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their own; The New Bedford Cordage ale and ice; the Bay State Chair ComCompany ships its manila and hemppany sends its reed furniture through

rope is used; The Pairpoint Manufac- Company makes many of the mechanturing Corporation's glass and silver- ical toys used by the American chilware grace the tables of luxury dren; James L. Humphrey, Jr., manuthroughout the United States, and in factures ice; The George L. Brownell its paper mill department this concern Estate manufactures fine carriages, makes cones, tubes and cops, used in all hearses and ambulances; the Lambeth cotton mills, and keeps several ma- Rope Company manufactures cotton chines running the year round making driving rope for the transmission of the little paper cylinders which, when power; the Anderson Textile Manufilled with powder, become the fire- facturing Company makes tape novelcrackers with which Young America ties for package wrapping. There are celebrates the Fourth of July; the other industries doing a smaller amount Taunton & New Bedford Copper Com- of business, and there is room in New pany makes copper printing rolls and Bedford for many more. all sorts of copper and yellow metal New Bedford's banks are capitalized products; the Crescent Manufacturing for $2,920,000, including the First NaCompany, a comparatively new in- tional, $1,000,000; Mechanics' National, dustry, weaves silk dress goods of the $600,000; Merchants' National, $1,000,finest texture; the Onekɔ Woolen 000; New Bedford Safe Deposit & Mills, the only woolen manufactory in Trust Company, $200,000; Fairhaven the city, makes suitings and all sorts of National, $120,000. The savings bank woolen weaves; the E. E. Taylor Com- deposits at the close of business Dec. pany turns out welt shoes as fast as 31, 1908, amounted to $25,841,430, 500 employees can put them together; divided as follows: New Bedford Inthe Continental Wood Screw Company stitution for Savings, $16,548,996; New manufactures iron, brass and machine Bedford Five Cents Savings Bank, screws and wood screw machinery; $9,292,435. The savings bank divithe Standard Ring Traveller Company dends in 1908 amounted to $922,and the New Bedford Shuttle Company 560. The two co-operative banks, make travellers and loom shuttles used the Acushnet and New Bedford, with in cotton mills; the Blackier Cut a capital of $1,000,000 each, have out Glass Company produces cut glass and 18,628 shares. No bank in New Beddecorated table ware; J. C. Rhodes & ford ever refused to pay a hundred Co. manufacture eyelets for various cents on a dollar, on demand, and even purposes : Snell & Simpson bake bus- in times of panic, the stay law was cuits and crackers and ship them to all never resorted to. quarters; the breweries of Dawson & Pages might be written of the excelSon and Smith Bros. manufacture beer, lence of the fire department. the park

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system, the public and parochial service is furnished by the Union schools, the New Bedford Textile Street Railway Company; the Dartschool, the new Industrial school to be mouth & Westport, running between opened this month, the general good New Bedford and Fall River; the New order and sobriety of the people, the Bedford & Onset, operating between hospitals and charitable institutions, the New Bedford and Cape Cod points; the churches, the stores, the amusement New Bedford, Middleboro and Brockplaces, the social organizations, did ton, a part of the Old Colony system, space permit. All these things add to operating between New Bedford, Taunthe comfort and satisfaction of the ton, Middleboro and Brockton. There people, and perform their part toward is a trolley freight service between New making the city attractive as a home. Bedford and Providence, and New New Bedford's newspapers serve the

Bedford and Cape Cod points city well. There are three dailies The steamer connections are operprinted in English, “The Morning ated by the New England Navigation Mercury,” “The Evening Standard, Company, running a daily line between and the “Daily Times.” The “Stan- New Bedford and New York (freight dard" and "Times” run Sunday edi- in winter and passenger and freight in tions. There are two French dailies summer); the New Bedford, Marthas and one Portuguese daily, besides Vineyard & Nantucket Steamboat numerous weekly papers printed in Company, running daily between New various languages.

Bedford, Woods Hole, Marthas VineNew Bedford's local transportation yard and Nantucket; and the New

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Bedford Towboat Company, running on Jan. 1, 1910, New Bedford will have daily trips in summer to Nonquitt and 115,000 people. Cuttyhunk, and winter mail trips to The real and substantial growth of the latter place. New Bedford is also the city is shown by the record of a point of call for the Insular Naviga- building operations kept at the buildtion Company, running a packeting inspection office. Since Jan. I, steamer between Lisbon, the Azores 1909, to the first of September, the estiand the United States; there are also mated cost of new buildings begun is reguiar packets to and from the Cape $4,937,900; the inspector of buildings Verde Islands, and St. Helena.

has issued 675 permits to build since One of New Bedford's proud posses- Jan. 1. In the case of the new mills, sions, as a municipality, is the water the estimated cost does not include works system, which furnishes an un- equipment, but the structures alone. limited pure supply from Little Quit The statistics of the building departtacas Lake. The specially designed ment for the past five years tell a reLeavitt engines located at the pump- markable story, as the following table ing station are acknowledged by water will show: works engineers to be the finest in America. Water for manufacturing

No. Permits Estimated Dwellings Tene

Cost. Erected. ments purposes is ten cents per one thou

Added. sand gallons.


$1,575,552 210 447 Gas and electricity for street light- 1905 648 1,506,275 293

645 ing and commercial uses are supplied 1906 672 2,450,500


649 by the New Bedford Gas & Edison 1907 682 2,256,000

721 1908

774 2,872,300 411 1,083 Light Company. The city is served by two telephone companies, the Southern

3,317 $10,660,627 1,448 3,545 Massachusetts, a part of the Bell system; and the Automatic, an indepen A glance at these figures shows that dent line.

this year's building will be practically A few words as to New Bedford's three times that of any previous year. growth. When New Bedford became The assessors' valuation is $77,796,a city, in 1847, the estimated popula- 381.25, divided as follows: Real estate, tion was 16,000. The national census $46,670,900; personal, $29,609,325; of 1850 gave the number of people as banks, $1,516,156.25. The tax rate for 16,443; in 1860 the number had grown the current year is $19 on $1,000. Comto 22,300; between that time and 1865, parison cannot be made between this when the state census was taken, there rate and the rate in other cities, withwas a falling off, the census of that out an explanation. New Bedford year showing only 20,855; in 1880, levies no special taxes. The city lays fifteen years later, the growth had out streets, paves, curbs and waters reached only 26,845. Then New Bed- them and treats them with dust preford began to put on weight. In 1885, ventive applications, provides schools, the increase was to 33,393, in 1890, police and fire protection, collects gar40,733; in 1895, 55,251; in 1900, 62,442; bage and ashes, etc., all of which are in 1905, 74,362; in 1906, by a special included in general taxation. The only census, 79,078. Since 1906, only the expense which an abutter is called upon figures issued by the assessors, based to pay, outside of his tax, is the exupon the number of polls, have been the pense of granolithic sidewalks, if laid, guide for estimate. This year's enum and one half the expense of lateral eration, made by the assessors in May, sewers. Trunk sewers are laid at the has produced 23,956 polls, which, by common expense. the method of computation, indicates One more reference, and New Bed95,824 people. A conservative estimate ford's story, so far as the limit of this of 100,000 is not a bit too large at this article will permit, it to!d. This writing. The prediction is made that reference is to public buildings now in

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