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Page 18, line 22, before to will insert both.

31, 2, for apostle read apostate.

34,-25, before Careth insert He is equally the Maker and Lord

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8, for reasons read reasonings.

– 144, — 10, after does insert not.

160, 13, for by read through; for special read especial.

162, 25, for has read have.

178, end of note, add‹ I shall proceed to prove, that universal re

'demption is also the doctrine of our church.'

180, -12, for aspec read xapes.

195, 17, for it read our seventeenth article.

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Line 23, for The read

8, for self-justifications read self-justification.

219, 12, for by read from.

225, 30, for be read have been.

298,- 15, for evidence read credence.

or by any.

Line 28, for and by no read

291, 8, for Cotilerious's read Cotilerius's.

237, end of

last line but one of quotation, insert, * choose what is

- 243, Note, for αναρεστών read εναρέτων.

'good and a worthy reward to those who.'

- 248, beginning of quotation insert It is material to observe.' -284, line 12, for of read from. Last line after Whitby read on Rom.

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-388,- 17, after words dele). Line 18, after due add). End the

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1, for or read nor.

6, after bring insert in.

13, for our read their.

22, 23, for in that degree of eminence, which St. Paul wa read an equal degree of eminence, as St. Paul was.

19, for were read did.

520, Quotation, first line, for 1 read If.

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22, for This read His.

14, for Few read ▲ few.

11, for dregree read degree.
21, for shew read shews.

575 last line, for lection read election.

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7, after that insert is.

11, for his insert own.

614, 13, after must insert by Anticalvinists.







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9, 10, instead of the contrary, read to man as tempted by tỉ devil exclusively.

24, end, insert, ' It does not appear, how the decree of h

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own will can be, with God, the cause of his election that is, the cause of his decree,

This confounds t

'sovereignty of infinite perfection, with arbitrary se


24, for unauthorized read authorized.

5, for King's read King,

1, after exposed read a note of interrogation.
12, for name read name's,

739, last line, for fleshy read fleshly.
756, line 21, for decision read discession.
771, last line but one, for the read his.
778, line 2, for Arminians read Arminius,
783, 18, for Israelities read Israelites.

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