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APPRENTICES, minors, at what age, &c. how bound by indenture

children of paupers may be bound out, by Overseers

instruction of, to be provided for by indentures

treatment of, to be inquired into by Overseers, parents, guardians 425, 605
may be discharged from master, by Common Pleas, in case, &c. and thereup-
on bound anew

605, 425
remedy by Overseers en indentures of, and proceedings thereon

eloping, may be arrested and returned

426, 605
persons enticing or carrying away, liable to action of master for damages

91, 426
may be discharged, on complaint of master

426, 605
rescuing cattle, &c. impounded, proceedings against them or master

indentures of, how to be executed and effect thereof

-- no longer obligatory, after death of master

penalty for transporting, or enticing away, or enlisting without consent of

AQUEDUCTS-provisions enabling proprietors to manage

proprietors meetings how to be called, organized, &c. .

when thus organized may choose officers and have corporate powers

directors of, may assess taxes on shares and collect by sale at auction amount
assessed on shares

487, 488
mode of voting according to shares, &c.-assessing fines, &c.

proprietors may hold real estate to amount of $30,000, which shall be deemed
personal-mode of transfer

may, with leave of Selectmen dig up streets, &c. to lay pipes--not ob.
structing travellers

to continue corporate, until ùebts are paid

clerks duty as to recording transfers, &c. of stock

private property to be liable in certain cases

estate of, at dissolution to be deemed real, and held in common

shares in, how attached and taken on execution and sold

penalty for wantonly injuring, and how recovered

pipes connected with, may be laid by towns to draw off water in case of fire,
provided, &c.

ARBITRATIONS established and regulated, (See reference.]

ARSON (See Incendiaries and Malicious Mischief.]
ARMS, fire, proof of, regulated (See Fire Arms.]

and equipments exempted from attachment (See Militia)

ASSAULTS with intent to commit murder, &c. punishment of

with intent to murder, maim, or disfigure, &c.--punishment

with intent to rob

with intent to commit rape

and batteries, punishment of

ASSAY MASTERS, to inspect heads and worms in distil-houses, to be chosen by
towns annually

ASSES, mules, &c. not allowed to go at large [See Town meetings.]

ASSESSMENT, and collection of taxes (See Taxes, &c.]

on turnpike shares, &c (See Turnpike, Aqueduct, &c.]
ASSESSORS to be chosen by towns in March or April

to make lists of voters for State officers, and deliver to Selectmen before 1st
of August annually

of plantations to prepare, and have at meetings, lists of voters for State offi-
cers, &c.

to revise and correct such list, and when

to preside at their meetings for choice of State officers-their powers, duties,

neglecting duties relating to--penalty for

of towns to prepare before the 20th of February, annually, list of voters in
town affairs

how to correct and revise such lists

to assess the polls and estates within their towns, for taxes taid, and commit
list to Collector or Constable

ASSESSORS to leave copy of assessment and valuation with town Clerk

refusing to be sworn, &c. after choice--penalty

· vacancy in such case how to be filled

form of complaint against

Selectmen to act as, io certain cases


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ASSESSORS pay of, one dollar per diem

405, 377 when not chosen by towns, to be appointed by Sessions

377 duty of such Assessors

378 chosen or appointed, to obey Treasurer's warrants for assessing taxes, under penalty

ib. when delinquent, others to be appointed by Sessions

ib. to be chosen by plantations, with same powers, duties, liabilities, &c. so far as relates to taxes, as towns

$79 in plantations recently organized, to call meetings in March or April for

300 towns and plantations to notify inhabitants to bring in lists of polls and estales taxable, and may require oath

ib. persons aggrieved at rates of, may apply for abatement, and if refused, may appeal to sessions

381 may in certain cases over rate, not exceeding 5 per cent. of whole sum

ib. rules to be adopted by, in apportionment of taxes

ib. may add State and county to their other taxes

382 warrant to c llect State, county, town or plantation taxes, form of,

ib. to issue new warrant, when original is lost

383 when towus neglect to choose, for five months after warrant from Treasurer, what proceedings to be had

ib. delinquent, when their estates are insufficient to pay State taxes required, Treasurer may levy amount deficient on inhabitants of their towns

384 may assess improved lands, houses, &c. to tenant or owner, if in State, 387 may demand of Constable, &c. taken in execution copy of his assessinents remaining unsettled

396 how to proceed in case of refusal by such Constable,

397 in lowns regulating collection of taxes by Treasurer, &c. how to proceed to furnish school books al expense of plantations in certain cases to be charg. ed to parents

403 to assign each school district its share of school money

ib. puwers in regard to taxes in school districts of plantations to determine where to build school house, when district can. not agree

406 - to determine places to erect guide posts, under penalty

419 to appoint substitute to finish collections, &c. when collector, &c. becomes insane

392 to refund, &c. if insane collector, &c. has overpaid them

ib. may demand of such insane collector, &c. or guardian, administrator or executor, list of assessments--and give them to new collector

ib. to assess upon towns, &c. deficiencies of collectors in payment to State Trea. surer, and commit same to some other, to collect

393 to appoint some person to complete unfinished collections of deceased col. lectors

394 to adjust accounts of deceased collectors, when unfinished, with their execu. tors or administrators,

ib. ASSIGNEES, may be made parties in suits for redemption of mortgages

124 rights of, not to be impaired in setting off executions, by officers

231 of goods, &c. in foreign attachments may be made parties, in cases

236 mode of proceeding against, in such cases, when they appear, or are defaulted ib. ASSIGNMENT, validity of, how tried, when questioned in cases of foreign at

ib. ATTACHMENT, of goods and estate on mesne process to hold thirty days after

of shares in companies corporate, and dividends growing thereon

when made of shares, &c. copies to be left of writ, &c. with Clerk, Treas-
urer or Cashier, &c of company

220 of rights in equity of redemption, &c. and effect, as to attaching creditor

ib. to hold in certain cases until levy completed

226 - if estate be redee.ned before sale, to constitute lien on fee of franchises of turnpikes, &c. when made, copy of writ to be left with Clerk or Treasurer, &c. thirty days before Court

ib. proceedings in such cases, to be in county where creditor or officers of cor.

poraiion reside
noi dissolved, by death of either party, unless defendant's estate represent.

cd insolvent


ATTACHMENT of shares in aqueduct companies how made

490 of certain articles, valid, although left in defendant's possession, on security 232 of goods, &c. on mesne process, when replevied in certain cases, to hold and continue

296 certain goods and chattels exempied from

332 arms, equipments, &c. of Militia exempted from

548, 559 on mesne process to hold in certain cases, when actions are continued nisi and judgment in Supreme Court to be entered as of former term

202 not to be affected by certain proceedings for enteriug complaints and appeals, after loss of right

205 against wiinesses for contempt

217 foreign (See foreign attachment.] ATTORNEY, who may appear as such (See Attornies.)

any person may appear as, for persons restrained, secreted, &c. on stipulating for payment of costs

264, 261 of party to be notified in taking depositions, and who shall be so considered 313 of non resident owners of lands, how to make known his authority

389 to be notified by Collector before selling such lands, for taxes

ib. ATTORNEY GENERAL powers, duties, &c. of

339 to prosecute delinquent county Treasurers

301 fees taxed for, in certain cases, to be credited to the State

302 to prosecute commissioners of wrecks for delinquency

82 to file information for inquests of office for State to recover lands, substance of such information

154, 155 to prosecute by inquest, for lands accruing to State for want of heirs

156 and county to prosecute Clerks for neglecting to return certificates of fines, &c. to State Treasurer

327 to receive no fees from prosecutor, nor to be of counsel in civil case depend. ing on same facts

339 for each county to be appointed and sworn

ib. duty to be paid by each

341 to exhibit annually to Court of Sessions, account of monies

334 to move Court of Sessions—to examine bonds of Sheriffs annually

322 ATTORNIES and Counsellors at law, admission and practice, regulated

319 qualifications for admission of, prescribed to be sworn in open Court--form of oath

ib. not entitled to tees, unless regularly admitted not more than two on each side to be allowed parties

ib. any persons of good moral character, may appear as, by special power

ib. no Juuge or Justice to appear as, in a case before tried by him

320 no Sheriff or deputy to appear as such, or draw plea

ib. Judge and Register of Probate not to act as

161 Sheriffs, &c. not to purchase notes, accounts, &c. for collection or advance money thereon

89 and counsellors-rules respecting admission of, by Supreme Court

200 money paid for admission of, in Supreme Court, to be fund for pay of Reporter 202 lien for costs, &c. on executions offset, protected

221 AUCTION and AUCTIONEER (See Vendue.] AUDITA QUERELA writ and proceedings thereon, form

264, 265, 252 writ, how to be endorsed, served, &c. liability of endorser

265 proceedings in, regulated

ib. Court may liberate plaintiff from prison, on conditions in certain cases 266 AUDITORS in actions of accounts, how to proceed when defendant refuses to appear

214 may be appointed in any action when Courts deem it proper

ib. their report to be given in evidence to the Jury

ib, reasonable compensation of, to be allowed by Court

ib. AVOIDANCE of principal to render bail liable, in what cases and extent






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BAIL in civil actions regulated

officer to return bond, when taken, with the writ
name and addition of, to be inserted in margin of execution against princ pul,
by Clerk or Justice







BAIL, to be notified by officer having execution against principal, fifteen days be.

fore time of return
may commit principal, &c. by leaving copy of writ, &c. with gaoler
duiy of gaoier thereupon, under certain provisions
may be discharged on bringing principal into Court
Tiable if principal avoid
not held liable by return of avoidance, unless execution has been in hands of

officer thirty days
scire facias against and judgment thereon unless principal be produced, &c.

and costs paid before judgment
principal surrendered by—to be discharged, if not laken in 15 days
in actions before Justices of the Peace regulated

may bring principal and procure officer to attend before Justice
to be discharged, paying costs, principal to be committed
form of mittimus by Justice in such cases
principal to be discharged, if not taken in execution in 15 days
penalty for officer refusing to attend, &c. in such cases
scire fácias against, limited to one year
remedy of, by action against principal for indemnity

and property attached not to be affected by appeals, complaints, &c. en.
tered out of season, &c. by petition
allowed to all persons accused, except of capital crimes
what extent to be required of persons charged with larceny

[See recognizance.]
BAILIBLE offences, persons committing, confined in gaol, may be bailed by one

or more Justices of the Common Pleas

or two Justices of the quorum
extent of power to admit to bail, in such cases
BALLAST, penalty for throwing overboard in harbours

not to be taken off from any island, beach, &c. without consent of owner
BALLOT, certain town officers to be chosen by
BANKS real estate of, may be taken by exccution and sold at auction
deed of by officer taking, and mode of notice of sale

mortgage to, may be taken and sold in same manner
debt secured by such mortgage to pass with officer's deed
Cashier, &c. to give purchaser copy of note, bond, &c. and amount due

after notice of seizure on execution, no transfer by, to be valid, except
to have their weights sealed in June annually
bills of five dollars and under 10 be printed from stereotype plates
original impression of such, to be Indged in Secretary's office
bills of five dollars to have impressions of check plaie on back
plates used by--to be kept in their vaults, and taken out only in presence of

President, Director or Cashier-and returned every night
penalty for having in possession stereotype plates of, contrary to law

for refusing to pay their bills on demand
bills to be paid where issued, and not to be made payable elsewhere
bills made payable elsewhere, to be paid at Bank whence issued
proviso as to drafts, checks, &c. for S100 or more
not to issue bills for fractions of a dollar
may issue bills of 1, 2, and 3 dollars to amount of 1.4 capital
tux on, to be paid semi-annually, provided,
mode of enforcing payment
to furnish State Treasurer, annually, with abstract of stock paid in
to make semi-annual returns--and form of
loans of 1o Massachusetts, provisions for, to apply now to Maine
stockholders liable in certain cases, in private capacity, to amount of their

to make returns to Secretary of State in January or June under oath, and

how, &c. under penalty
to loan to State, when Treasurer shall notify President and Cashier amount

wanted, in writing
penalty for refusal, and how prosecuted for by Treasurer

bills out of State under 5 dollars, except, &c. not to be passed, &c. in State
BANKING ASSOCIATIONS, unincorporated, provisions for restraining

penalty for becoming members of, how recovered
potes, &c. payable to--void
















BANNS OF MARRIAGE, when forbidden, what proceedings to be had

276 BARRATRY of master of vessel or mariners, owners how far liable in certain cases 82 BASTAKDS, punishment for concealing death of

54 penalty for concealing pregnancy and being secretly delivered of

ib. BASTARD CHILDREN, provision for their maintenance, in certain cases

281 mother's accusation of father to be taken before Justice of Peace

ib. father to give bond to answer complaint at Common Pleas

ib. mother, unable to attend, or not delivered, bond to be continued, or renewed ib. father-how proved and adjudged, by evidence of mother

ib. mother to be competent witness in trial, provided

*82 mother not allowed to make settlement with father after complaint made, un. less by consent of Overseers of poor

ib. examination of mother, taken, in one county, may

authorize Justice

io issue warrant and have same proceedings as to bond, &c. in another

ib, to follow and have settlernent of mother BEASTS impounded, proceedings tbereupon, notice to be given

453 when owner of, is unknown, what proceedings to be taken up going at large-penalty for rescuing before impounded

ib, may, by vote of town be restrained from going at large, &c. in particular places 456 Siray-persons finding, to give notice to town Clerk

ib. appraisers of, to be appointed by Justice of Peace or town Clerk

457 ifrio ovner appear within one year, what proceedings to be had

ib. if horses, &c. --may be sold after two months-proceedings owver of, entitled to money, if applying within one year, otherwise

ib. borses not to be taken up as-between April 15, and Nov. 1

458 [See Cottle, &c.] BEEF and PORK, inspection of, regulated

499 Inspector General to be appointed by Governor,

ib. - to give bond, appoint deputies, under oath quality and size of barrels and half barrels to contain for exportation

ib. quality for exportation, different kinds and numbers

500, 501 how to be salted and preserved

502 Inspector's duty to inspect when requested, without delay

ib. what laborers to employ in packing, &c. after inspection

ib. manner of branding barrels and half barrels

ib. Inspectors not to brand packages ner casks of provisions unless inspected and weighed by them, under penalty

ib. Inspectors guilty of fraud in their trust, penalty for

ib. deputies not to brand cask out of their towns refusing to brand, &c. for export, penaliy

ib. for exportation-penalty for shifting or mixing, &c. after branded

ib. not to be esported unless in barrels and half barrels, packed, inspected,

ib. nor unless master of vessel furnish Collector of the Customs with certificate ib. nature of certificate, form of oath to

ib. rounds of, may be exported in kegs, &c.-how branded

504 or pork not inspected, penalty for exporting

ib. may be seized on board vessel, by warrant from Justice Peace

ib. laden for exportation, may be seized in certain cases by inspectors

ib. and condemned as forfeited in case

ib. provisions for inspection, to extend to any transported coastwise from this to any other of the United States

507 deputies to make annual returns to Inspector General

ib, Inspector General to make annual returns to Secretary of Stale how to be weighed in slaughter houses

ib. penalty for weighing otherwise than required by law

ih. weighers of-for sale in market, to be appointed by Selectmen

ib. to be sworn, give certificates-form of, &c.

507,508 cattle for market or barrelling--contrary to law -penalty for buying

508 Inspectors of, in office, to continue

iu. BEGGARS [See Vayabonds, &c.] BESTIALITY and SODOMY how punished

53 BET TERMENTS | See actions real--and possessory titles.]

150, 241 BIGAMY punishment of

71,72 BILLS OF EXCHANGE, inland, when protested, &c. damages regulated 318 notice to partics on--how given by Notaries

340 BILLS IN QUITY in Supreme Court and Common Pleas 123, 150, 157, 158, 159

[See Mortgage, Inquest, &c.]



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