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ABODE OF DRAWEE. See Residence.

of drawee, excuse for want of presentment, 117
of party entitled, when excuse for notice of dishonor, 154

protest of bill for better security, on drawee, 160 ACCEPTANCE,

definition and requisites, 27
of bill in sets, 27
by drawee in case of need, 27-72
delivery or notification necessary to complete, 28
requisites in form, 28
blank acceptances, 47

per proc.,” 66
in general by drawee only, 72
by several drawees not partners, 72
drawee's time for deliberation, 107
to pay at particular place, must be presented there, 111,112
where no place specified, where to be presented, 113
cancellation of, by holder, discharge from liability, 124
qualified or conditional, 128,129
holder's option to take such, 128,141
holder's duty on taking sucb, 128
instance of conditional, 130
after alteration, 137
presumption as to time of, 177

See Acceptance for Honor-Drawee-Presentment for Acceptance. ACCEPTANCE FOR HONOR,

what bills may be so accepted and by whom, 169
is conditional only, 169
must be given in presence of notary, 169
requisites of, 170
deemed for honor of drawer, unless specified, 171


communication of, when complete against proposer, 200
when complete against acceptor, 200
when may be revoked, 201

when must be absolute, 201

defined, 27
signature of, 27
principal debtor on bill, 21,75-79
liability of, 70
accommodation, 71,84
where no express contract, law implies contract to indemnify

accommodation, 71
contract with drawer, 76
compared with maker of note, 78

drawer of a cbeque, 24
liability when indorsement forged, 82
of bill drawn in fictitious name, 83
when discharged for default of presentment, 104-111
presentment for payment to charge, 113
discharge by cancellation of name, 124

release, 124

payment, 124
on death of, what presentment good, 116
bound, notwithstanding previous alteration, 137
extinguishment of right of action on, when at maturity held

by, 140
notice of dishonor to, not necessary, 143-148
on insolvency, or public impeachment of credit of, protest may

be made, 159
estoppel against denying original validity of bill, 180
may deny bill was drawn by ostensible drawer, 180
estoppel against denying capacity of payee to indorse, 181

liability of, of a foreign bill, 191-193

defined, 28
must have prior consent of holder, 169
liability of, 171
when, may be charged, 171
paying, has all rights of holder, at time of payment, 173

estoppel against denying original validity of bill, 180

definition of, 84


relations between the parties to, 84
party accommodated cannot recover against party accommodat-

ing, 8+
liability of acceptor of, 71,84
taken when overdue or dishonored, 99
when presentment for payment unnecessary, 120

when notice of dishonor unnecessary, 154

requisites of, 162
stamp on, 214

form of, 241
Actu (cited or set out)
Bills of Excbange, VI of 1840, 163,196

V of 1866, 196
Civil Procedure Code, XIV of 1882, (Appendix) 30,37,121-123,

Companies, VI of 1882, (Appendix) 15,57,197-199
Contract, IX of 1872, (Appendix) 32,34,36,53,56,60-65,71,80,81,

Evidence, I of 1872, 2,9,90,137,177,180
General Clauses, 1 of 1868, 8,51,60
Insolvent, 11 and 12 Vict. c. 21,149
Laws Local Extent, XV of 1874, 196
Limitation, XV of 1877, (Appendix) 19,51,75
Majority, IX of 1875, 56
Married Women's Property, III of 1874, 54
Paper Currency, III of 1871, i
Penal Code, XLV of 1860, 102
Registration, XVI of 1864, 19

XX of 1866, 19
VIII of 1871, 19

III of 1877, 19
Stamps, XVIII of 1869, 7,13

I of 1879, (Appendix) 7,9,12,23,24
Succession, X of 1865, 54,67

Transfer of Property, IV of 1882, 2

sufficiency of, when notice of dishonor sent by post and lost, 151
rule when, of drawer or indorser of dishonored bill not known,

what instruments may be stamped with, 209.


cancellation of, 209
drawee or payee may affix necessary, 211

rules relating to instruments, stamped with, 219

meaning of in bill or note, 48
presentment for acceptance or payment of bill so drawn or made,


presentment of note so payable, 107,110

defined, 60
construction of authority to, 60,64
who may employ an, 60
who may be, 60
authority may be express or implied, 61,206
no particular form of appointment necessary, 61
authority of how revoked, 65
cannot delegate authority, 65
signature “per proc.," effect of, 66
personal liability of, signing instrument, 65
presentment for acceptance or payment to, 116
notice of dishonor, may be given to, 148
time allowed for giving notice of dishonor by, 152
signing for Company, 198.

extent of authority, 206

defined, 200

contract with, void, 53

what it is, 41

material, of negotiable instrument, unless for purpose of carry.

ing out common intention, discharges all non-consenting par.

ties, 130-135
by indorsee, 130
what material, 133-134
what not material, 133–134
made with consent, 135
effect of Stamp Act on,

burden of proof when, appears on instrument, 137
when acceptor or indorser bound, notwithstanding previous, 137
payment when, not apparent, 137–140
See Estoppel.

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