Bulletin, Issue 5

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Brown Printing Company, State Printers and Binders, 1914

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Page 9 - You come to us and tell us that the great cities are in favor of the gold standard; we reply that the great cities rest upon our broad and fertile prairies. Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic; but destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country.
Page 26 - ... 300 cu. yds. per day, or an average of 250 cu. yds. Suppose that they work 20 days during the month, making 5,000 yds, moved for the month. Suppose that your engineer stakes out the work, cross sections it and keeps the cost, and he finds it is costing 30 cts. per cu. yd. — and we have found that in many counties it is costing that and more. If this is the case something is wrong with the management of the outfit and the cost should be reduced. Contracts are being let all over the state for...
Page 27 - To find the cost per day divide this 780 convict days into tlie total cost of all convicts, including supervision, guarding, feeding, clothing, medical attention and every item of cost. Suppose this amounts to $273 for the month, then the cost per day per convict is 35 cts. In the same way we find that the teams have cost, say $390, or $1.50 per day. Now if...
Page 20 - ... new or changed road, shall stake out same and shall prepare a map and profile showing the location of the road and its relation to the adjacent lands, the location of all houses and other improvements near said road and the grade of the road.
Page 11 - ... and I hope the day is not far distant, when we can have a dozen or more stations to test small fruits, throughout the State.
Page 24 - ... the working time of the organization being divided between the two counties according to the number of convicts each county has in the gang, all expenses being divided in a like manner.
Page 24 - ... 30 to 40 cents per hour for driver and team. The work can be done to the best advantage by farmers who drag the road adjoining or •near their own land, as it frequently happens that there is only a comparatively short time when the soil is in suitable condition for dragging. Fortunately, the best time to drag the roads is when it is too wet to work in the field. LABOR vs. MONEY TAX. Road reformers usually grow eloquent in denouncing the labor tax system of caring for the public highways, and...
Page 15 - ... apportioners for each election precinct, who shall appoint a road overseer to each road precinct. The apportioners cannot serve more than four years, and shall be entitled to a certificate of exemption from road service for two years after the expiration of their term of service. The court may appoint a supervisor of public roads, who shall be a competent civil engineer and shall receive not to exceed $5 for each day employed. The supervisor shall make surveys, grades, maps, plans, etc., of all...
Page 27 - Occasionally you find a foreman that rebels at keeping these cost items, but generally that man is afraid to know what his work is costing and he is not honest with himself or the county.
Page 21 - If the location is approved and a satisfactory agreement cannot be made for the donation or purchase of...

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