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Page 55 - ... disease. The transit permit in such cases shall specifically state who is authorized by the Health Authorities to accompany the remains. In all cases where bodies are forwarded under Rule...
Page 54 - The bodies of those who have died of diphtheria (membranous croup), scarlet fever (scarlatina, scarlet rash ), glanders, anthrax, or leprosy, shall not be accepted for transportation unless prepared for shipment by being thoroughly disinfected by (a) arterial and cavity injection with an approved...
Page 11 - That a case of tuberculosis has been caused by aliments can be assumed with certainty only when the intestine suffers first — ie, when a so-called primary tuberculosis of the intestine is found.
Page 11 - Among 933 cases of tuberculosis in children at the Emperor and Empress Frederick's Hospital for Children, Baginsky never found tuberculosis of the intestine without simultaneous disease of the lungs and the bronchial glands.
Page 55 - ... reach their destination within thirty hours from time of death. If the body cannot reach its destination within thirty hours from time of death, it must be prepared...
Page 54 - ... hermetically sealed, and all enclosed in a strong tight wooden box. Or the body being prepared for shipment by disinfecting and wrapping as above, may be placed in a strong coffin or casket, and said coffin or casket encased in an air-tight zinc, copper or tin case, all joints and seams hermetically sealed and all enclosed in a strong outside wooden box.
Page 55 - In cases of contagious, infectious or communicable diseases, the body must not be accompanied by persons or articles which have been exposed to the infection of the disease, unless certified by the health officer as having been properly disinfected; and before selling...
Page 55 - ... the point to which the body is to be shipped, and, when death is caused by any of the diseases specified in rule No. 2, the names of those authorized by the health authorities to accompany the body. The transit permit must be made in duplicate, and...
Page 11 - If the bacilli of bovine tuberculosis were able to infect human beings, many cases of tuberculosis caused by the consumption of alimenta containing tubercle bacilli could not but occur among the inhabitants of great cities, especially the children. And most medical men believe that this is actually the case. In reality, however, it is not so.
Page 55 - The whole duplicate copy shall be sent to the official in charge of the baggage department of the initial line, and by him to the secretary of the state or provincial board of health of the state or province from which said shipment was made.

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