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foreign news, for which it had at the

written newspaper, and not a tract or a beginning a highly trained and exper- pamphlet. The way in which the Monienced writer from England, on this itor advances the principles which it same page. It has a page of finance and was founded to sustain is not by sercommerce gotten together by men of monizing but by presenting the affairs recognized authority, and its “Home of the world with such an optimistic Forum" page, so-called, in which every and helpful touch that the "evil that day the intent stands clear to print men do" is minimized, and the noble something of educational value is achievements of the race stand forth in edited by a teacher of long experience clear emphasis. There is but one and a woman formerly connected with article in each issue upon Christian one of the important publishing houses Science, this being carried upon the of the country.

"Home Forum" page. The student of journalism will note It used to be said that "The Christhat in many respects the Monitor has tian Science Monitor" would have no no intention whatever of omitting pop- need for advertisements because its ular features. For instance, it has a confessedly great circulation and the complete page devoted to athletic sports wealth of the denomination might be which the students of one of the Uni counted upon for its ample support. versities recently voted the best in New But that was not at all the plan of those England. To be sure, no space is de- who undertook the conduct of the voted to the exploits of one plugugly daily. They believed that it should be who is set up to batter another into apart from the few exceptions already insensibility, but all clean athletics are noted, like other papers of the land, selfthoroughly covered and served in well- supporting. It was no part of their written style. Illustrations, as has planning to make it a dependant upon been noted, are many and excellently charity. So a vigorous campaign for printed, and the whole tone of the the acquiring of the usual “sinews of paper is indicative of the desire to

war" was undertaken and has been interest the decent average people who going on ever since with always inare in truth the backbone of our civili

creasing success. zation.

The growth of the “business” in the That motive appears most signifi- Monitor has been steady and entirely cantly in the composing of the editorial satisfactory-and it must be remempage. Within a unique and handsome bered that more advertising is refused border there appear daily a half dozen than is accepted and printed. It is or more clear and pithy discussions of a self-evident fact that requires little the salient events of the world. It is evidence on the part of solicitors that believed on the Monitor that the intel the circulation of the paper is of the ligent American desires at least some very finest sort, embracing thousands comment on the notable affairs of

upon thousands of homes where culEurope, and to make this comment sat ture and refinement reign and where isfactory a writer who for years has the buying power is generally large. been as familiar with the streets of Once in a while, naturally, an adverLondon and the by-ways of Peru and tising man has to be convinced. Such Chili as with the scenes of New York a one was the head of a big New York was secured and now does his share in agency taking his vacation in the remaking the editorial page one of the mote depths of the Maine woods this very best and most complete in the summer. He was in a camp at the United States.

head of a long lake past the foot of Even the most rabid foe of Christian which ran the only railroad within a Science might read the Monitor day hundred miles. It is said that, feelafter day without the slightest vexa- ing especially energetic one morning, tion of spirit, for he will find before he decided to canoe down the foresthim a well-appointed, well-edited, well- embowered waters and see a real train

of cars come in from far-off civiliza Street 'that "The Christian Science tion.

Monitor” has the largest prepaid subHe arrived at the station, which was scription list of any daily newspaper. a little shanty set among the trees, just From out the marvellously ingenious in time for the arrival of the cars. As machines that fold, wrap and address the train came to a halt the door of the the papers at one operation, pour forth baggage car opened and a fellow in uni- little bundles of the Monitor destined form threw off two little bundles. They to visit every country upon the were absolutely the only things, hu- globe. man or inanimate, left by the train that Into every quarter of Christendom day. His curiosity aroused, the ad- and heathendom goes this daily mesvertising magnate picked up one of the sage of inspiration and hope. It is bundles from the platform and saw no wonder that its editors and all conthereon emblazoned, "From "The Chris- nected with its remarkable developtian Science Monitor.'.” Two copies of ment feel that what they have accomthat paper had come into this fastness plished in less than one year is but of the forest, and it is on record that earnest of the higher success the advertising man was satisfactorily and greater influence that shall convinced of the energy and the far come to the paper in the future. reaching scope of the

It turned out to be paper.

true, as they believed, It is no idle boast in

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new type of journalism.








By Dr. J. A. F. ORBAAN


Two and a half thousand years easy one—is to make an experiment

of history are no burden for the with a real Roman and to control our

ordinary Roman citizen. He observations with the experience of takes from the amazing amount of some trustworthy specialist. It takes dates and facts, of destinies and dynas- besides acquaintance of the Roman ties, from all the contrasts, which dialect and expressions, some pulling astonished generations, and out of the and dragging-a thorough use of midst of a world of famous men, a what we call in chemistry reagentiafew happenings and personalities, as to get our man to tell all he knows. his share of remembrances of the long I had a real "Romano di Roma" and past.

controlled myself with a handy book, We are naturally interested to know written by a poet in Roman language what and which are his thoughts as and verses, who guarantees, as gento the long history of his city. Who uine, stories from one or two generawanders and lives for a short time tions ago, whatever he states. with all his soul in the Rome of gone To begin with, I asked around for by ages-as we all have done, or hope Romulus and Remus, and found them to do-puts the question, rising from generally well known, even amongst the very construction of ruins and his- the people of villages lost in the mountory: "What is left of former Rome to tains of Latium and the confining the living Italian?" Or, to ask more Abruzzi. These are only surpassed by formally: "What is the folklore of the folks around Terracina, who are Rome in our days?"

said to keep track in their popular At first here presents itself the dif- songs of the mythical visit

of Odysseus ficulty of getting sure information. to their present shores. The Romans School education, newspaper articles, know why the city government keeps the popular stage, have to be elimi- the wolves at the head of the steps nated. The guide, who leads tourists leading to the Capitol: they recogaround, is not to be considered as nize the twins in the famous bronze of Roman citizen, but more as a mind the museum "dei Conservatori,” as also shaped for the satisfaction of inter- on the beltbuckle of the city-policemen. national curiosity. A good deal of this More friendly than old time nomenman's knowledge is no common good. clature they call them even Romolo He has hard work to master it him- and Remolo. A couple of sons with self and to keep file of emperors, coun- those venerable names is a real joy sels, popes and artists in their right for many a Roman laborer. place. The guide-books tell too much From the origin, we have to fly or too little. They have no reason to over the growth to the decline of andeal regularly with the popular fancy. cient Rome to meet again our Romani There exists many books dedicated to grumbling yet over Nero. A “Nerone" the legends of Rome and the Cam- is still a current expression to point pagna—but their contents surpass far out an actual character on the stamp the medium notions of the contem- of the classic type. Never the Romans porary Roman of the middle and lower forgive the original-his burning down classes.

the city-nor do they forget his apThe only way—and certainly not an pearance in the circus. They show 873

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the tower, where he looked out, playing its right sense of the exceptional good the guitar, and singing poetry com- times having gone by, know the origin posed for the event. On medieval of this peculiar sentence. The old maps of Rome, near the pres- story may have been forgotten and ent Ponte Margherita, is shown: only the end preserved, as the refrain "the tower, where the ghost of Nero of many a popular song once known in dwelt a long time.” With the tower its full charm by our grandmothers. vanished the legend. But another Berta, with her name as un-Roman "umbra Neronis" speaks through the as could be chosen, was a worthy ancommon Roman expression: “Non e cestor of a type of Trastevere. Bold, piu er tempo, che Berta filava." (The outspoken, fearless and proud of her time is past that Bertha spun.) Not all position, this imaginary figure of who use now the expression, taken in Neronian times could now take her

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