New York State Service, Volume 9

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New York State Department of Civil Service., 1893

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Page 369 - Senate, shall appoint three persons, not more than two of whom shall belong to the same political party, who shall be styled a "State Board of Arbitration...
Page 36 - Sixth, that no person in said service has any right to use his official authority or influence to coerce the political action of any person or body.
Page 487 - Such examinations shall be practical in their character, and so far as may be shall relate to those matters which will fairly test the relative capacity and fitness of the persons examined to discharge the duties of the service into which they seek to be appointed.
Page 31 - In every public department and upon all public works of the state of New York and of the cities, counties, towns and villages thereof, honorably discharged soldiers, sailors and marines...
Page 57 - ... persons thus preferred shall not be disqualified from holding any position in the civil service on account of his age or by reason of any physical disability, provided such age or disability does not render him incompetent to perform the duties of the position applied for.
Page 23 - ... representations concerning the same or concerning the person examined, or who shall willfully and corruptly furnish to any person any special or secret information for the purpose of either improving or injuring the prospects or chances of any person so examined or to be examined being appointed, employed, or promoted...
Page 444 - ... that he is properly certified as free from any physical defect or disease which is likely to interfere with the proper discharge of his duties; (3) that his character is such as to qualify him for such position or employment, and (4) that he possesses the requisite knowledge and ability to enter on the discharge of his official duties.
Page 21 - The three commissioners shall each receive a salary of three thousand dollars a year, and each of said commissioners shall be paid his necessary traveling expenses incurred in the discharge of his duty as a commissioner.
Page 432 - ... that they have been personally acquainted with the applicant for at least one year, and believe him to be of good moral character, of temperate and industrious habits, and in all respects fit for the public service which he wishes to enter...
Page 340 - ... shall have been found satisfactory the probationer shall be absolutely appointed or employed, but otherwise his employment shall cease.

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