The Reformers' Year Book

Front Cover
Harvester Press, 1908

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Page 1 - Ring out a slowly dying cause, And ancient forms of party strife; Ring in the nobler modes of life, With sweeter manners, purer laws.
Page 70 - Resolutions instructing the Parliamentary Party as to their actions in the House of Commons be taken as the opinion of the Conference, on the understanding that the time and method of giving effect to these instructions be left to the Party in the House in conjunction with the National Executive.
Page 54 - That, in order to give effect to the will of the people as expressed by their elected representatives, it is necessary that the power of the other House to alter or reject bills passed by this House should be so restricted by Law as to secure that within the limits of a single Parliament the final decision of the Commons shall prevail.
Page 127 - That a very considerable amount of disease and loss of life, especially among the young, must be attributed to the consumption of cows' milk containing tubercle bacilli.
Page 93 - WAI appointed to inquire into the canals and inland navigations of the United Kingdom and to report on (1) Their present condition and financial position. (2) The causes which have operated to prevent the carrying out of improvements by private enterprise, and whether such causes are removable by legislation. (3) Facilities, improvements, and extensions desirable in order to complete a system of through communication by water between centres of commercial, industrial, or agricultural importance,...
Page 131 - But this I do say, and I wish to say it with all the emphasis of which I am capable, speaking for the whole of my colleagues who sit upon this bench, that in the sphere of finance we regard this as the most serious and the most urgent of all the demands for social reform ; and that it is our hope — I will go further and say it is our intention, before the close of this Parliament — yes, before the •close of the next Session of this Parliament, if we are allowed to have our way — it is a large...
Page 187 - ... suffrage movement had known '. In 1898 the Parliamentary franchise had been given to women in New Zealand, and in 1902 in the Commonwealth of Australia ; in 1907 women were for the first time elected to a Legislature, nineteen being elected to the Diet of Finland. In England the same year witnessed the passing of the Qualification of Women (County and Borough Councils) Act, which provided that women should no longer be disqualified by sŤ or marriage from being elected and acting as County or...
Page 142 - Act, may acquire these railways upon payment of a sum equal to 25 years purchase of the annual divisible profits.
Page 259 - Twopence, 32 pages), can be obtained from any Newsagent or Bookstall, or will be sent post free for one year to any address in the United Kingdom for 10s. lOd. ; and to any place abroad for 13s. per annum. Orders should be addressed to "PUBLIC OPINION," 30 & 31, Temple House, Tallis St., London, EG SPECIMENS SENT FREE ON APPLICATION.

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