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ment of the Magee Products. Skilled paratus will do and how it will do it. demonstrators are always on hand to Even the iron from which the parts are give practical illustrations of the work- cast must be of a certain chemical coming of the various heating and cooking bination. It is also essential that the appliances.

finished product be artistic, but in the John Magee's modest little establish- Magee lines there is a pleasing abment of 1856 has grown to a twelve sence of ostentatious and useless disacre plant located on the water front play. in Chelsea, where it miraculously es The Magee products have won some caped the great conflagration of 1908. thirty-odd medals,

medals, diplomas and Here a small army of workmen are awards, the first having been given constantly employed, and the entente them at the Centennial in 1876. The cordiale existing between employers and Company has distributing agents in employees is but an evolution of the all the important cities in the country, spirit of good-fellowship which pre- and its products are well known in vailed between John Magee and his every state in the Union. workmen when they labored side by While the Magee Furnace Company side in the early days.

is the first in its line in this section to The making of a Magee range or open exhibition rooms in the retail heater is not a haphazard operation. district of a big city, the idea is fast Before a new model o any Magee becoming popular in all lines of manuproduct is brought out, highly-skilled facture, and is indicative of the growand highly-paid experts have been at ing and welcome belief among manuwork for weeks, perhaps months, plan- facturers that their retailers' success, ning and sketching and making the and consequently their own, is, in a patterns, and figuring out to a mathe- large measure, dependent on how close matical nicety just what the new ap- they, themselves, get to the public.

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By HUGH P. McNALLY | EW ENGLAND has always theories and performances. Nine cases

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the thrifty housewife, she who only a trifle, yet still an advance. not only knows how to make the dain- While she learns many things from tiest doughnuts, the most appetizing nearby friends, it was found many "apple sass” and bake the best pot of years ago, that much more knowledge beans, roast the most succulent ribs to in domestic science was to be obtained "the turn," baste the browning turkey at conferences of her kind, so there to just the right

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came into being ments by drones

the great New in the social beeMARCO VESSELLA

England Food hive. During her LEADER MARCO VESSELLA'S BAND

Fair and its latest waking hours, it is

triumph, bearing safe to assert, she is always thinking, the significant title—Annual New Engplanning and doing. She spells luck land Food and Home Furnishing Exwith four letters, but not the ones position. These Expositions, held some people use-W-O-R-K are the in Boston, the metropolis of New factors of the alphabet she utilizes and England, easily reached such magsuiting the action to the word has nitude that an immense building brought her wonderful results. She was erected, at a cost of many thoufinds out how her neighbors do things sands of dollars, purposely for displays and endeavors to improve upon their of the outputs of the brain and the

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brawn mainly of New Englanders, than 3000 persons are employed in but frequently supplemented by collec- various capacities, and these command tions of the best possible to obtain any- salaries that average $3 each every day. where in the universe.

In addition to this the management exMechanics Building, on Huntington pends for music not less than $1000 Avenue, Boston, is known all over the every day and for other entertainment United States and Canada as the home a like sum of money. These figures, of the Great Annual New England say nothing of the cost of rental Food and Home Furnishing Exposi- of this vast building, its lighting tion. It is the largest exposition build- and heating, newspaper and other ading in the world. Few realize what it vertising, printing of all sorts, expendimeans to plan and carry such an elab- ture for illustrations, and other avenues orate and tremendous undertaking to for cutting heavily into receipts too successful fruition. The "Fair" for this numerous to record here. year is to be held for the five weeks The advance work for such an expobeginning Steptember 27th and ending sition as the one in question begins October 30th. The preliminary work almost as soon as the previous “Fair” by the exhibitors alone, including the has closed its doors. For nearly a year designing, the building and the decor- there is the hardest kind of effort by ating of exhibit booths, necessitates the skilled managers and enterprising labor employment of architects, designers, of a co-operative kind by merchants decorators, sign painters, carpenters, and producers in various sections of plumbers and electricians—all skilled New England. Then comes the work artisans—to the number of 2000, whose of decorating, great in itself, for it average daily wage for the two weeks must consider picturesque effects and previous to the opening of the doors material results. Everywhere all along is not less than $5 each. During the the line the right man has to be in progress of the Exposition not less the right place and the right thing has

to be done at the right moment. Above cessful conclusion. The hearty enall things the direction of affairs has to dorsement given by the public by be of the most ambitious, most enter- its presence is a source of gratificaprising, most positive, most certain tion to the management, but what is character. There is no doubt about this particular in the Third Annual New England Food and Home Furnishing Exposition with Messrs. C. H. Green and E. J. Rowe at the helm. It has been due to the business sagacity of these two gentlemen that the people of New England have been enabled the past two years to see the largest and most comprehensive collection of exhibits every displayed within the walls of the Mechanics Building and every indication points to a breaking of records this year by a wide margin.

Some idea of what such an assertion means can be gathered when it is known that the attendance in 1907 and 1908, at the expositions held under the same management, reached the enormous total of 1,166,224 (one million, one hundred and sixty-six thousand, two hundred and twenty-four) persons, which is the world's record for any similar exposition.

As in every well-balanced business firm the work of Messrs. Green and Rowe is divided. Mr. Green is a wellknown advertising expert, having been associated with a number of the largest food manufacturers in the country. It was through his efforts that shredded wheat was developed to its present standing

Equally prominent in this combination is the work of Mr. Rowe, who is one of the best-known amusement men in the United States. His early training in the theatrical and newspaper field has made him especially qualified to arrange amusements and attractions that are of concern to the public. It is the universal opinion that the New England Food Fair and Home Furnishing Exposition of last year was the best advertised and contained the best

BELLE YEATON RENFREW amusement features of any former ex LEADER OF BOSTONIA WOMEN'S ORCHESTRA position held in this country.

The casual visitor at a Food Fair appreciated most is the quick and loyal can little appreciate the prodigious co-operation by and among the exhibiamount of thought and labor necessary

Messrs. Green and Rowe have to bring such an enterprise to a suc always had that, as their record of 35

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