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The Chicago Medical Times served from one to three cases in

their private practice. Many of A Monthly Journal of Speciflc Meuicine.

these cases

occur in patients in FINLEY ELLINGWOOD, M. D. whom no previous renal difficulty Editor-in-Chief and Business Manager.

has been observed. Those in THE FACULTY OF BENNETT MEDICAL COLLEGE Associate Editors.

which it has been observed and

treated are usually restored by the Terms $2.00 per Year in Advance

delivery. While the field of this journal is the entire field It has been my own opinion that of Medical and Surgical Science in the advanced

these uncomplicated cases are light of the present day, its chief mission is the development of knowledge concerning the most brought about by sudden septic abdirect-the specific-action of drugs in rational lines.

sorption. All the cases that I have The editors are not responsible for the state

seen were comparatively young ments or opinions of contributors. Short original articles are invited from any

women. This excludes the possireader, whether a subscriber or not.

bility of parenchymatous nephritis Address all exchanges, books for review, com- having been present before, as that munications, etc., to, and make all money orders,

disease does not usually appear undrafts, checks, etc., payable to THE CHICAGO MEDICAL TIMES, til later in life. The interstitial 100 State Street, Chicago.

form is entirely excluded. In my Entered at Chicago Post Office as Second Class Mail Mattor. own cases the suppression was very

abrupt; in two with no premoni

tory symptoms. Vomiting, depresEditorial.

sion, heart and brain symptoms ap

pear very quickly. Post PUERPERAL ANURIA.

In the treatment of these cases It is by no means uncommon for the most positive measures must disturbances of the renal function be immediately resorted to. I place to occur during gestation. These great importance upon the applinot infrequently develop, as is well cation of heat, intense heat, moist known, dangerous phenomena, the at first and dry afterwards, to the commonest of which is eclampsia. kidneys, which must be persisted It is either uncommon that serious in with no intermission until the disturbances occur after labor or urine is flowing freely, if it take they are not mentioned by writers. days to accomplish this. The inI have been inclined to think for ternal use of gelsemium in full several years that suppression of doses and echinacea is rational urine after labor was more common treatment and the addition of than we would conclude it is from cimicifuga is of great service in literature, as there are but very few its influence upon the renal secrecases mentioned by writers. I have tions. I avoid renal stimulants and seen five cases myself and I know attend closely to other indications of several physicians who have ob- that may appear; meating those of heart depression very promptly pain in the abdominal wall, the efand watching for brain complica- fects of the trouble may be

recogtions. I have been fortunate in the nized by the exquisite pain the recovery of five of my cases. pressure produces.

There is no doubt that there are NEURALGIA OF THE SYMPATHETIC. cases in which diffuse abdominal

Neuralgia of the great sympa- pain in the presence of spinal tenthetic is not frequently diagnosed. derness may be due to neuralgia It is often misinterpreted. It may of the sympathetic. In these cases be mistaken for ovaralgia, gastral- treatment of the spinal irritation gia, dysmenorrhea or enteropto- may be all that is necessary to oversis. It presents two characters. come the neuralgia. There is an indescribable sensation The lack of literature on this which resembles somewhat intes- subject makes close observation in tinal colic or uterine contractions, the diagnosis of obscure cases very or even angina pectoris, but a dis- essential. criminating factor is its radiating character; this should be borne in

HYPNOTICs. mind in diagnosis. It may extend The use of hypnotics in our own widely to an organ or region far school is not very common in the distant from its origin, or it may treatment of diseases of infancy be produced at will by pressure and early childhood. We have upon the Sympathetic. Then there

learned a better way. may be the absence of pain in that common, however, in the profesportion of the nerve which lies be- sion at large to administer opiates, tween the site of the neuralgia and soothing syrups, anodyne mixtures the part to which it radiates, ren

and other preparations of this dering the diagnosis very difficult. character to infants.

The methodical palpation of There is no time that the genevery accessible portion of the eral practitioner is not called upon Sympathetic is necessary. The to prescribe for crying babies and superior ganglion can be pressed but few of them take pains to anain the neck beneath the sterno-mas- lyze the existing condition suffitoid muscle. The middle and low- ciently close to determine the exact er ganglia can be reached by pass

of the irritation. When ing the finger behind the clavicle. called to treat these cases we ofIn the abdomen the sides of the ten find that the mother or nurse vertebral column should be ex- has been giving some narcotic mixplored, the parietal muscles being ture for so long a time that conrelaxed.

ditions have entirely changed with Although this examination may the child, and in some cases it is be made difficult by the radiating literally a habitue of the drug. At

It is very


tention to digestion is the first es- ed many times. It is a remedy that sential in these cases. Indigestion does not produce any unpleasant and mal-assimilation are probably results. the commonest causes. Where the However prevalent the habit of pain is distinctly colic-like in its prescribing hypnotics has been in character, a few drops of colocynth the past, it is without doubt inin a half glass of water may be creasing, as new and more satisfacprepared; or three drops of the tory drugs are being introduced for tincture of lobelia in the same that purpose. It demands thought quantity of water; a teaspoonful and some skill and tact to resist the given every few minutes until the requests of patients for such medipain is relieved.

cines, and advise a course which The tincture of chamomilla, and will be productive of the desired rethe essence of anise are simple sults to them. Insomnia is always remedies which remove flatulence dreaded, but is not best cured by and correct simple existing condi- hypnotics. Physicians and drugtions which are the cause of the gists are in the habit of taking a trouble.

dose of chloral, or the bromides Earache is a common cause of only, perhaps, or morphia, because pain in very small infants. This the agent is at hand and convenient, can be diagnosed by the rolling of forgetting for the moment that if the head and the inclination to the remedy is not directly indicated keep the hand up to the ear. by existing conditions which lie at

Pain at the base of the brain is the foundation of the sleeplessness, diagnosed by the child holding the that it will produce a limited and head backward, and turning the temporary condition of disease head backward and forward in the which, by persistent use of the pillow. This is a premonitory agent, may become permanent and symptom of brain trouble and must demand the constant use of a hypnot be overlooked.

notic. In lung and chest troubles the This carelessness has caused child screams out if handled, es- many bright minds

to become pecially if elevated with the hands wrecks, the victims of the morphine under the child's arms. A constant habit, and nearly always of intemmoaning and fretting is usually due

perance also. to nervous irritation. In all of Every physician should exercise these cases the cause being deter- careful thought always in the admined, it must be removed by the ministration of this class of agents, indicated remedy and opiates must and should insist that the dose be be avoided.

not repeated without his special orThe use of hyoscyamus as der. He should thoughtfully adsleep producer we have commend- vise habits of life and of diet which


will of themselves overcome this ab- toms point to some other remedy. normal demand; he should search We must study the indications for the cause of the trouble and by of the underlying conditions as judicious treatment overcome it as well as the symptomatology of the speedily as possible. This course case. Congestion, anemia, cough, will prevent the formation of bad pain, coma, delirium, headache, difhabits, and will secure a condition ficult breathing and various reflex of health to the patient much more phenomena will all disappear somespeedily than by the use of nerve times under the action of bellaand brain poisons.

donna because it has equalized the


AMALGAMATION AND Oblivion. Twenty-five years ago our professors of materia medica said a The amalgamation scheme of the

American Medical great deal more about equalizing

Association, the circulation in acute fevers than

which we have written on frequentwe hear now. Local congestion is ly in the last year, is not fully apone of the first pathological fac- preciated in all its bearings. tors in acute inflammation. In all

The idea of benevolent assimilainflammatory diseases there is a tion is urged upon most of the doctendency to blood stasis somewhere

tors who have been invited to join and deficient circulation elsewhere. the Regular Society. The old process of blood-letting,

The Medical Century, an allothe application of powerful deriv- pathic journal, shows how our men atives and revulsives, local irrita- will be received in many cases by tion, all have for their object over

the old school doctors. An article coming of this blood stasis. If they published in a recent issue says: influenced the general circulation "To make graduates from Bennett, at the same time and could cause Hahnemann and other "Irregular” the blood to be uniformly distrib- schools as acceptable members of uted in all parts of the system they the American Medical Association would be typical in their influence. as the most cultured and ethical

Belladonna is our most impor- graduates from our best Regular tant remedy in equalizing the cir- schools and universities, and to soculation; it drives the blood into licit“Irregulars to join us is an every capillary; it increases arte

outrage upon the finer sensibilities rial tonus; overcomes local stasis of every Regular physician. It and is a powerful antagonist to turns our society into a kind of a every possible form of local con- rescue mission or reform school for gestion. We do not bear this fact reclaiming 'Irregular' doctors.” in mind often enough and neglect If an Eclectic graduate has no to give this remedy because symp- more pride than to permit himself to be swallowed up by a school the broad ligament. The posterior which will look upon him after- wall of the womb was thin and rewards in this light, we have no use laxed, the anterior wall was very for him in our school. We want thick; death followed. Another men who are proud of the position case is reported where the sympthey occupy; proud that they can toms

were very unpleasant, and practice medicine with a degree of still another in which the patient success that keeps them constantly died. in the eye of the people; proud that While there are some arguments they have enough character to look in favor of ventral fixation of the upon physicians of other schools as

prolapsed womb, there are many brother physicians, and not regard reasons why it does not seem to them as candidates for the peniten- be a practical and feasible operatiary and reform school, because tion. they are not Eclectics. If an Eclectic physician desires

Tberapeutics. to relegate himself to oblivion, to blot himself out for all time to

EPIGEA REPENS. come, he can do it better by join

The trailing arbutus has a speing an allopathic society than by cific influence upon the mucous linany other method.

ings of the body, and upon the glanThe E. M. journal, commenting dular organs of these mucous suron this, asks: How does it feel to

faces. It is a most satisfactory be spoken about as irregulars who

agent where there is irritation of outrage the finer sensibilities of ev

the bladded from excess of uric ery Regular physician: How does

acid in the urine causing the charit feel when one has sunk his school

acteristic brick dust deposit. Where name and left his parent society

there is a small quantity of urine to be told that, like a heathen or

passed with a high specific gravity a criminal, he has been taken into

resulting in a nauseating backache a rescue mission or reform school

suggesting that the crystalline confor reclaiming irregular doctors ?

stituents of the urine are so exVENTRAL FIXATION.

cessive that the deficient quantity A number of cases have come to

of water does not wash them out our observation where pregnancy

of the renal tubules. has followed ventral fixation with From fifteen to sixty drops of unpleasant results.

specific epigea in four ounces of hot A case is recently reported where water drunk before meals and bethe uterus was ruptured in labor; fore retiring will have a most happy the rent extending from the ex- effect, where the irritation from ternal os to the cornu and splitting the above causes suggests threat

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