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MARCH, 1904-1905.


E. P. ANSHUTZ, Publisher.


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Entered at Lancaster, Pa., as Second-class Mail Matter,

BIGGER AND BIGGER DOSES.—There is now daily medical paper published and from one of its editorials we clip the following:

“The cacodylates, hypodermically employed, enable us to push the arsenical medication to an extent that was formerly impossible.”

But why push arsenical medication? What good is it to the patient to fill him with Arsenic even if it doesn't kill him? What do you accomplish by it? Isn't it possible that “pushing" drugs to the liinit of human endurance is far more harmful than the disease you are supposedly combating ?

Notice.-Friends of Homeopathy, in various parts of the country, frequently subscribe for the HOMEOPATHIC ENVOY, to be sent to individuals, or entire communities. If any one, therefore, receives the paper without having subscribed for it he or she may know that the subscription has been paid by some friend.

Subscribers can always ascertain the date to which their subscriptions are paid by referring to the date on the mailing tag.

The receipt of the renewal of a subscription is acknowledged by changing the date on mailing tag.

wagon roads.

For GooD ROADS.—There is now pending in Don't Be Too HASTY TO BELIEVE ALL YOU READ. Congress a bill introduced by the Hon. Walter P. --Recently two keepers in an asylum for the insane Brownlow, of Tennessee, and the Hon. Jacob H. were charged with brutality to patients and con. Gailynger, Senator from New Hampshire, appropriatsiderable noise was made over it in the newspapers. ing $24,000,000 as National aid for the building of When the case was officially investigated it was

roads. This sum is to be distributed to each found that the only witnesses, and also those making State according to its population, except that no the charges, were themselves insane and confined in State is to receive less than $250,000. The States the same asylum. We personally know of the case

or counties receiving this money must add a like of a man who was successively, in the past four amount, so that $48,000,000 will be expended in years, admitted into several hospitals, “homes,” the building of wagon roads. retreats,” and to a hospital for the insane. Against

Colonel Brownlow says that we have over 200,000 each of these he made the most furious, but utterly miles of the finest railway in the world, more miles unfounded charges of brutality, neglect and incompetence. The man was a monomaniac on the of railway than all the rest of the globe put to

gether, yet we have the poorest wagon roads of any subject that the world had conspired against him.

civilized country. He believes that no one thing
will do this country so much good as the building
of wagon roads, as provided for in this bill. As

these are to be built in every State of the Union,

they will be especially valuable as an object lesson. LETS.—A woman in Duluth recently took some

Experience has shown that wherever good roads 'headache" powders or tablets, became uncon

exist every one wants more of them. scious after two doses, remained so for six hours and

It is a good bill and ought to receive the support then died. Drugs that stop pain in a few minutes

of all progressive citizens. are all dangerous. Nature's alarm bell is pain, and to stop the alarm without removing the cause of it is not wise. The man who sticks closest to plain, old-fashioned Homeopathy has the best chance for FOREIGN BODIES IN THE STOMACH.-The folprolonging his life and enjoying physical health so lowing story comes from France; we find it in the far as it is possible with his individual constitution. Medical Age. The case was diagnosed “foreign

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