Explanation Wanted..... IV, 167


:.. 134


Beginning to see the Light......IV, 168 Board of Pharmacy, the Druggists

and Department Stores..... 31 Brutality of the Law in Pregnancy from Rape

.IV, 60

Fakirs, The C. & G. and The Post

.IV, 35
Few or Many Children... .IV, 81
Foreign Manufacturers and the Critic
& Guide

1 Formulas that Can't be Made Up. IV, 33 Fraudulent Pharmaceutical Instructors

IV', 122 Friend and Foe Alike..

IV, 5 Furor operandi

81 Future of the Critic & Guide.

IV, 166

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California State Journal of Medicine

and J. American Med. Ass'n...IV, 156 "Carbolic Acid"

..I\', 1:25 Care in Writing and Filling Prescriptions

189 Case of Remarkable Vitality IV, 131 Certain Advertisements, why carry

137 Chipmunk Journals

IV, 167 Christian Science and the Medical Profession

IV, 149 Coming New York Board Election.. 173 Corset and Intellect...

IV, 61 Critic and Guide and Foreign Manufacturers

IV, 1

llarlem Medical Association, 6, 40, 76

IV', 122 Hear the Other Side

IV, 163 Hitting Too Hard.

.1Ꮩ , 5 Hitting Too Many.

.1Ꮩ , 5

Idealists and Reformers... .IV, 124
Infallible Recipe Against Worry.... 34

54 Is the Critie an l'nhappy lisanthrope

IV, 154

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