Songs of Seven

Front Cover
Robert Bros., 1866 - 58 pages

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Page 28 - I pray you, what is the nest to me, My empty nest ? And what is the shore where I stood to see My boat sail down to the west ? Can I call that home where I anchor yet, Though my good man has sailed ? Can I call that home where my nest was set, Now all its hope hath failed ? Nay, but the port where my sailor went, And the land where my nestlings be : There is the home where my thoughts are sent, The only home for me...
Page 10 - Now, if there be footsteps, he comes, my one lover, — Hush, nightingale, hush! O sweet nightingale, wait Till I listen and hear If a step draweth near, For my love he is late! "The skies in the darkness stoop nearer and nearer, A cluster of stars hangs like fruit in the tree, The fall of the water comes sweeter, comes clearer: To what art thou listening, and what dost thou see? Let the star-clusters grow, Let the sweet waters flow, And cross quickly to me.
Page 8 - I wish and I wish that the spring would go faster. Nor long summer bide so late ; •And I could grow on like the foxglove and aster, For some things are ill to wait. I wait for the day when dear hearts shall discover, While dear hands are laid on my head ; "The child is a woman, the book may dose over, For all the lessons are said.
Page 4 - O columbine, open your folded wrapper, Where two twin turtle-doves dwell ! 0 cuckoopint, toll me the purple clapper That hangs in your clear green bell ! And show me your nest with the young ones in it ; I will not steal them away ; 1 am old ! you may trust me, linnet, linnet — I am seven times one today.
Page 13 - Heigh ho ! daisies and buttercups ! Mother shall thread them a daisy chain ; Sing them a song of the pretty hedge-sparrow, That loved her brown little ones, loved them full fain ; Sing, ' Heart, thou art wide though the house be but narrow ' — Sing once, and sing it again.
Page 24 - A song of a boat : — There was once a boat on a billow : Lightly she rocked to her port remote, And the foam was white in her wake like snow, And her frail mast bowed when the breeze would blow, And bent like a wand of willow.
Page 12 - You glowworms, shine out, and the pathway discover To him that comes darkling along the rough steep. Ah, my sailor, make haste, For the time runs to waste, And my love lieth deep — " Too deep for swift telling ; and yet, my one lover, I've conned thee an answer, it waits thee to-night.
Page 6 - Turn again, turn again," once they rang cheerily, While a boy listened alone; Made his heart yearn again, musing so wearily All by himself on a stone. Poor bells ! I forgive you ; your good days are over, And mine, they are yet to be ; No listening, no longing shall aught, anght discover You leave the story to me.
Page 2 - They are only one times one. 0 moon ! in the night I have seen you sailing And shining so round and low; You were bright ! ah, bright ! but your light is failing — You are nothing now but a bow. You moon, have you done something wrong in heaven That God has hidden your face?
Page 28 - I pray you hear my song of a nest, For it is not long: — You shall never light in a summer quest The bushes among — Shall never light on a prouder sitter, A fairer nestful, nor ever know A softer sound than their tender twitter, That wind-like did come and go.

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