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In the concert hall of the home are the earnest wish of the Italian Senate inscribed the names of eight master that Verdi be interred beside the honmusicians of Italy; but, previous to his ored city fathers; but the maestro chose death, Verdi refused to have his ap the shadow of his little chapel for his pear in the list. Since his decease, final resting-place. As you stand behowever, his name has been enrolled side the iron gate and reverently read with those of his illustrious countrymen the simple inscription, the familiar and every possible honor paid the ven- words: "Ah, che la morte ognora,” inerable old man who, in his eighty-third stantly come to your mind and you year, planned and superintended the seem to feel something of the pathos construction of a building which will in the composer's life when he wrote long stand as a reminder of his gen- the music for Cammarano's tragic and erosity and benevolence.

well-known libretto, Il Trovatore. Near the chapel entrance and just More than half a century has elapsed within the walls of the courtyard is a since this work was given to the world; small and unpretentious crypt, pro- yet, notwithstanding the severe centected by an iron gateway. The sur- sorship of the critics, it still stands the rounding walls are beautifully decor- hearty approval of the public and is ated with paintings by Pogliaghi, and more successful in filling the coffers a bas-relief by Lomazzi. Within this of theatre managers than any opera crypt lie the remains of Giuseppe Verdi, of modern times. the best representative of the grand art To find a composer equal to Verdi of his country. Beside him rests his we must go back to Palestrina, Lotti, second wife, who died a few months Corelli, and Scarlattis. Even the brilprior to his decease. In accordance liant productions of Rossini suffer with his wish, no imposing monument when comparing them with Verdi's was to mark the place of his burial. captivating melodies. It is doubtful if One feels that, like Sir Christopher Italy or, indeed, the world ever produces Wren, “his monument is around him.” another Verdi, so unassuming, yet so

Nobles and all the illustrious citizens powerful, whose manly and noble of Milan followed, with bared heads, traits of character were united with this great man to his grave. It was such masterly genius.



Often when life about me flushes red;
When youth is strident with glad rioting;
When love and light and laughter have their fling,
Softly I muse: "How fares it with the dead!
Have they pale comfort in their narrow bed?
Lie they too still to stir at call of spring?
Or do their spirits still rejoice in sting
Of high endeavor urging heart and head ?"

But this I know: If action be the law;
If the good warfare wages there as now;
If shock and clamor be in battle-field;
Then are thou there, a sword, a flame, a shield,
A perfect knight, unsullied, without flaw,
With high resolve still glowing on thy brow.




ONEY was beginning to from his pocket, unlaced his shoes and tighten. The wiseacres at thrust his tired feet into his waiting Washington had been med- slippers.

slippers. The hall clock ticked away dling with the tariff, and the stock the evening pleasantly; the warm glow men were running up against the wall of the lamplight fell over the books in all directions. The bankers and that Bertha had gathered about her, financial men of Kansas were put to or that he himself had purchased their wits' ends to keep their heads blindly and wrathfully, to get rid of above the financial deluge which obnoxious book agents who took up threatened to sweep over the entire his valuable time. The cool, southern country.

wind, laden with the heavy odor of Willman Glasen had been compelled petunias, blew the lace-edged curtains to foreclose a mortgage which threw in from the open window. upon his hands one thousand acres of Bertha had watched her father for Missouri land, and he had cared to own some little time; he was busy, as she land across the state line. All the way could see, looking over his day's busihome he dwelt upon it, and only when ness. She had for some days past he lifted the latch on his gate did he wanted to ask him something, but undimly remember that Bertha had been decided as to how she was to begin if “nagging" him about something. He she did get him alone, she sat halfpaused a moment before his deep- glancing at the book and looking over shaded white house, flecked, in the her father as if to figure him; to be moonlight, with the shadows of the sure she was right before she should trees, then gave it up hopelessly. say what she had for some little time

Bertha, for a motherless girl, he ad- wanted to say. As he sat glancing over mitted, had managed to care for her the paper, Bertha came up to him and home well; so well, in fact, that he placed her hand on her father's shoulcame and went like a boarder, free der and said: from all responsibility. Of course,

"You will let me go, father, won't she was the pride of his heart, but you?” he never found time to tell her so; When he had thrashed his paper in there was no time for anything but and out she felt sure he was through business.

with the stock market. When he became aware that his feet "Huh," he exclaimed, settling his were upon his side veranda, the sitting- eyeglasses afresh and burying his Roroom door flew open, and Bertha man nose in the coming campaign. warmly welcomed him to his easy The hall clock still ticked and the chair beside the softly shaded lamp; cry of the whippoorwill came in on the then settled again to some frippery she cool wind. was sewing upon. Just so, she had "Gertrude will never forgive me if welcomed since a mere child, save the I disappoint her in being her bridesmonths she was away to school, but her maid, and I would like to start father looked at her vacantly through Wednesday," Bertha persisted, when the one thousand acres of Missouri she thought he was quite ready to turn land, pulled the Kansas City paper the pages.

He dropped his newspaper and al- the groomsman," uneasily answered sently twiddled his thumbs.

the girl as she watched the cloud gath“Who is this 'Gertrude' you want to ering on his face. visit?” he inquired, after studying the “He must be the son of Bert Conwall for some moments.

cannon—the old rascal! So this is the "Why, father," exclaimed Bertha, fellow you're going to parade with at a impatiently, "the girl you liked so well, wedding?" he answered roughly and who spent most of the summer with beginning to pace the floor. “Why, I us; my room-mate at Hopkins." haven't seen or saw old Bert Con"Oh, um."

cannon in fifteen years. Many's the Again the financial famine and the night I've paced the crown of that hill Missouri land got in the foreground, yonder with my Sharp's rifle, watchand Bertha and her affairs retired to ing the country over that state line the vanishing point on a dim horizon for that old scamp." line. What was he going to do with thousands of sheep on his hands, if all surely ought to let bygones be bythe stockmen went into bankruptcy? gones," pleaded Bertha when her he'd like to know. Wished he'd never father paused to look at the floor. loaned a dollar on sheep, and he'd no “Bygones be bygones," he vociferuse for those politicians in Washing- ated, apoplectically, “with a bullet ton; and, as for loading himself down scar on my shoulder which the old with Missouri land, he'd get rid of hound put there the night we met the it as

Missourians over at Benton? Why, “Father,” said Bertha, interrupting he led the band that came over here bis train of thought and fixing anxious, and stuffed our ballot boxes, and the blue eyes upon his face, "you're will- night they burned our mill I just ing I should start Wednesday, are you missed his head by a fraction with a not?”

whole barrel of cold lead." “Eh? Oh, who is this young man "I'm glad you missed him," said Gertrude is going to marry?" he in- Bertha, demurely, a mischievous twinquired, bringing himself back with a kle under her downcast lashes. jerk of impatience.

“Eh?” he questioned, bringing her He was not listening the next in- in front of him. stant when she gave the bridegroom's At the moment it occurred to the name, nor when she glowingly de- "old stock market horse” that possibly scribed the wedding plans. It was only he might some day have a son-in-law, after some moments that a name and as he noticed the hot color creepcaught his ear which brought him ing up to the edge of the girl's wavy abruptly out of his absorption.

hair the truth was forced upon his "Frank Concannon. Who is this fel unwilling, business-laden mind. A low?” he inquired, his eyes focused son-in-law! Some dapper young man strangely upon his daughter's face. who would take his daughter away

"Son of ex-Governor Concannon of from him without a thought of the St. Joseph, Missouri,” replied Bertha, void he left behind. The full horror of a trifle proudly, but lowering her eyes the situation dawned upon his face. as a faint color arose in her cheeks. Was the man going to be the son of

He dropped his eyeglasses, sat up his arch enemy of the days when straight in his chair and crumbled his he was just starting to heap up his newspaper until the all-important vast fortune, in the early days, and stock market fell into the arms of the whom he hadn't seen these twenty newest shirtwaist design on the years? woman's page.

“Because he is a very pleasant man "Where in the devil did you meet to meet,” continued Bertha, bravely. him?" he demanded.

“Do you mean to say that you have "At Gertrude's, a year ago. He is met old Bert himself?” roared her

father over his double chin and ample nized as a prominent citizen, was tencontour.

dered the luxurious enthronement of "Yes, father; at Gertrude's," re the coal box. Here he discoursed with turned the girl, pleasantly.

chance acquaintances so vigorously “Gertrude be hanged !” exploded her upon the rash tariff meddling at father, pacing the floor rapidly.

Washington that business worries, his "No, you're not going; not one step; daughter's affairs and the Missouri and you can write this friend Ger- land faded for a while from his mind. trude to that effect !"

"Put me up on the best you've got “Guess I'll nip that in the bud right left," he said that evening, throwing now," he muttered, mopping his damp his satchel down upon the desk of the forehead energetically and tramping hotel, after an encouraging day among heavily across the room.

the banks and business houses. A tear fell slowly down the girl's The tired clerk eyed, doubtfully for a rounded cheek, but the line of her lips moment, his prosperous, country magset firmly. The clock ticked with the nate personality, and. sizing him up to pace of the uneasy man, whose mind, the fitting title he never failed to beroving through the trials of pioneer stow upon the patrons of his house, days and the new menace to his do- said with accuracy: "Sorry, colonel, mestic peace, presently settled once but every bloomin' thing is gone." more upon business and the burden Just then a fine-looking old man, in of Missouri land.

a Prince Albert coat, wearing a wide "I forgot to tell you that I must hat, advanced pompously down the catch the 3 o'clock train in the morn hall. ing over at Springdale, so as to be in He stopped beside Coronel Glasen, Kansas City by eight. You'll get me holding in one hand a satchel and in up as usual?” he questioned, looking the other a gold-headed cane, which at the drooping figure with an uncom the colonel eyed critically. fortable expression in his keen, gray The clerk carefully diagnosed the eyes, as he suddenly stopped short in white hair and fine-cut face, with its his march, faced about and looked at goatee and mustache. The white vest his watch.

and gold-headed cane indicated WashHe barely waited for the nod which ington and some variety of a congressanswered him before, kicking off his man. If it had been a silk hat, the slippers to join his shoes, he started clerk would have felt sure he was no pell-mell for bed, sowing his garments less than a senator. along his track like a Kansas cyclone. “Mighty sorry, governor," he venA coat landed on a sofa, a vest on a tured, "but there's nothing left." chair, a collar button, point-end up, "Same at the Dale; same at the Paldropped neatly to the floor, which ace; same all ovah the city, suh," rewould be easily stepped on in the turned the stranger, while the clerk morning rush.

smiled complacently as the accents Next morning, after a drive of seven convinced him of his faultless selection miles across the country to the Gulf of address. train, he was much annoyed to find "Nevah saw such a crowd in my that half the population, it seemed, of life,” declared the newcomer, turning southern Kansas, Missouri, with a to Colonel Glasen. large delegation from Arkansas and “We're in for it,” laughed back that the Oklahoma country, had also de- worthy, good-naturedly. cided to catch that early train. It was "Put you up on the floor, gentlethen that he remembered the Priests men," suggested the clerk; "paflor of Pallas parade advertised so exten floor at that, with a good pillow and sively for months past. Seats, being blanket." favors, were gallantly allowed only to "All right; it's a go,” agreed the the ladies. Mr. Glasen, being recog colonel.

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“Yo' can count me in on that deal, missed in not knowing the other betoo, suh,” said the other.

fore. “We might take in a show or two,” It had all been arranged. The colonel suggested the colonel, for, despite the was to look at the flats in the morning; frivolity of the gold-headed cane, he the other knew quite well the Missouri had conceived an instantaneous liking land; the deal, if minor matters could for the stranger. "Minstrel show only be disposed of, was to be consummated two blocks down."

the next day. The room had grown "Capital idea, suh. It will lessen the quiet; the roar of the cable cars less time we'll spend on the parlor floor. frequent. The snores of the sleepers I was used to roughing it in army life, had resolved themselves into a Wagbut that was in my younger days,' nerian chorus which kept them awake, said the stranger, who was equally e.t and excitedly their minds rushed over tracted by the colonel's frank eyes and the points of the trade. jovial manner.

“Oh, by the way, Conkle," began "Which side?" inquired the colonel, the colonel in a cautious whisper, as ordering cigars for both.

he was reminded of some important “The lost cause, suh," returned the point of the trade. stranger, sadly.

“Yo' haven't got my name right," “But we're all one now," comforted whispered the southerner, a trifle anthe other, heartily, holding out a cor- noyed. "It's Concannon--C-o-n-c-a-ndial hand, which the southerner n-o-n.” warmly grasped.

"Eh?” ejaculated the colonel aloud, The two men disappeared down the as he suddenly rolled over. hall in a cloud of cigar smoke.

“Concannon, suh; Bert Concannon Carefully they picked their way by

of St. Joseph."

"Concannon? Old Bert the dim light of a gas jet over the

Bert Concancrowd of sleepers, and, finding a large, non?" vociferated the jayhawker, thick rug not yet appropriated, they aghast, as he rose to a sitting position . joyfully removed it to a choice site by

"Old Governor Bert Concannon?" a front window.

“Yes, Bert Concannon, governor of “Better than it was in the army,”

my state two terms,” exclaimed that declared the stranger, softly.

worthy, with insulted dignity, as he

also rose to a sitting position. "You're blamed right," returned the

“What in h is the matter with colonel, sotto voce.

you blankety blank, blank idiots now?" This recalled a comic story of camp howled the cowboy, digging energetilife, and they paused in their disrob

cally under his pillow, presumably for ing to laugh to the point of explosion, the omnipresent six-shooter, while on to which came a vehement protest all sides the snores had ended in one from some cowboy encamped far magnificent chord, and the irate sleepacross the room. He remarked, in

ers began an indignant chorus of prochoice cowboy vernacular, that he re

test. gretted from the bottom of his heart

Colonel Glasen was bracing himself that he was within the bounds of civilization and could not deal with them hair dishevelled and erect, his portly

against the window-sill, his iron-gray as the occasion justified.

form silhouetted by the glare of the At this outburst, met with grunts of

electric lights. approval from all over the room, they “What did I understand your name tried to quiet down; placed their pil to be?" loudly demanded the insulted lows socially side by side, and rolled Missourian, fortifying himself against themselves in their blankets on the his satchel and the back of the next soft, thick rug. Each thought in the hotel guest, oblivious of all surroundmeantime what a jolly good fellow the ings. other was, and how much each had "William Glasen, sir; Colonel Wil

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