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An external remedy for quick relief of pain.

USES.-In colds, croup, broncho-pulmonic troubles in general; in acute inflammations of the lung or soreness depending upon congestion ; in superficial or deep-seated pains of a rheumatic, chronic, or acute form; in muscles and joints.


We take pleasure in introducing this effective remedy for the cure and relief of all affections in which it is commended. Although new to most physicians, it has been employed by others for over a year, its benefit being sometimes so prompt as to appear marvelous.

The composition as given with each package will inform eclectic physicians concerning its field of action, and also indicate why LIBRADOL possesses such intrinsic merits.

LIBRADOL is clean, free from excessive fat, and can be washed from the skin by means of clear water. It is prompt in action and may be used either alone or in connection with


internal medication.

A characteristic and comprehensive report is as follows:

“I used LIBRADOL recently in three cases with most gratify-
ing results.

First.-Asthmatic condition caused by cold.
Second.-Acute articular rheumatism.
THIRD-Pain in abdomen.'


A number of severe cases of inflammation, of cold in the chest, of acute inflammation of the lungs, soreness depending on congestion, etc.,

have been promptly relieved as per reports on file. LIBRADOL is to be spread on greased paper, muslin, or waxed paper, and applied to the painful part. Full directions accompany each package. PRICE. -1 lb. jar, $1.50; 1/2 lb., 80 cents; 14 lb. 45 cents. LLOYD BROTHERS, CINCINNATI, O.

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