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Your Farm Pays

for Itself in Canada


How we make it easy for you to own Either an
Irrigated or Non-Irrigated Farm


HIS wonderful offer, made by the Canadian Pacific Ry. Co., should be read by every man and woman in city and country whose practical home-making desire and investment judgment keeps them watchful for a lifetime-opportunity-then, by all means, write at once and investigate all the facts.

Hundreds have paid fully for their homes here out of the first one or two crops and made a splendid living besides.

We make it easy for you to own a big farm either in the irrigated section of the Bow River Valley or non-irrigated section of the Saskatchewan River Valley.

Get the Land that PAYS FOR ITSELF with the FIRST Crop in

Sunny Alberta's Valleys

The Famous Valleys of Canada's Bow River and Saskatchewan River
On Our New Crop-Payment Plan

Only Small Payment Down-"No Crops-No Pay"-Pay Balance
Out of Your Crops

In our 3,000,000-acre irrigated block in the Bow River Valley we will break and develop your land-we will even erect buildings, fences, etc., at a nominal charge; less, in fact, than you could hope to do the work yourself. Select your land; let us put in the crop. Ask for development circular.

In Central Alberta we offer you a farm on a new line of the Canadian Pacific at lowest prices and easiest terms.

This is the greatest rich-land opportunity right now on the American Continent -and we offer you such an easy, sure way to get your farm with every help we can give you practically a partnership with the Canadian Pacific Ry. in this big development enterprise, Get a home here. Own clear title soon, with least outlay for this rich land that grows such wonderful crops as the actual proof will convince you. Let us tell you the experience of others here raising

Potatoes, Onions, Vegetable Products, Sugar Beets, Berries, Alfalfa, Field Peas,
Timothy, Dairying and General Stock Raising

Also Enormous Crops of Wheat, Oats, Barley and Flax
Climate ideal for homes-splendid transportation facilities-good roads quick
cash markets-good schools, churches and neighbors. Good crops a certainty. Under
agreement, pay out of crops for your land-"No crops-No pay "-and more easily
and quickly own clear title to a farm that'll earn you more money for life than in any
place else on this continent and make you independent. Send me your name today
and say which books you want FREE. For all information

Just ask J. S. DENNIS, Assistant to 2nd Vice-President

Colonization Dept., 225 9th Ave., West-Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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No. 1-"Facts"-Illustrated, showing agricultural conditions in Alberta's famous Bow River Valley on soil, climate, combination farm, production of cereals. Alfalfa, Timothy, Stock Raising and the small amount of capital required to start a farm. Every possible question answered for city man as well as farm dweller.

No. 2.-"Irrigation Farming"-Our diversified farming and stock raising. This illustrated booklet gives the business aspect of the industry. Shows that live-stock feeding and dairy production on these rich alfalfa meadows lead to certain success.

No. 3-"Staff of Life"An illustrated book dealing with winter-wheat production, giving land values, markets, expert opinions and comparative crop statistics.

No. 4.-"Public Opinion Concerning Sunny Alberta's Valleys" An illustrated work giving the opinions of the most prominent writers on the Continent, coupled with the statements of farmers actually settled on the land.

No. 5-"Two Blades of Grass"-A booklet which gives a beautifully illus trated account of the possibilities of Central Alberta. A list of all lands that the company has on the market in that district shown, with price per acre.

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TERMS: $1.50 per year; six months, 75 cents; single copies, 15 cents. For foreign postage,
add $1.00: Canada, 50 cents. In order to avoid possibility of missing any copies of the magazine,
it is necessary for the subscriber to send us notice of intended change of address thirty days in
advance of said change.

THE EDITORS invite the submission of photographs and articles. Prompt decisions and
payment on acceptance. Unaccepted material will be returned if accompanied by stamps.
While the utmost care will be exercised, the editors disclaim all responsibility for matter sub-

Entered at the Postoffice, Chicago, Ill., as second-class mail matter.


After Holiday

Clean-Up of Clarkson's

Bankrupt Book Bargains

At 10c to 50c on the Dollar

Also regular stock at wholesale prices and below. A few hundred sets and a few thousand odd volumes left over from the biggest collection of book bargains ever made for a bollday sale to be almost given way. Get my Bargain List before ordering-buy quick or miss your life's chance for a library at price of paper and printing-binding free.

Books Shipped on Approval

for examination in your own home before paving, and returnable at my expense if not entirely satisfactory.

Sample Prices-All New Books
Late fiction, were $1.50; my price, 38c. List includes:
Shepherd of the Hills, That Printer of Udell's,
Weavers, Doctor, and hundreds of others at 38c to 45c.
Calling of Dan Matthews, 85 cents

All Best New Fiction at Slashed Prices

Shakespeare, complete, 39 vols..
Encyclopedia Britannica, 12 vols..
Gospels in Art
Famous Pictures

$13.75 $3.90 48.00 11.75

20.00 1.95 12.00 1.50 9.75

Stevenson, 10 vols., De Luxe.. 39.00

De Luxe editions of nearly 100 standard authors at similar bargains. Also nearly 200 different authors in regular sets for next to nothing. Thousands of single vol. umes on nearly every subject-to be closed out quick at 10c to 50c on the dollar.

Free Bargain List Illustrated descriptions.

Send for it. Postal card request will bring it. See what I have. I buy bankrupt stocks and remainders at my own price and close them out quick at a small advance on cost to me. Don't miss these cleanup bargains. All books guaranteed new and perfect.

David B. Clarkson, The Book Broker 207 Clarkson Building


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Most convenient and practical low-priced
Typewriter Stand on the market. Made

of selected Oak, fine golden finish, 44 in. long, 24 in. wide; Pedestal 30 in. high; 3 drawers and extension slide; Paper Cabinet with shelves 14x8x1% in.; Cabinet has roll curtain front and copy holder. Order from dealer if he has it or will get it; otherwise from us. Do not accept a substitute; no other TypewriterStand is "just as good." Ask for Catalog by Number Only. No. 207-Office Desks, Chairs, Files, Book Cases, etc. No. 407-Mission Furn. Rockers, Davenports, Couches, Settees. E. H. STAFFORD MFG. CO., 242 Adams St., Chicago, Ill.




We also make School, Church and Opera Seats,

Lodge Furniture.

T may be the tools that are the trouble. Service, not looks, is what a good draughtsman wants in his drawing materials; that's all; easy to get, if they're Devoe.

A full line of instruments;
colors, brushes, papers,
boards, inks; materials of
all sorts for every need.

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If the Technical World Magazine is mentioned we guarantee the reliability of our advertisers.

The Big "Fuel


and Furnace"

Number of

Practical Engineer is


book comes
with 23 other
fine numbers
which will reach
you, one each month,
for the next two years
during all of 1910

and 1911-the cost to
you is only $1.50 and you
get this nickel plated poc
ket screw driver free. If you
want to get posted and keep
posted on electrical subjects, here
is your chance. It means a steam and
electric engineering magazine of
authority reaching you each month

Get your copy


Its price

is 50 cents, but will

be sent to you without

extra cost if you mail us your subscription this monthdo it today if you possibly can, for our supply of this big special number is small. It is a number you ought to have. It gives everything you need to know about Combustion, Fuels and Furnaces-packed full of practical, usable information that you can apply. Make this big fine number a permanent part of your engineering library. Nothing on the subject is SO strictly up-to-date. Its carefully worked out tables will save hours of valuable your time and a lot of tedious


-a big complete manual on Furnace Practice and a convenient pocket tool all for $1.50. Your money will never again get you so much. Simply sign and tear out and return the attached coupon with your check, money order or $1.50 cash, and you'll receive the Fuel and Furnace Number and Pocket Screw Driver by return mail. When you get them if you don't like them you can have your money back. During 1910 and 1911 the articles in each mumber of PRACTICAL ENGINEER on electrical matters will alone be worth to you far more than the $1.50 -many times more.

T. W.

Tear out and send in the coupon today with your $1.50. Canadian Subscribers add one dollar extra for postage.

Cut out along this dotted line and mail today




353 Dearborn St.,

For the enclosed $1.50, send me Practical Engineer for two years and include without cost. the big 240 page "Fueland Furnace" number and the combination pocket screw driver, which I understand will be sent by return mail. I understand that my money will be cheerfully refunded if I'm not thoroughly satisfied with my bargain.






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