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To this liquid she committed the im- is in touch with the farmer, knows his portant office of keeping the other food herds and fields, his buildings and apingredients in such a condition as is pliances, and his habits of cleanliness. most readily digestible.

All this he watches with the utmost The ash, or mineral matter in milk, care, and by an elaborate and painsconsists of phosphates and carbonate taking system keeps exact record of of lime, potash, soda, etc., which are every herd and every farm from which very essential to the bony framework he secures his supply. of the body. The protein of milk, Such precautions are, of course, very casein and albumin, furnish an easily expensive—so much so that it is at digestible material for the formation of once apparent that up-to-date methods flesh, and is a source of energy.

of handling milk can be employed and The carbohydrates, entirely in the carried out only by the largest of our form of milk sugar, both furnish en- dealers. ergy and are converted into fat.

The benefit to the public arising from

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The milk fat is very readily assimi- trade with the large dealers is too oblated and furnishes both fat and en- vious to call for a detailed account. It ergy in a very high degree.

includes such items as economical exNow, as we have said, milk is nat- pert service, and the exclusive emurally a pure product, and these ele- ployment of the most progressive ments are normally present in ideal methods. A visit to the plant of one of proportions. To protect them from de- our great New England handlers of terioration and contamination is the milk is to the average householder a work of science. And the modern complete revelation. She will imagine high-grade dealer is a scientific expert. herself in the laboratory of some great He goes far beyond government re- institution of learning, rather than the quirements or recommendations in daily workshop of a commercial estabmaking his analyses and testing of the lishment. milk. His methods of handling include Such an institution maintains an exevery safeguard known to science. He periment station, or model farm, where

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the conditions of production are studied Hood & Sons, whose Chemical and at first hand and a standard set, to Bacteriological Laboratory and whose which other producers, the farmers methods of producing at the famous from whom they secure their supply, Hood Farm, Derry, N. H., and of may strive to attain.

handling milk illustrates all that has The protection of milk is thus car been said above. What this means to ried out with such efficiency that the the public of Greater Boston it is diffiactual product furnished is far in ad- cult to overestimate. Suffice it to say vance of legal requirements. Pure that the development of this great esmilk is not a dream, but an actuality. tablishment is another instance of the It is nature's gift, which man is learn- ability of individual enterprise coupled ing both to appreciate and to guard. with scientific knowledge to lift the in

The largest independent dairy com- dependent dealer to the very highest pany in New England is that of H. P. plane of efficient service.




T HE removal of the old-estab- retained in all their original beauty;

lished firm of publishers and while such rooms that required re

booksellers, Little, Brown, & novating have been treated with a careCo., to their new and larger quarters ful regard to the maintenance of harat 34 Beacon Street, where they are mony in color and general effect. now fully

From their settled, marks

large stock another step

of original in the inroads

illustrations, business is

Little, Brown, making in the

& Co. selected aristocratic Beacon Hill

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floors devoted creasing pub

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only remarkarate offices

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equipped for departments

the firm's purand more suit

poses, but are, able retail

in addition, salesrooms,

unusually atLittle, Brown,

tractive. & Co. pur

Passing chased the

through the Cabot family

vestibule, mansion at the

which has corner of Bea

been preservcon and Joy LITTLE, BROWN, & COMPANY'S NEW BUILDINGS AT 34 ed in all its streets, over- BEACON STREET, OVERLOOKING BOSTON COMMON dignity and looking Bos

beauty, as ton Common, and adapted the interior originally built for residential purposes, of this substantial residence to their one enters on the street floor the finely own use. Thus the beautifully carved appointed book-room for the sale of woodwork, the imported marble fire books at retail. The rich colors of the places, the tapestried walls, have been fine bindings are in glowing contrast

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to the dark oak of the huge bookcases. world's foremost publishers of the On this foor also are the commodious works of standard authors, and books of salesrooms of the law department. history, biography, travel, description,

On the second floor is the suite of belles-lettres, poetry, domestic science, offices for the members of the firm, and as well as popular fiction, both adult the dignity of the former drawing- and juvenile. Perhaps no house has rooms is well maintained by the beauti- issued more of the works of famous ful mahogany office furniture, which American statesmen. Notable publihas replaced the sofas and chairs of the cations include the works of Daniel former occupant.

Webster, Francis Parkman, Capt. A. The publishing and advertising de- T. Mahan's epoch-making books on partments adjoin the offices of the firm, “The Influence of Sea Power," the and in the rear is the counting-room. translations of the Polish novels of

The third floor provides quarters for Henryk Sienkiewicz, the standard lithe manufacturing and art depart- brary editions of Dumas, Daudet, and ments, the offices of the wholesale de- Hugo, and Bartlett's “Familiar Quopartment, and an attractive wholesale tations." sample room.

The house has been The fourth floor is

almost from its beginoccupied by the grow

ning the leading pubing educational and

lishing firm of law subscription depart

books in America. ments.

By acquiring the Immediately in the

publishing business of rear of the building on

Roberts Brothers in Joy Street, and con

1898, Little, Brown, & nected with it, there

Co. came into posseshas been erected a spa


sion of Miss Wormecious five-story annex


ley's wonderful transfor the wholesale and

lation of Balzac's shipping departments.

works, and the writLittle, Brown, & Co.'s

Things of such authors as bindery and warehouse

Louisa M. Alcott. Dr. is in Cambridge.

Edward Everett Hale, The firm of Charles

Helen Hunt Jackson, C. Little and James

Emily Dickinson, SuBrown began busi

san Coolidge, Louise ness in Boston in

Chandler Moulton, 1837 on the site, 254

Lilian Whiting, Annie Washington Street, for

Payson Call, Mary W. so many years occu

Tileston, Mary P.Wells pied by the present

Smith, and many firm of Little, Brown, LITTLE, BROWN, & Co.'s FIRST STORE

others. & Co., succeeding Hil- IN 1837, AT 112 WASHINGTON ST.,

More recent writers liard, Gray, & Co., who

AFTERWARDS NO. 254 include: E. Phillips for more than half a century had done Oppenheim, Sidney McCall, author of a large business in classical books, in “Truth Dexter"; Mary Devereux, the text-books for colleges and academies, late Lafcadio Hearn, Laura E. Richand in law books. As the successors ards, the late Jeremiah Curtin, Mary of Hilliard, Gray, & Co., the house of E. Waller, author of "The Woodcarver Little, Brown, & Co. is the oldest book of 'Lympus”; Anne Warner, Maud and publishing house in Boston, and is Howe, George Wharton James, Arna in the second century of its history, its Chapin Ray, Maud Wilder Goodwin, origin dating back to 1784.

Eliza Calvert Hall, and Fannie Merritt The firm has long ranked with the Farmer.




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