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ford mill help to-day is not surpassed, trance to the largest coastwise vessels. if it is equalled, in any cotton manu- The port is located to the south of facturing city in the world.

Cape Cod, with its dangerous shoals New Bedford was once famous as of shifting sand. Because of its easy the wealthiest city in the Union, per access and geographical situation, it capita. The people of New Bedford, is the natural gateway through which to-day, are worth $125,000,000. There may pass the Southern commodities, is not a state or territory in the United such as coal and cotton, which all New States, including Alaska, in which New England must have. New Bedford Bedford capital is not invested. will reap advantage from the future

New Bedford's natural advantages, traffic through the Cape Cod canal, the

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and the attractions which the city dredging of which is now actually beoffers to investors, as well as to home gun, inasmuch as it is the nearest port seekers, are many.

Built on an arm of supply to the southern entrance of of Buzzards Bay, a magnificent the canal, and must benefit from the waterway, with a long line of water commercial activity which the canal front which is capable of unlimited will invite. development, New Bedford offers dock President Mellen, of the New York, age facilities available for great trans- New Haven & Hartford Railroad, is portation utility. The harbor and alive to the situation, and is taking a charnel are dredged to a depth of personal interest in the transportation twenty-five feet, affording a safe en- development of New Bedford. The

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promise is given that New Bedford press agent, "afford delightful enterwill have an industrial railroad, con- tainment.” Wise and wealthy people necting every mill yard in the city the country over appreciate the dewith the main railroad line, and that a lights of the Buzzards Bay shores, and direct line between New York and make their summer homes on the Cape Cod, joining the Shore Line at borders of the bay. There are one hunProvidence, and passing through New dred summer resorts within trading Bedford, will be built in the near distance of the city. future. The Providence end of this Within a few years after the arline of development is already begun. rival of the Mayflower at Plymouth,

So much for New Bedford's com- the dwellers of the Pilgrim colony bemercial prospects. Now a word or gan to look with covetous eyes upon two of the city's history, which is an the pleasant land which had charmed industrial romance.

Gosnold, and in 1652 they acquired the The first Englishman of note to territory by purchase. The village stand on New Bedford soil was Bar- which sprang up on the shores of the tholomew Gosnold, who visited the Acushnet remained an agricultural locality in 1602, bringing with him a community for years. It was about journalist who described the bay in 1760 that Bedford Village, then a part words which are as true to-day as they of the mother town of Dartmouth, enwere over three hundred years ago: tered upon the whaling industry which “Stately groves, flowering meadows made the city of later day famous, and and running brooks,” wrote Gosnold's sent its ships to every ocean on earth.

For a hundred years, in spite of two the starting of the Wamsutta Mills, in wars with England, wars which well 1846, with a capital of $160,000, an nigh ruined the commerce of the little enterprise which was looked on with community, New Bedford led the world considerable misgiving, to the present in the chosen calling of its people. time, when New Bedford's cotton mill Then came the discovery and commer- investments amount to nearly thirty cial utilization of mineral oil closely millions of dollars, the local manufacfollowing the Civil War, which had ture of cotton goods has grown, until proved disastrous to New Bedford's now it is the chief industry. shipping, and after that two appalling For many years Sanford & Kelley, disasters in the Artic, whereby New local brokers, as a matter of public Bedford vessels valued at millions of spirit and business judgment, have dollars were caught and crushed in issued statistical statements bearing the ice, and of necessity abandoned. upon the business of New Bedford.

Such a combination of circumstances Through their courtesy the following would have ruined a less courageous up-to-date showing of the cotton mill people. Balked on the ocean, "New business is presented as the most satisBedford enterprise was directed to the factory way of explaining the situamanufacture of cotton goods. From tion at a glance:

1909. Spindles. 105,336


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67,000 100,000

66,000 206,000 82,232

Acushnet Mills
Beacon Mfg. Co.
Beacon Mfg. Co.
Bristol Mfg. Co.
Butler Mill
City Mfg. Co.
Dartmouth Mfg. Co.
Gosnold Mills Co.
Gosnold Mills Co.
Grinnell Mfg. Co.
Hathaway Mfg. Co.
Kilburn Mills
Manomet Mills
*N. E. Cotton Yarn Co...
Nonquitt Spinning Co.
Page Mfg. Co..
Pierce Mfg. Co.
Potomska Mills
Soule Mill
Taber Mill
Wamsutta Mills
Whitman Mills
Holmes Mfg. Co. Com..

do. Pfd...
Nashawena Mill
N. B. Cotton Mill Co. Com.

do. Pfd.... Pierce Bros. Mill

1908. Spindles. 105,336

6,528 67,000 100,000

62,315 126,592

82,232 128,000 108,328

74,768 127,000 *292,128

60,000 50,376 116,008 108,000 93,000 60,000 228,000 139,200

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128,000 108,000

74,768 127,000 342,000 I 20,000

75,376 116,008 108,000 93,000 80,000 228,000 139,000 60,000

125,000 60,000


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*In New Bedford.

Of the above mills, these are spin- The product of the remaining mills is ners of yarns, only: City Manufactur- as follows: Acushnet Mills, fine cotton ing Company, Kilburn Mills, Manomet goods; Beacon Manufacturing ComMills, New England Cotton Yarn Com- pany, plain and fancy cotton blankets; pany and Nonquitt Spinning Company. Bristol Manufacturing Company, fine

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cotton goods; Butler Mill, fine cotton, only mill in this country turning out plain and fancy goods; Daitmouth this line); Holmes Mill, fine cotton Manufacturing Company, plain, fancy yarns; New Bedford Cotton Mills Comand jacquard fine cotton goods; Grin- pany, fine cotton cloth; Langshaw Mill nell Manufacturing Company, fine cot- (a part of the Dartmouth plant), plain ton, plain and fancy silk mixtures; and fancy cottons.. Hathaway Manufacturing Company, Although the New Bedford of tofine cotton goods; Page Manufacturing day is pre-eminently a cotton mill city, Company, various fine cotton goods; it should be understood that there are Pierce Manufacturing Company, fine other lines of industry in which New cotton cloth; Potomska Mills, linons, Bedford can claim leadership. The lawns and fancy cotton goods; Soule Morse Twist Drill & Machine ComMill, plain and fancy cotton goods; pany, for instance, turns out twist Taber Mill, plain and fancy cotton drills and machine tools which are weaves; Wamsutta Mills, shirtings, shipped to every country on the face sheetings, cotton goods and high-grade of the globe, and which are standard yarns; Whitman Mills, plain and fancy in that line; William F. Nye's oil recotton goods.

finery, the largest fine oil refinery in Of the new mills, now in process of the world, sends its cases of lubricating erection, the product will be: Nasha- and watch oils to the remote parts of wena Mills, fine cotton yarns and cloth; the earth, and the name of the manuPierce Brothers' Mill, fine cotton cloth, facturer is as familiar to watch and including achitects' tracing cloth (the clock makers, at home and abroad, as

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