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Arrests infection-sterilizes the urine-and exerts an anticatarrhal effect upon the inflamed mucous membrane of the

urinary tract.

Schieffelin & Co., New York


Aseptinol Comp.

Aseptinol Comp.


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The profession in Seattle is putting forth strong efforts to improve the milk supply of their city.

One of our largest advertisers writes: "We believe that the Medical Sentinel is read more than nine-tenths of the average medical journals."

The King County Medical Society gave their annual banquet on the 8th of January, 1906, at the Hotel Washington, and it was a very pleasant affair.

The new building for the medical department of Willamette University, at Salem, is nearly completed, and it is expected that it will be ready for occupancy by February 1st.

During last month, the pressure upon the Health Department of the City of Portland was somewhat relieved by the appointment of Dr. W. V. Spencer as Deputy City Physician.

The Secretary of the Montana State Board of Health claims that Butte is one of the most healthy cities in the state, and during November there was less contagion there than anywhere else in Montana.

The many friends of Dr. G. W. Farmer will regret to see that political or other exigencies have caused his removal from the post of Assistant Superintendent of the State Insane Hospital at Steilacoom.

The city bacteriologist of Tacoma insists that the people of that city should boil their drinking water, “because of the presence of a large amount of organic matter, probably of both animal and vegetable origin."

The Clatsop County Medical Association met on December 7th and elected officers as follows: President, Dr. J. A. Fulton; Vice-President, Dr. H. L. Henderson; Secretary, Dr. A. A. Finch; Treasurer, Dr. J. Hagelstam.

The discussion, reported in another part of this issue of the Medical Sentinel, by members of the Portland City and County Medical Society on Dr. McCormack, will be read with interest by those physicians who were not present at the meeting.

At the last meeting of the Physicians' Club of Seattle, the following officers were elected: Dr. W. C. Huessy, President; Dr. Harris, Vice-President; Dr. Redon, Secretary-Treasurer. This organization is in a flourishing condition and is doing creditable work.

The Seattle spirit, which we hear so much about, is now claiming the lowest death date of any city in the world. One Seattle newspaper, with a little previousness, even gave the death rate for the year 1905 to an exact decimal two weeks before the year had gone.

A new hospital is to be erected at Grants Pass. It will be known as the Southern Oregon General Hospital. A piece of ground thirty acres in extent has been purchased for the purpose, and in one part of the building especial care will be given to tubercular patients.

The new President of the Central Willamette Medical Association is Dr. M. H. Ellis, of Albany; Vice-President, Dr. A. G. Prill, of Scio, and Secretary, Dr. W. A. Trimble, of Albany. Dr. A. Stark, of Albany, will handle the funds, and Dr. C. H. Newth, of Philomath, will act as censor.

The Pierce County Medical Society, Washington, is no respecter of persons. An aged "doctor," 76 years old, has been caught practicing in violation of the laws of the state, and the Society has gone after him. He claims to have license to practice in other states, but he had not complied with the laws of Washington.

The contract controversy is still taking much attention of the Pierce County (Washington) Medical Society. A measure is proposed which will prevent members of the society from accepting contract work from any corporations except railroads, the city and county. The purpose of the move ment is said to be to secure a more equal division of the work than is now being done by contract.

The newspapers of Astoria are wonderfully elated by the nice things said about their doctors by Dr. J. N. McCormack, in the article which is printed in another part of this issue of the Medical Sentinel. Not only is double-leaded type necessary to properly reprint the article in our Astoria lay contemporaries, but headlines that would do credit to the yellow newspapers of the East are also used.

The Crystal Springs Sanitarium at Mt. Tabor, having purchased the Massachusetts building at the Lewis and Clark Exposition, is re-erecting the same on its property near the end of the car line. This building will be used exclusively for nervous patients, and will be fitted up with a degree of luxury and convenience that has never before been attempted on the Pacific Coast in such institutions.

Farmers are always subject to being buncoed, and medical quacks seek their money first. A fakir has recently put in an appearance in the country tributary to Oregon City, representing himself as being an eye, ear and nose specialist. He got his money in advance, and his prices were steep. He promised permanent cures, as he had powers transcending anybody else on earth. He realized several hundred dollars.

In Olympia a woman named Kohlman has been charged with violating the medical law by administering "a combination of physic and abdominal massage” for a consideration. The Thurston County Medical Society is back of the prosecution, and is seeking to protect the public against charla. tans, when the public is not sufficiently awake to its duties to protect itself The Thurston County Society is to be commended for its activity in a good


Central Willamette Valley Medical Society.—This Society, composed of the physicians of Linn, Benton and Lincoln Counties, is one of the best medical associations in the state. The meeting of the Society is to be at Corvallis on the 1st or 8th of March, at which a large attendance is antici. pated. Dr. M. H. Ellis, of Albany, is President of this Association, and has exerted his usual energy and enterprise in making the Society under his administration a prosperous body.

The North Idaho District Medical Society had a meeting last month, when papers were read by Dr. Thomas, of Spokane, on “Surgical Technique,” by Dr. J. W. Givens, of Orofino, on “Melancholia,” by Dr. J. N. Alley, of Lapwai, on "Tubercular Signs and Symptoms." Officers were elected for the ensuing year as follows: President, Dr. J. N. Alley, of Lapwai; Secretary and Treasurer, Dr. Jas. M. Lyle, of Peck. The next meeting will be held on the 30th inst. at Moscow

In making post mortem examinations in Seattle hereafter, Dr. S. F. Wiltsie announces tnat he will, as a public officer, pay special attention to

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