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A germ

body in the stomach” and patient was cut open and family were at once vaccinated, quarantined and in also his stomach. Twenty-five foreign bodies were due time the quarantine was raised. Then they all extracted, comprising eight coffee-spoons, the lower contracted small-pox just the same. portion of a three-pronged fork, one staple (pattefiche), two bodkins, one tooth of a comb, one blade of a

VACCINE AND VARIOLA VIRUS PROBABLY THE knife, one needle, and one key, the total weight be. Same. — The Monthly Cyclopædia of Practical Mediing 230 grammes. Whethes all this is true or not cine, edited by Charles E. De M. Sajous, M. D., for is the question. “Eight coffee spoons” is a big January, says, anent the prevailing epidemic of dose to swallow, both physically and mentally. The

small-pox : account says that the patient was discharged in perfect health on the twentieth day, after the operation. rages pre-eminently in winter. In the first place, if

“ It is probably for more than one reason that it

the contagious principle gains access to a house, it is ANOTHER CONTAGIOUS DISEASE.

more shut in in winter, and consequently acts with theorist has discovered that appendicitis is con- greater concentration on the inmates ; in the second tagious and that it runs in epidemics.

Now the place, since heat and moisture of summer are well“ progressive" should begin to agitate that appendi- known to be inimical to the preservation of energy citis be put on the quarantine list. In fact, why in vaccine, we inay well suppose that the coming of not at one swoop, put all patients under the guardian- winter tends equally to sustain the vitality of the ship of health boards ?

small-pox virus, a virus analogous to that of vaccine, if, indeed, the two are not really modified forms of

one and the same poison.” BOXING THE EARS.—The drum of the ear is as Admitting they are “one and the same poison," thin as paper, and this is stretched like a curtain be- is it any wonder that small-pox so persistently tween the air outside and that within, and thus, lingers ? having nothing to support it, and being extremely delicate, a slap with the hand on the side of the face, EFFECT OF VACCINATION.-" If there are in this made with the force which sudden and violent anger city any parents who contemplate having their chilgives it, has in multitudes of cases ruptured this dren vaccinated, I suggest as a precautionary measdelicate membrane, resulting in the affliction of deaf- ure that they first visit the home of Daniel O'Neill, ness for life. As the right hand is alınost always at No. 806 Niagara avenue, of this city, or comused it is the left ear which is stricken; this aids municate with Mrs. O'Neill, the mother of Marie in accounting for the fact that the left ear is more O'Neill, a child of twelve years, who had always enfrequently affected with deafness than the right.-joyed the best of health until she went to live with Health.

an aunt in New York City, where she was vaccinated without the knowledge or consent of her

parents, both of whom are healthy people. Shortly Was Not REPORTED.—A gentleman who served after having been subjected to the vaccine operation on a jury this year told of a case that came before Marie's health began to fail, running sores broke them. A man sued for damages on the ground that out on her body, she became emaciated, anæmic a vaccinator, backed by policemen, forcibly entered and debilitated until she was a physical wreck and a his house and forcibly vaccinated himself and family. chronic invalid. It is just three years since this His baby did not escape, of course, and the vaccine little girl, then in the bloom of health, was subjected virus killed it. The judge refused to let the jury to vaccine inoculation. I saw her last Friday at have the case “much to our regret” and threw it her home. She is thin, pallid and puny, presenting out of the court.

a striking contrast with her two sisters, who are On the same day this was heard the newspapers hale and hearty, neither of the latter having ever reported the discovery of four cases of small-pox in been vaccinated. On Marie's body I found three one family, (Philadelphia Evening Telegraph). The running sores of long standing, which are painful report read that six weeks before one member of the and require the daily attention of her mother. The family contracted the disease and was taken to the condition of this little sufferer is most pitiable.- Dr. Municipal Hospital. The other members of the J. W. Hodge in Cataract Journal, Niagara Falls.



WHAT Doctors THINK OF VACCINATION.— The that alcohol may be systematically denied to editor of Medical Talk recently sent out a lot of arthritics and as systematically prescribed to the queries to doctors, as registered in Polk's Directory, scrofulous. . as to what they believed concerning vaccination ; What is one man's meat is another man's poison. the first hundred replies pan out as follows:

Broadly speaking, the arthritics are the gouty and Forty-eight believed vaccination prevented small- rheumatic, those suffering from diseases of the joints. pox-for a year, for three years, for five years, for a life-time; nine of the forty-eight holding to the lifetime end.

OBSERVATIONS FROM PRACTICE OF DR. Sixty-three were against the compulsory vaccina

MOLL. tion, and sixty-six were against excluding the un

Translated for the HOMEOPATHIC Envoy from Leipziger Fop. vaccinated children from public schools.

Z. f. H., Nov. 1, 1903. Fifty-three believe that vaccination is dangerous.

Eighty-two claimed that their replies were based on positive experience.

Some three years ago, I had occasion to note a peculiar morbid phenomena : the patients affected

felt a violent tickling irritation in the larynx, which ANTITOXIN.—“Society and many individual reports go to show that antitoxin is little short of a caused a troublesome dry cough, depriving them of Specific. It has been affirmed that the physician since there was no objective cause adducible, and it

their nightly rest. This symptom was peculiar, who does not give it a trial in his fatal cases is

had appeared in a form almost epidemic. I preguilty of manslaughter. There is a pretty large number of reputable writers and practitioners who scribed Belladonna 4, which caused the irritation to do not believe that it possesses any such virtues

, disappear quickly. This almost momentary effect and a number, not so great, who confess to their reminded me involuntarily of the effect of Morphine, opinion that it is hurtful and that the patient's which is equally rapid. But who would not prefer chances are discounted by its use.”—Medical Sum- Belladonna, which, in such a dilution, is quite harm

less, to the poisonous Morphine? In the latter mary.

remedy it is also very questionable whether its

effects would also have been lasting,
Mower, of the Common Pleas Court, Springfield,
Ohio, has handed down a decision in the mandamus

A disease which all physicians have a frequent suit brought by George W. Crowell to require the opportunity of observing is dyspepsia in its various Board of Education to allow his son to attend school forms. An excellent remedy against it, especially even though he is not vaccinated. Judge Mower where it is based on nervousness is Nux vomica, taken held that the ruling of the board to this effect could in a low potency (3–6 D.). It has nearly always a not be sustained by law, inasmuch as it was only good effect, frequently a strikingly good effect, and applicable to times when there is an epidemic of if combined with a proper diet and corresponding small-pox.

hygienic measures, it is even alone able to remove this disease, if it is not too much inrooted and

neglected. And even in the most stubborn cases it WHO MAY OR MAY NOT USE ALCOHOLIC yields excellent services. Nux vomica must, thereDRINKS.—Dr. E. Devaux, in Bulletin Medical, Janu- fore, never be omitted from the remedies to be used ary, contributes a paper on that subject. In brief in treating this disease. In my practice I have often the " arthritics” are those who cannot and should had persons come to the Ambulatorium to ask for not use alcohol in any form, for if they do they are the drops which so much helped them or their rela“destined to early scleroses of every description; to tives. Nux vomica is especially efficacious in cases him alcohol is a poison and a virulent one." On of nervous dyspepsia.' It incites the stomach to inthe other hand, to those who tend to a scrofulous creased work, and at the same time it invigorates constitution, alcoholic drinks are a positive benefit the entire nervous system, which generally in dysand a means of prolonging life. Devaux thinks pepsia is sympathetically affected.


HOMEOPATHIC ENVOY. and at the same time very restless; great anxiety ;


two hours after the first attack the drowsiness had Subscriptions received at the following Homoeopathic Pharmacies :

become insensibility, with constant inuttering deliBOERICKE & TAFEL,

rium; did not recognize the members of her family; Philadelphia : 1011 Arch St., 125 South 11th St. and she was now covered, in patches, with an eruption 15 N. 6th St.

of miliary rash, with efflorescence between the points New York: 145 Grand St., 15 West 42nd St. and 634 Columbus Ave.

of the rash, all of a dark, almost a livid, color; the Chicago : 44 East Madison St.

patches between the points of the rash were of a Pittsburgh : 627 Smithfield St.

dingy, dull, opaque appearance. The eruption was Baltimore : 228 N. Howard St. Cincinnati : 204 W. 4th St.

more profuse on the forehead and face than elseWASHINGTON HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACY,

where, and especially on the forehead. The whole Washington, D. C.: 1007 H. St., N. W.

aspect of the eruption and the whole condition of the C. A. OTTO VISCHER,

patient were so just like those so many times seen in Philadelphia: 1216 Girard Ave.

cases of this variety of scarlet fever that the case was N. J. HOM. PHARMACY, Newark, N. J. : Broad and W. Park St.

unhesitatingly recognized as an example of it, and MINNEAPOLIS PHARMACY CO.

in its most violent and hopeless form. The pulse Minneapolis: 604 Nicollet Ave.

was now small and so rapid as hardly to be counted ; WARRICK'S HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACY, East Orange, N. J.: 4 Washington St.

the surface had become cold and dry; the livid color PRICE: 25 CENTS A YEAR.

of the skin, when pressed out with the finger, reTo foreign countries, except Canada, one shilling and sixpence.

turned very slowly; the whole was a most complete Direct subscriptions, communications, exchanges, etc., to

picture of torpor, and seemingly a perfect instance of E. P. ANSHUTZ,

that manifestation of it which immediately precedes P. O. Box 921,

dissolution in those rapidly fatal cases of scarlet Philadelphia, Pa.

fever. There was apparently no prospect of the pa

tient's living more than a few hours. Such cases in PROOFS THAT HOMEOPATHY IS A

the practice of the writer had always gone to a fatal LAW OF NATURE.

termination, and this had been more rapid in its There can be no better proof of the superiority of progress than any he had ever seen. The patient Homeopathy over other systems of medicine than being his own child he had opportunity for most in the ability of its practitioners to utilize cases of carefully watching the case. In about three hours poisoning for the furtherance of therapeutic knowl from the first appearance of the eruption the livid edge, and this ability arises from the fact that Ho- color began to lose something of its dark hue; the meopathy is a law of nature. A rare case of poison- restlessness and anxiety diminished; the pulse being presents itself to practitioners of other schools came more distinct and less frequent; consciousness and to them all there is in it is the fact that the partially returned; the eruption became a brighter poisonous substance presents such and such physio- red; and the whole train of symptoms so similar to logical effects and symptoms, and there the matter this pernicious form of the fever gradually gave place rests. But to the homeopath these symptoms often to a train of phenomena scarcely less remarkable, but point out new and immensely valuable remedies for not at all like those of any variety of scarlet fever. the healing of disease. In illustration of this let us

In illustration of this let us Both the experimenters were made ill with similar quote two cases of poisoning related by the late Dr. symptoms, but the symptoms were much less violent P. P. Wells, of Brooklyn, and printed in the Ameri- in the patient's friend. It is a singular fact that this can Homeopathic Review years ago.

patient has been attacked by a similar miliary rash “A girl, fifteen years of age, rose in the morning each year since this poisoning at the season of the feeling slightly ill, dressed, and went immediately to blossoming of the ailanthus, and is now always more the breakfast table. She could take no food; the or less ill each year from this cause. That it was sight of it made her feel so much worse; she imme- the result of the ailanthus poison is sustained by the diately left the table and went to her room. She fact that the juice of the green stalks was introduced was seized suddenly with violent vomiting, severe into the mouths of the two girls, that they both soon headache, intolerance of light, dizziness; hot, red after sickened, suffering from similar symptoms, difface; inability to sit up; rapid, small pulse; drowsy, fering chiefly in degree of severity rather than kind;

and in the case of my patient showing subsequently “Had the following case not come under my oba train of symptoms precisely like those witnessed in servation I would not have thought it possible that the case of a lad who was poisoned by taking the phthisiophobia could be productive of such cruelty. seeds of this tree."

The husband of a woman of beautiful character, and The two girls afterwards said that they had been devoted as only a woman can be, declared that since playing with the tender shoots of the Ailanthus there was no longer a doubt that his wife was sufferglandulosus tree and had got the juice into their ing from consumption he would have to leave her, mouths repeatedly.

for he would take no chances. The little sweetThe cases were not malignant and fatal scarlatina, faced sufferer proved to be a most conscientious but very similar, and, guided by this involuntary patient and most eager to carry out all the precauproving, the homeopaths gained a remedy for a dis- tions which would render her a safe companion to ease that before had almost invariably been fatal. associate with.

In practice it confirmed the truth of the proving, “I wonder if the Surgeon General of the Marine for it has cured many cases of malignant scarlet tever Hospital Service and his advisers, our solons at since.

Albany, and our distinguished Governor ever realize This is but one instance in many illustrating the the sufferings of mind and body they have caused ability of men learned in Homeopathy to utilize in- by fostering this new disease, phthisiophobia ? voluntary cases of poisoning for the benefit of Heart-rending as the results of this senseless fear, humanity.

senseless ruling, and senseless legislation have been to the unfortunate persons afflicted with tuberculo

sis, still more serious are the results of this official THE PREVALENT DREAD OF CONSUMP- phthisiophobia in its sequel of an exaggerated fear TION.

of the presence of consumption considered from an

other point of view. Individuals who suffer with On January 6th there appeared a paper by Dr. S. the early symptoms of tuberculosis, or others who A. Knopp, in the Medical Recard, under the title of feel themselves in danger of becoming consumptive, “A plea for Justice to the Consumptive.” The will hesitate to seek medical advice for fear of being dread of consumption by the public which is so declared to suffer from a dangerous contagious dissedulously fostered by many, Dr. Knopp terms

ease and becoming subject to social ostracism. What “ phthisiophobia,” and he believes that it is not only a fearful loss of life a retarded diagnosis in pulmona medical error but a very cruel one in its effects.

ary tuberculosis means, I need hardly dwell upon in We quote the following from his excellent paper :

an audience of this type. All our hopes in phthisio" Private phthisiophobia has resulted partially therapeutics are centered on the early recognition of from the Federal and State phthisiophobia just dis

pulmonary consumption. Our American sanatoria cussed, and partially from the excessive caution of report as many as 75 per cent and more of rethose who are not sufficiently educated in the matter. coveries of incipient cases. How very much lower Let ine give you a few instances of the form it takes : the percentage of cure is when the patients have Poor sewing women have been discharged, not because they were consumptive themselves, but be passed the incipient stage we all know only too

well." cause they were imprudent enough to mention in the presence of their employers that they were living with or related to some consumptive. Employees in offices, having an innocent cough, are discharged

SINGULAR FATALITY OF GREAT MEN. for fear of contagion. Of the number of cases of Editor of HOMEOPATHIC ENVOY. phthisiophobia which came under the observation Allopathic doctors seem to save but few of their of Prof. A. Jacobi, of this city, and which he was distinguished patients. I have got to the point that good enough to relate to me, one seemed particularly when a distinguished man is taken sick and has a pathetic. A man with a large family to support, number of doctors I give him up. I have watched but strong, vigorous, and of excellent physique, was the cases of Thos. B. Reed, Wm. C. Whitney, discharged from employment because of a non- Marcus Hanna, and others, and I believe intelļigent tuberculous cough which, however, did not get well homeopathic treatment might have saved them. fast enough to suit his employer.




By Dr. GOULLON. The following was clipped from the Philadelphia

Translated for the HOMEOPATHIC ENVOY from Leipziger North American. No comments !

Pop. 2. f. Hom.
CHICAGO, January 28.

“Drug treatment is useless in cases of
pneumonia. The medical profession, so

far as medicines are concerned, can be of
no assistance in the fight against this dis-

Eight weeks ago a girl about twenty years of age ease. The sooner the profession will ac

came to my office, who was, and perhaps still is, susknowledge this to the public and set to

pected of an inclination to phthisis, but who has work to discover some specific to save pneumonia patients the better for all con

since then improved so much that it seems worthy cerned.”

of being reported. This statement by Dr Arthur D. Bevan,

The two remedies used had already before been who stands high in the profession, stirred

warmly recommended by the late Dr. Lorbacher. up the members of the Chicago Medical Society at their meeting today.

She received nothing during the whole treatment Several physicians sprang to their feet

but Kali carb. 12 D. and Phosphorus 12 D. With to protest against the arraignment. All

this treatment she has steadily improved, so that tohad to admit, however, that there is no definite remedy known, and they based

day, August 8th, I could hear normal vesicular restheir protests solely on the contention that

piration on the right side as well as on the left. they might influence the patient favorably

Her monthly periods are regular; her bodily by easing him somewhat and by the moral effect of their presence.

weight has at least not diminished, if it has not in

creased. Philadelphia.

B. A.

A great satisfaction in such a treatment is found in the fact that we can thus do without the

horrid (allopathic) preparations of Kreosote, which HINTS.

entirely destroy the appetite and have never yet

cured a single case of tuberculosis. The remedy for “mouth and hoof” disease in According to my practice in such cases, I put five cattle, sheep and all animals with split hoofs is drops of the medicine in fifty grammes of water and Acidum nitricum ist dil. It is also well to give it get the patient to use this in half a week by taking as a preventive where the disease is feared.

two teaspoonfuls morning and evening. The second Spongia 15 will both cure and prevent roup in half of the week I substitute Phosphorus for Kali chickens.

carb. Such clinical experiments would be very apt Ailanthus gland. ist. will save cases of malignant to make proselytes for Homeopathy. For there is scarlet fever, if anything will.

a sensible and rational Homeopathy as well as an Kalmia latifolia is said to be a good remedy for unscientific and irrational Homæopathy. Only the “tobacco heart."

latter could be called by Bock, the professor of paStrong Nitric acid, carefully applied to a felon and thology, “the medicine of lay-folly.” But he knew of not allowed to run on the surrounding skin, will at historically demonstrated, he was unwilling to try

no other than the irrational kind, and, as has been once allay the terrible pain. So says Dr. Hirsch, of

any experiments. For it had once been agreed that Germany.

he should take a low potency of Ipecacuanha, and he In a recent letter, writing of Tuberculinum, Edith

was told what symptoms would show themselves, K. Neel, author of Cats, How to Care for Them in but he backed out at the last moment. Health and Treat Them in Disease, says: “I have

Perhaps he will feel more inclined to try an experfound this remedy cures pus in about five days. iment with Kali carb. and Phosphorus ? These pus collections occur in cats and kittens following distemper, sometimes in the eyes, on the tail,

MERCURIUS SOLUB. AND ACIDUM NITRI. in the ears, and not infrequently the lungs suppurate. On the 26th of July Mrs. von brought her I have seen eyes decay and run out inside of a week. little four-year-old boy to me. He is delicate and inI have just cured a four-year-old cat of a rectal ab- clined to rickets, and now he has a very peculiar scess as large as an egg by daily doses of Tubercu- ulcer on the left side of the palate. The ulcer is of linum; after four doses the whole thing disappeared. the size of a pfennig, has a fatty-looking base, and

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