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terest over certain trust property, under The late Samuel Mills, esq. of Russell.
the respective wills of her sisters, Priscilla square, and of Radwell, Newnham, Nor-
Gurney and Rachel Gurney, with a power ton Northaw, and Hatfield, co. Hertford,
of disposition over the same by deed, will, has left 500,0001. in personalty. His ex.
or otherwise, and of which there was re. tensive estates in the counties of Bedford,
maining unappropriated, and at her dis- Cambridge, Norfolk, Hertford, and Mid-
posal, a sum of 11,0001. This she has dlesex, be leaves to his eldest son Thomas
directed to be applied for the benefit of and his issue ; and to his younger son,
her family in the following manner :- John Remington Mills, he leaves all his
The interest of 6,0001. to her husband for estates in London and Kent, and also his
life, and afterwards the principal to be leaseholds in London and Middlesex, ex-
divided equally amongst her children. To cept his house, with the furniture, in
her daughter, Katherine Fry, who has Russell-square, which he leaves to his
always lived with her, but to whom no daughter, together with a legacy of
provision has hitherto been made, she 30,0001. The plate and books to his two
leaves the interest of 4,0001. and 2,0001. sons, who are his residuary legatees and
on her marriage, and the remaining 1,0001. executors.
to her son D. H. Fry. The bequests are
entirely confined to the trusts under which

she was empowered by the deed of dispo. May 29. At New Plymouth, New Zea.
stion. She executed her will in 1840, land, aged 27, the Rev. William Bolland,
appointing her sons J. G. Fry and J. Fry, Vicar of St.

Mary's, Taranaki, son of the jun. esqrs. executors, to whom special late Rev. William Bolland, Vicar of letters of administration with the will were Swipeshead, Lincolnshire. granted, the husband consenting.

July 21. At Agher, co. Meath, the

Rev. Francis P. Winter. The late George Brooke, esq. of Haugh- Aug. 2. At Jenkiostown glebe, co. ton Hall, Shiffnall, Salop, has bequeathed Louth, the Rev. Henry Theophilus Hob. to each of the following societies 1001. :- son, incumbent of Ballymascanlan. The Society for Promoting the Education Aug. 16. At Limerick, the Rev. John of the Poor in the Principles of the Es- Clarke, tablished Church ; the National Church Aug. 17. At Redford glebe, Donegal, Building Society; and the Society for the the Rev. Richard Hamilton, Rector of Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Cloncha and Culdaff. Parts. To his brothers, Richard Brooke Aug. 23. In Ceylon, where he had and the Rev. Townshend Brooke, and his been resident for thirty years, aged 64, sister Harriet Brooke, 3,0001. each ; and the Rev. James M. S. Glenie, late Archthe whole of his stock of wines to be divi. deacon of that island, to which office be ded, in certain proportions, amongst his was appointed in 1826. three brothers and their sister. To his Aug. 26. At Summer Hill, Nepagh, brother, the Rev. John Brooke, M.A. co. Tipperary, the Rev. Thomas George Vicar of Shiffnall, he has devised all his Joyce. real estate, and also left to him the residue Oct. 17. The Rev. Thomas Duke Moore, of his personal estate, in the hope that he Rector of Athnowen, Ireland. will resign the living in favour of his bro.

Oct. 20. At Alla rectory, the Rev. ther, the Rev. Townsend Brooke, M.A.

Francis Brownlow, incumbent of Upper the present curate. The deceased's per

Cumber, co. Down : brother to Charles sonal property was estimated at 14,0001.

first Lord Lurgan. Mr. Samuel Crickmar, late senior clerk

Oct. 21. At Silverdale, Lancashire, of the firm of Messrs. Rulli, London, has aged 47, the Rev. Thomas Smythe,

Curate left 5,0007, to the London Orphan Asylum. of that place.

The parish authorities of Lambeth have Oct. 23. The Rev. Thomas B. Charhad left to them a clear sum of 1,5001. by nock, of Cullingworth, Yorkshire. the late Mrs. Edridge, of Kennington. Oct. 29. At

Westmeston, Sussex, place, the interest to be applied for the aged 79, the Rev. William Courthope, benefit and comfort of such poor persons Rector of that place, and Vicar of Brenchof that parish who are of the age of sixty ley, Kent. He was of St. John's college, years and upwards. This benevolent lady Cambridge, B. A. 1791, M.A. 1794 ; was has also bequeathed a like sum of 1,5001.

presented to Brenchley in 1802, and to to each of the following valuable institu. Westmeston in 1822. tions in that quarter, viz. :--The School Oct. The Rev. James Manewerers, for the Indigent Blind, near the Obelisk ; Perpetual Curate of Middletown, co. the Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Old Kent- Armagh. road; and Bedlam Hospital, Lambeth. Nov. 1. At Holme Head, near Ingleroad. These legacies to be paid free of duty. ton, Yorkshire, aged 51, the Rev. Thomas

Barrow Pooley, Vicar of Thornton, in Elizabeth, sister of George Maule, esq.
Lonsdale. He was of Christ's college, of Wilton-crescent.
Cambridge, B.A. 1820, M.A. 1823, and Nov. 13. Harriet-Jane, wife of H. B.
was presented to his living in 1826. Norman, esq. of Duchess-st. Portland-pl.

Noo. 7. At Upper Gornal, near Sedg- and dau. of the Rev. Samuel Alford, of ley, Staffordshire, the Rev. Samuel Faulk- Heale House, near Langport. ner Montgomery, incumbent of that cha. Nov. 14. In James-st. St. James's park, pelry. He was of Corpus Christi college, aged 80, Walter Hall, esq. of Ruffside, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. Durham. 1834, M.A. 1842. He had just accepted At North Brixton, aged 73, Jacob the post of one of the missionaries to Bailey, esq. for fifty years a highly reBorneo.

spected citizen of London. His remains At Little Bookham, Surrey, aged 49, were interred in the Norwood Cemetery. the Rev. George Pollen Boileau Pollen, Nov. 15. Aged 28, Edward-John, only Rector of that parish. He was next bro. son of Edward Donne, esq. of Upper ther to Sir John P. Boileau, of Tacolnestone Harley-st. and Woodlands, Sussex. hall, Norfolk, Bart. being the second son Aged 63. Martha, relict of Henry of John Peter Boileau, esq. by Henrietta, Charles Elsegood, esq. of Upper Brook-st. daughter and heiress of the Rev. George In John's-pl. Harrow-road, aged 38, Pollen, formerly Rector of Little Book- John C. W. Dyer, esq. eldest son of Capt. ham. He inherited the estates of his ma- G. L. Dyer, formerly of the 65th regi. ternal grandfather in 1812, and thereupon ment, and of Alnwick. assumed the name of Pollen, and was in- In Upper Woburn-pl. aged 79, George stituted to the rectory of Little Bookham

Palmer, esq. in 1823. He married in 1824 Elizabeth, Aged 75, Joseph Toulmin, esq. of daughter of Sir James Hall, Bart. of Hackney. Dunglass, by Lady Helen his wife, daugh- Aged 28, Fanny, second dau. of Rayter of Dunbar fourth Earl of Selkirk, by mond Willshire, esg. of Brixton-place. whom he has left issue two sons, John- Nov. 16. Sarah-Jane, youngest dau. of Douglas and Charles-Edward, and one Elisha Naylor, esq. of Mornington-pl. daughter.

Hampstead-road. Nov. 8. At Torquay, the Rev. William At Brixton, aged 68, Elizabeth, widow Hest Boerard, last surviving son of the of John Willis, esq. Kennington. Rev. Daniel Everard, Rector of Burnham Nov. 17. In Upper Phillimore-pl. KenThorpe, Norfolk.

sington, aged 65, John Wells, esq. At Netherley Hall, Worcestershire, the In Judd-st. aged 78, Barbara, eldest Rev. George Preece, Vicar of Mathon in dau. of the late Wilmer Willett, of Ladthat county, to which he was presented in lane, esq. 1836,

At Foxley House, Kennington, the reNoo. 9. At Greenwich, aged 67, the sidence of her brother-in-law, Elizabeth, Rev. John Fortye Walker, M.A. Chap- eldest dau. of the late James Eglestone, lain to the Right Hon. the Corporation of

esq. of Windsor. the Trinity House, Lecturer at St. Paul's Nov. 18. Aged 78, Peter Ogier, of LinDeptford, and Surrogate of the diocese of coln’s-inn, esq. barrister-at-law, and of Rochester. He was of Corpus Christi


He was called to the bar May college, Camb. B.A. 1803, M.A. 1808. 10, 1822.

Nov. 11. At Banner Cross, near Shef. Nov. 19. Aged 55, George William field, aged 85, the Rev. William Baq. Traill, esq. late of the Bengal Civil Service, shawe, M.A. of Banner Cross, and of Ford from which he retired in 1836. Hall, near Chapel en le Frith, Derbyshire. At Dulwich House, aged 71, Louisa,

relict of John Lett, esq. of Dulwich, and


Nov. 20. Aged 32, Henry Baller, esq.

of Jewry-st. Aldgate, Medical Officer to Noo. 6. In Montagu-pl. aged 86, the Aldgate District of the East London Frances, widow of George Savage, esq. of Union. Midsomer Norton, Somersetshire.

Major Weston Hames, late of the 2d Nov. 7. In Wilton-st. Maria-Louisa, Dragoon Guards. He attained the local relict of James Cochrane, esq.

rank of Major on the Continent of Europe Nov. 8. At Notting Hill. Mrs. E. C. in 1826. Skottowe, relict of George Augustus Skot. At the Falcon Glass Works, Blackfriars, towe, esq. R.N. and dau. of the late Adm. aged 45, Mr. James Green. Robinson.

At Claremont-terr. aged 71, Alexander Nov. 9. William Sloane, esq. late of Galloway, esq. of West-st. Smithfield, the Tirhoot, East Indies.

eminent civil engineer. He was many years a common councilman for the Ward

In Clarges-st. aged 92, Queely Shiell, of Farringdon Without.

esq. late of the island of Montserrat. In King-st. Holborn, aged 73, George Nov. 28. Aged 66, Dr. William WilAikin, esq.

son, Surgeon R.N. (1802). Nov. 21. In Lime-st. Ann, relict of Aged 83, Stephen Bird Tappen, esq. of James Berney Bourdieu, esq.

the Albany-road, Camberwell, brother of At Shepherd's Bush, Miss Margaret the late G. Tappen, esq. of Pall Mall East. Smith, niece of the late Gen. Sir Alexander Nov. 29. In Great Coram-st. CaroAllan.

line-Augusta-Baron, relict of George More At Brompton, aged 46, the wife of ris, esq. of Barbados. Capt. James White, unattached.

In Carlisle-st. Soho-sq. aged 81, Mrs. Åt Lavender Hill, Battersea Rise, aged Mary Wright. 78, John Matthew, esq. Russia merchant, Nov. 30. At the house of his son, at of Upper Thames-street.

Islington, aged 86, Mr. Thomas Cobbett, lu Fenchurch-buildings, aged 50, Louis elder brother of the late William Cobbett. Celeste Lecesne, esq.

This gentleman was the last surviviog of At the residence of Dr. Edwards, Ox- four brothers. ford-terr. Hyde Park, aged 84, Alice, At Kentish Town, Charles Boydell, widow of David Yeats, esq. of Camber- esq. of Queen's-sq. Bloomsbury. well.

Aged 83, John Soanes, esq. Mile End. Nov. 23. Maria, wife of John Gray, At Highbury-terr. aged 59, Jane, only esq. barrister-at-law.

dau. of the late Col. Wigan, of the same At Hoxton, aged 36, Alfred Shaw, esq. place.

In St. Paul's-pl. Ball's Pood, aged 62, At Milton House, St. John's Wood, Henry Ewbank, esq. late of Barnard Cas- Ellen, wife of the Rev. David Anderson, tle, Durham.

A. M. and on the following day, Ellen At Clapham, aged 78, Charlotte, wife Marsden, infant dau. of the same. of William Beams, esq.

Aged 71, Joseph Steel, esq. of Upper In St. George's-pl. Hyde Park-corner, Clapton. aged 67, Elizabeth, wife of John Taylor, Fanny, wife of Charles H. Whitmore, esq.

esq. of Lark-hall Rise, Clapham. Nov. 24. At Shepherd's-bush, aged In St. Alban' Sir John M. Brack79, Benjamin Hall, esq.

enbury, K.H. of Aylesby and Raithby, In Myddelton-sq. aged 64, Thomas Lincolnshire, late Consul at Cadiz. He Spencer, esq.

the elder brother of Lt. Col. Sir Nov. 25. At Wellington-terr. St. John's Edward Brackenbury, K.T.S. of SkendleWood, Julia, wife of Lewis Gideon, esq. by House, Lincolnshire. of the island of St. Helena.

Dec. 1.

At Kensington, aged 78, Mrs. Suddenly, at Guildford-st. aged 65, Carthew. Scrope Hutchinson, M.D.

Ralph Colley Smith, esq. of Lincoln's. Henry Knight, esq. late Paymaster of inn. her Majesty's 9th Lancers. He received Rathbone Bartlett Roberts, esq. of the that appointment in 1805, and was pre- Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. sent at Waterloo.

Dec. 2. At Hoxton, aged 59, W. M. At Walworth, aged 21, George, fifth son of the late John Wills, esq. of Doc. In Cumberland-terr. Lady Dallas, relict tors' Commons.

of the late Right Hon. Lord Chief Justice Nov. 26. In Lorne-road, Brixton, Ed. Dallas. She was his second wife, namely, win John Brewer, esq. of the Stock Ex. Giustina, daughter of Henry Davidson, of change.

Tulloch castle, co. Ross, esq. ; and was At Brixton, aged 28, James-Sykes, left a widow Dec. 25, 1824. youngest son of John Dobson, esq. of Aged 87, at the house of her son, the Southampton-pl. Euston-sq. Nov. 27. In Devonshire-place aged relict of James' Carver, esq. surgeon, of

Rev. J. Carver, Finsbury-circus, Mary, 72, Dame Anne, relict of Sir Percival Wymondham, Norfolk. Hart Dyke, Bart. of Lullingstone Castle,

At the Paragon, Brixton-hill, aged 92, Kent. She was the dau. of Robert Jen.

Peter Finch Martineau, esq. formerly of ner, esq. of Chislehurst, and was left a

Norwich. widow on the 4th Aug. 1846, having had

Aged 30, Ann-Eliza, wife of John Cow. issue the present Baronet, and a numerous

ard, esq. surgeon, of Barnsbury-park, family. (See our Vol. XXVI. p. 430.)

Islington. la 'Woburn-pl. aged 80, Francis Fisher,

Jobn Poole, esq. of Gracechurch-st. and esq.

of Bangor, Flint. in Orchard-st. Portman-sq. Mrs. Skin- Aged 39, John Buckingham, esq. of ner, relict of George Skioner, esq. Adelaide-road, Haverstock-bill.


Alsept, esq.

Dec. 3. At Kensington, Mrs. Trail. respected, aged 71, William Archibald

In Chester-sq. aged 33, Elizabeth-Ann, Armstrong Wbite, esq. of Castor, Norwife of Thomas Webster, esq. Barrister thamptonshire, barrister-at-law, F.R.S., at-Law.

and F.S.A. He was called to the bar at Maria, eldest and only surviving dau. of Lincoln's Inn May 5, 1801, and was for the Rev. William Gilbank, M.A. formerly many years one of the magistrates of Rector of St. Ethelburga, Bishopsgate-st. Queen-square police office, to which he

At Dalston, aged 23, Anne-Maria, wife was appointed in 1816. of Philip Rickman, esy.

In Finsbury-sq. aged 83, Elizabeth, Georgina, third dau. of George Bous- widow of the late John Tabor, esq. field, esq. of Gracechurch-st. and Upper In Little Britain, aged 55, Grace FarTooting

ley, widow, third dau. of the late Rev. In Lower Sloane-st. aged 43, Thomas Wm. Murgatroyd, of West Thurrock. Tichborne, esq. son of the late Col. Tich- At the residence of J. B. Dodd, esq. borne.

Clapham-road, aged 84, Hester, widow of At Brunswick-st. Dover-road, aged 20, Thomas Johnson Sterry, esq. Josiah, youngest son of Robert Willett, At Kensington, aged 29, Mary-Kerr, esq. of Fiddington-house, near Devizes. wife of Charles Burrows, solicitor, eldest

At Chelsea, aged 76, Edward Jenkin dau. of James Simpson, esq. of EdinLongley, esq. late of the Receipt of Her burgh, advocate. Majesty's Exchequer.

In Gloucester-road, Hyde Park, Emma, Rosa, youngest dau. of Robert Brooks, wife of the Rev. E. H. Armitage. esq. of Tooting Common.

In Oxford-terrace, aged 63, Frederick Dec. 4. In Idol-lane, aged 59, William

Secretan, esq. Tasker, esq.

In Red Lion-street, Clerkenwell, Josiah In Canonbury-sq. aged 92, Mary, relict Bartholomew, esq. of Rowland Yallop, esq. of Reigate.

At Kennington, aged 32, Chas. Templar In Gloucester-terr, aged 78, Capt. Ro- Lawson, esq. youngest child of the late bert Ross.

James Lawson, esq. of Norwood. At Thavies-inn, Holborn, aged 71, John Dec. 8. Aged 81, Robert Fauntleroy, Whitaker, the celebrated composer.

esq. of Wandsworth, and Potterfields, Dec. 5. In Guildford. st. aged 74, Miss Southwark. Hannah Samuel,

In Albion-road, Wandsworth-road, aged • In Waterloo-place, aged 77, Mrs. Eli- 82, Anne, relict of George Gouger, esq. zabeth Strongi'th'arm.

Aged 87, George Jeremy, esq. of GuildIn Oxford-sq. Hyde-park, aged 88, ford-street. Eleanor, relict of James Warre, esq.

At Lorne-road, Stockwell, aged 69, In Upper Bedford-pl. Charles Robert Thomas Collins, esq. Morgan, esq.

In Montague square, Harriet, relict of Dec. 6. In Kentish Town, aged 68, Kenneth Callander, esq. of Craigforth, James Dowling, esq.

Stirlingshire. In London, Lieut.Colonel Jeremiah Aged 90, Mrs. Symons, of Queen's-row, Cowper, C.B., 18th Royal Irish Regt. Pimlico. He was made Ensign 1805, Lieut. 1806. At the house of her son, Charles-square, Captain 1823, brevet-Major 1838; em- Hoxton, aged 77, Mrs. Yeowell. parked with his regiment for the East At Homerton, John Birkley, esq. Indies in 1837, and bad latterly served for Dec. 9. In South-row, St. Pancras, several years in China, from whence he aged 76, Susannah, wife of J. Brine, esq. had returned only six weeks before his In Claremont-sq. Pentonville, aged 77, death.

Thomas Colbeck, esq. Aged 61, Caleb Field, esq. of Camber- In Myddelton-sq. Mr. Geo. Richardson. well Grove and the Stock Exchange.

Harriot, wife of Hugh Statham, esq. In Park-place, Regent's Park, aged 84, surgeon, Wandsworth-road. Anne, relict of Thomas Lee, esq. of the In Marlborough-place, Walworth-road, Elms, Ringwood, Hants.

aged 48, Richard Prior, esq. surgeon. At Kennington, aged 88, Sarah, widow In Harley-st. aged 74, the Hon. Mariof James Menetone, esq.

anna, wife of Major-Gen. Sir James Cock. In Gloucester-st. Regent's Park, aged burn, of Langton, Bart. and aunt to Vis91, Mary, relict of William King, esq. count Hereford. She was the eldest dau.

At Blackheath Park, aged 81, John of George the 13th Viscount, by his cousin Lindsay, esq.

Marianna, only dau. and heir of George Dec. 7. In Gower-st. aged 72, Joseph Devereux, esq. of Tregoyd, co. Brecon, Kay, esq. Architect to Greenwich Hospi- and was married in 1801. tal and the Foundling Hospital.

In Hanover-sq. Alex. Macdonald, esq. In College-st. Westminster, very highly Dec. 10. Aged 77, Mrs. Elizabeth GENT. MAG. VOL. XXIX.



Gregory Leeson, of Davies-st. Berkeley- DEVON.--Nov. 12. At Devonport, aged square.

74, Johannah, relict of Lieut. John HarDec. 11. In, Russell.sq. rison, R.N. and mother of Garland Har. aged 30, Margaret-Jane, youngest dau. rison, esq. of Devonport. of the late Rev. Thomas Deason, Rector Nov. 13. At Ivebridge, Anne, fourth of Whitworth, Durham.

dau, of the late Thomas King, esq. of Dec. 12. At Homerton, aged 84, Mrs. North Huish. Ann Aldersey,

At Wear Hall, Wear Gifford, aged 89, At Brixton, Anna-Maria-Lucy, dau. of the Rt. Hon. Katharine, dowager CounCharles Williams, esq. of Br:ges.

tess Fortescue, great-aunt to the Duke Dec. 13. At Dalston, Mary. sinn, widow of Buckingham and Chandos, aunt to of John Young, esq. of Romsey, Hants. Lord Nugent and Lord Braybrooke.

Dec. 14. At Hampstead, aged 69, She was the third daughter of the late John Ranicar Park, esq. M.D.

Right Hon. George Grenville, by ElizaIn Cork-st. aged 82, Robt. Hall, esq. beth, daughter of Sir William Wyndham,

In Devonport-st. Hyde Park, aged 83, Bart. was married in 1782 to Hugh Earl James Richard Bolton, esq.

Fortescue, and left his widow in 1841, Dec. 15. In Clarendon-pl. Maida Vale, having had issue the present Earl and a aged 73, Stephen Taprell, esq. late of very numerous family, four sons and seven Marylebone-street, St. James's.

daughters, nearly all of whom survive her. Aged 81, Sir James Williams, of the At Rock Cottage, Dear Bideford, aged Gothic, Kentish Town, and of West

74, Elizabeth-Deacon, widow of John Smithfield, one of Her Majesty's Justices Wilcox, esq. and eldest dau. of the late of the Peace for Middlesex. He was James Hume, esq. of Wandsworth Comknighted April 7, 1894 ; and was senior partner of the firm of Williams, Coopers, At Plymouth, aged 59, Richard John and Co. stationers, West Smithfield, Dobree, esq. London.

Nov. 14. At Cockerham, near SouthAt the residence of Henry Harrison, molton, Gilbert Scott, esq. esq. in Bedford-sq. aged 33, Commander Nov. 15. At Torquay, aged 27, Thomas Walter Kendall, R.Ñ. youngest son of Beedle Brooks, esq. of the Inner Temple, the late Rev. Nicolas Kendall, Vicar of Barrister, and of Warwick Villas, HarrowLanlivery, Cornwall. He was made Lieut. road. May 25, 1841.

Nov. 18. At Dartmouth, aged 88, Rice

Price Higgins, esq.
Beds.--Nov. 23. At Tingrith rectory, At Torquay, aged 26, Arthur de Butts,
aged 70, Frances-Elizabeth, relict of the Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, and
Rev. Edward Tanqueray.

fourth son of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Augustus
Nov. 28, Suddenly, at Goldington De Butts, Royal Engineers.
Lodge, near Bedford, aged 29, the wife of Nov. 21.

At Exeter, aged 52, ElizaArthur Littledale, esq. of the Bengal Civil beth, dau. of the late B. M. Kelly, esq. Service.

Nov. 23. Susan, dau. of John Garratt, Nov. 30. At Lidlington, aged 86, Har.

esq. of Bishop's Court. riet, relict of Edward Platt, esq. for many Nov. 24. “At Exeter, aged 51, Mrs. years land steward to the late Duke of

Arundel Pearse, widow of Samuel Pearse, Bedford.

of London. Berks.-Nov. 25. At Windsor, aged

Dec. 1. At Teignmouth, aged 24, Anne, 59, W. Keats Griffith, esq.

dau. of Daniel Cave, esq. of Cleeve-hill. Dec. 6. At Cookham, aged 97, Mrs. Dec. 3. At Southfield, Paignton, JaneFleming, relict of Edmund Fleming, esq. Isabella, wife of Thomas Jarvis, esq. late of Cookham Grove. Dec. 7. At Reading, Alexander Fraser late Capt. W. Hamilton, E.I.C.S.

of Peckham, Surrey, and only dau. of the Bayne, esq. formerly of Streatham.

Dec. 5.

At Torquay, aged 77, Judith, Bucks.--Nov, 8. At Buckingham, widow of the late Haynes Wade Battersby, aged 21, Sarah-Ann, second dau. of Wm.

esq. J.P. of Ballard, co. Westmeath. Stowe, esq. surgeon.

Dec. 9. CAMBridge.-Nov. 12. At Wisbech, liam Rattenbury, esq.

At Stonehouse, aged 42, WilAnne-Josephine, eldest dau. of Captain

Dec. 11. Aged 85, Anne, widow of the Schultz, R.N.

Rev. D. Veysie, Rector of Plymptree. CUMBERLAND.-Lately. Mr. Posthle.

Dec. 12.

At Exmouth, aged 23, Edith, thwaite, of Kirby, drowned in the Duddon relict of Alfred Gottreux, esą. sands. The fresh water running down Dec, 17. At her brother's residence, the sands had made breaks of water, 20 Exeter, Jane, dau. of Joseph Risdon, esq. feet in depth, down one of which Mr. of Hartleigh, Buckland Filleigh. Posthlethwaite and his horse were carried DORSET. Nov. 6. At Shaftesbury,

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