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adapted to the purpose, as well as more available on the score of economy. Dr. Eliot, upon request, kindly consented to select and prepare the material, declining any pecuniary compensation.

It is confidently hoped that his familiarity with the wants of the schools and his thorough knowledge of the best available literature have secured selections acceptable to those who have given special attention to the subject of supplementary reading.


NEW YORK, April 25, 1879.


This volume differs from an ordinary Reader in being inade up of continuous passages. Its use is intended to increase the taste for reading, and with that the power to read, both at school and at home. If it is read by a pupil as it should be, it will make him want to read the works from which it is taken, and other works of kindred excellence. It can be read by the fireside without a teacher, and still lead to the same desire for good books of every name.

The love of reading is the end in view.

S. E.

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