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aged 63, Anne, widow of Henry Christian Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Horwood, of Sannemann, esq. 10th Royal Hussars. Aston Clinton, Bucks.

Nov. 17. At Weymouth, aged 61, At Green-road, Southsea, aged 13, Sarah Penelope, wife of William Turton, esq. Thorowgood, wife of Thomas Dale Gulli. Nov. 26. At Weymouth, aged 29,

ver, esq. R.N. Julia, wife of Edward B. Washbourne, esq. Nov. 18. At Southampton, aged 40,

Nov. 27. At Lyme Regis, aged 22, Elizabeth Jane, eldest dau. of Isaac HorEmma, dau. of John Hussey, esq.

lock, esq. of Blandford. Dec. 3. At Weymouth, aged 84, Hes- At Cowes, aged 48, Charity Elizabeth, ter, relict of Charles Andrews, esq. for. dau. of the late William Saunders, M.D. merly Capt. in the Dorsetshire Militia, Nov. 26. At Ryde, aged 64, Lucy, and Master of the Ceremonies.

relict of David Perkins, esq. of Ryde. Dec. 5. At Weymouth, aged 58, Mar- Dec. 1. At Herriard House, aged 77, garet, widow of the Rev. George Cham- George Purefoy Jervoise, esq. of Herriard berlaine, Rector of Wyke Regis.

House. Essex.—Dec. 5. Aged 28, George, Dec. 9. At Winckton, Juliana, wife of the younger

son of the late Edward Capt. Penruddocke, late of Scotch Fusilier Withers, esq. of High Beech.

Guards. She was the 4th daughter of Dec. 7. At Snaresbrook, Clara, relict George Lowther, esq. of Kilbrice, co. of Thomas Richards, esq. formerly of Meath, and Tilshead, Wilts ; was married Warwick-sq.

in 1803, and had a numerous family. Dec. 10. Aged 21, William Brocket Dec. 14. At Ventnor, Frances-Mary, Brocket, esq. son of Stanes Brocket wife of Charles Meredith, esq. Westbourne Brocket, esq. of Spains Hall, Essex, and Vale House, Bayswater. of Rye, in Sussex.

HERTS.-Nov. 20. At Gravely Hall, GLOUCESTER.- Nov. 17. At Clifton, near Stevenage, aged 60, Miss Frances aged 35, the Hon. Anna Caroline Crans- Titmuss. toun, younger dau. of the late, and sister Nov. 21. At the Rectory, Hertford, to the present, Lord Cranstoun.

aged 27, Anne Louisa Catharine, dau. of Nov. 21. At Clifton, aged 61, Susan- J. B. Collings, esq. formerly of Malta, Elizabeth, youngest dau. of the late I. L. and wife of the Rev. H. F. Skrimshire, Cox, esq. of Barbados.

M.A. Rector of St. Andrew's, Hertford. Noo. 24. At Gloucester Spa, Eleanor- Nov. 27. At Totteridge, Sibylla, widow Juliana, second dau, of the late Gen. W. of the Rev. Abel Lendon, A.M. T. Dilkes, of the Scots Fusilier Guards. Dec. 4. At the Priory, Ware, aged 70,

Nov. 28. At Cheltenham, aged 52, Miss Maria Hadsley. Charles Morgan, esq. Assistant Commis- Dec. 6. At Bayford House, aged 88, sary-general.

Sophia, relict of William Baker, esq. of Nov. 29. At Fairford, aged 75, Miss Bayfordbury. Martha Carter.

KENT.-Nov. 9. Aged 63, Robt. Willis Lately. At Mitton Farm, near Tewkes- Hall, esq. of Ravensbourne Park, Lewbury, aged 66, Mr. Aaron Pike, an emi. isham, formerly of Mile End. pent agriculturist, and for many years a Nov. 11. In Lewisham, aged 51, Lewis very successful competitor for prizes, with Charles Miles, esq. various descriptions of excellent live stock, Nov. 12. At Tunbridge Wells, aged at provincial and metropolitan cattle 42, Henry Lloyd, esq. of Hastings, and shows.

formerly of the East India House. At Cheltenham, aged 54, Mary, relict Mary, youngest dau. of the late William of J. Roughton, esq.

Finch, esq. of Tenterden, and neice of Dec. 2. At Clifton, aged 20, Katha. the late Sir John Pinhorn. rine-Martha, third dau. of Edmund Gilling Nov. 22. At Chatham, aged 64, Comm. Hallewell, esq. of Hill House, near Stroud. George Elrington, R.N.

Dec. 3. At Bristol Hotwells, James Nov. 26. At Folkestone, aged 59, Bowyer, gent. late of Kempsey House, Maria, fourth dau, of the late Lieut.-Col. Worc. formerly a Capt. in the Worcester John Jones, of East Wickham House. Militia, and one of her Majesty's Deputy Dec. 2. At Stouting, aged 87, BenLieutenants for that county.

jamin Andrews, esq. Dec. 6. At Cheltenham, Rebecca, wife At Lewisham, aged 82, Richard Smith, of Thomas Roblin, M.D. Clifton.

esq. formerly Clerk of the Cheque of Hants.-Nov. 14. At Stourfield, near Greenwich Hospital. Christchurch, aged 28, Robert Pauncefote, At Broadstairs, Rob. C. Wood, esq. who esq. barrister-at-law (eldest son of the late was appointed one of the pages of the preRobt. Pauncefote, esq.), of Preston Court, sence to her Majesty in 1840. He was Gloucestershire.

first seen by the Queen when Princess, Nov. 16. At Southsea, aged 21, Frances asleep on the sands at Ramsgate. The

Duchess of Kent awakened him, and upon sonage, Helmdon, aged 83, Sarah, relict
asking him if he should like to enter her of the Rev. Pryce Jones, for 38 years
service, the lad readily assented, and re- Vicar of Abthorpe.
mained on her establishment until removed Nov. 8. Aged 79, Robert Salmon, esq.
to that of her Majesty.

of Weekley, near Kettering.
Dec. 3. At Rochester, aged 67, Mrs. Norts.- Dec. 12. At Nottingham,

aged 66, Mary, wife of Robert Warren, Dec. 4. At Dover, aged 24, Caroline- esq. late of the 4th Dragoon Guards. Louisa, youngest dau, of the late Benjamin SALOP.--Nov. 12. Aged 78, Thomas Harenc, esq. of Foot's Cray Place. Parr, esq. of Lythwood Hall.

Dec. 10. At Strood Hill, near Ro- Nov. 22. Aged 80, John Bache, esq. chester, aged 67, Thomas Charlton, esq. of Wyken House.

LANCASTER.--Nov. 13. At Foxhill. SOMERSET.-Nov. 13. At Southwell bank, near Blackburn, aged 71, James Lodge, near Taunton, Lieut.-Col. James Simpson, esq.

Charter, of the Bengal Service. He was Nov. 15. At Preston, Ellen-Elizabeth, a cadet of 1805, and attained the rank of wife of Robert Segar, esq. barrister-at. Major in the 5th Nat. Infantry in 1831. law.

At Hampton Manor House, near Bath, Of fever, Mr. John Davenport, governor aged 33, Osborne Markham, esq. late of Millgate Fever Hospital, Manchester. Capt. in the 32d Regt. and formerly of No fewer than 3,500 fever cases had been the 90th. He was the only son of Os. under his care during the comparatively borne Markham, esq. (sixth and youngest short time (eleven months) he was in office. son of Archbishop Markham,) by Lady

Dec. 13. At Liverpool, at the residence Mary Thynne, daughter of Thomas first of the Rev. Charles W. Lawrence, aged Marquess of Bath ; was made Captain in 72, Emily, relict of Sir Samuel Young, the Army Nov. 3, 1827, and in the 32nd, Bart. of Formosa Place, Berks. She was Dec. 15, 1838. the daughter of Charles Baring, esq, of Nov. 15. At Yeovil, at an advanced Exmouth ; was married in 1796, and left age, Mrs. Tucker, widow of Robert a widow in 1826, having had issue the

Tucker, esq. present Sir George Young, Capt. R.N. Nov. 28. At Rumbill House, near four other sons, and three daughters. Taunton, aged 68, Wm. Cadbury, esq.

LEICESTER. Nov. 15. Aged 27, Nov. 29. At Bath, Arthur Pelham George Murray Houghton, esq. only son Atherley, esq. eldest son of the Rev. of George Houghton, esq. of Leicester. Arthur Atherley, Vicar of Heavitree,

Dec. 3. At Leicester, in his 80th year, Devon.
John David Jackson, esq. Secretary to the Lately. At Banwell, aged 87, John
Leicester Infirmary, an old and much re- Goding, an agricultural labourer. He had
spected inhabitant of that borough.

faithfully served three generations in the LINCOLN.--Dec. 7. At Louth, John family of Mr. Emery, of the Grange, Gray, esq. solicitor, late Town Clerk of

Banwell, having been in their employ that place.

sixty-five years. Ten years since he obDec. 12. At West Ashby Grore, aged tained the highest premium given by the 76, Richard Elmhirst, esq. formerly Lieut..

Bristol Agricultural Society, for good con. Col. of the Local Militia, and for many duct; and although he himself served years a Magistrate and Deputy Lieut. for

three generations, he also lived to witness the county.

three generations of his own family in the MIDDLESEX.--Nov. 9. Aged 71, George same employ at one time. Francis Barlow, esq. of the Manor House, Dec. 2.

At Bath, aged 52, James Hampton, and formerly of Wetherby, in Lloyd, esq. of Twickenham Coinmon. Yorkshire.

Dec. 4. At Bath, aged 73, Lady WatNov. 15. At Stanmore, aged 85, Miss son, relict of Sir Wm. Watson, Knt. Rebecca Williams.

Dec. 5. Aged 96, John Palmer, esq. Dec. 4.

At Hampton Court, aged 80, of Bath. James Campbell, esq.

Dec. 9. At Bath, Ann, relict of SaDec. 9. 'At Edmonton, aged 73, John muel Harris, formerly of Stone Easton. Snell, esq.


At Mrs. Dickin. Monmouth.-Oct. 23. At Chepstow, son's, Stafford, aged 39, Richard Ford, aged 78, Anna-Maria, relict of S. Pope, esq. solicitor, formerly of Shrewsbury,

but lately of Great Ormond-st. NORFOLK.-Lately. At the residence Dec. 13. At Sandon Hall, aged 16, of his son-in-law the Rev. Arthur Lang- Charlotte-Mary, second daughter of the ton, Rector of Hempstead, aged 93, Robert Hon. Granville Dudley Ryder, grandGosling, esq.

daughter of the Earl of Harrowby, and NORTHAMPTON.-Nov. 2. At the par- niece to the Duke of Beaufort. She died

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esq. of London.

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from injuries occasioned by her frock Dec. 10. At Brighton, aged 21, Fran. catching fire.

ces Ellen, youngest surviving daughter of SUFFOLK.-Nov. 15. At Ipswich, aged Richard Paterson, esq., of Blackheath, 69, Mr. Postle Jackson, Printer and Pro. and Tilney-st. prietor of the “ Ipswich Journal.”

WARWICK.-Nov. 16. Eleanor, wife of Nov. 23. At Ipswich, Miss S. Patte- William Spurrier, esq., of Heath-green son, eldest dau. of the late Rev. H. Pat- House, near Birmingham. teson, and sister of the Honble. Mr. Nov. 21. At Frankton, Frances Horatia, Justice Patteson, of Feniton Court.

second dau. of the late Rev. Charles Pow. SURREY.-Nov. 12. At Elm Bank, lett, Rector of High Roding, Essex. Letherhead, aged 70, Charlotte, relict of Nov. 25. At Camden, near BirmingWilliam Stanley Clarke, esq.

ham, aged 29, the wife of Thomas James, Nov. 19. Aged 21, Eliza, eldest dau. Esq., solicitor, of Birmingham, and dau. of the late Edward Rayne, esq. of West of Mr. Pinsent, of Newton Abbott, Devon. Barns Park, Surrey.

Nov. 26. At Arden House, Henley-inNov. 22. At Richmond, aged 39, Mr. Arden, Miss Homer, aged 53. George, a classical master, leaving a widow Nov. 29. At Edgbaston, aged 71, Saand six children unprovided for.

muel Martin, esq. Nov. 25. At Richmond, aged 48, Nov. At Leamington, aged 75, William Frances, relict of David Howell, esq. of Prichard, esq., late Member of the Madras Ethy, Cornwall.

Medical Board. Nov. 26. At New Cross, William Hol. Dec. 5. At Whitley Abbey, aged 93, combe, esq.

the Right Hon. Jane dowager Viscountess Nov. 28. Aged 57, Thomas Russell, Hood, great-grandmother of the present esq. of New-lane, Croydon.

Viscount. Her ladyship was the only Nov. 29. Aged 76, Joseph Pomroy, daughter and heiress of Francis Wheeler, esq. of Gainsford-st. Horsleydown, and of esq. of Whitley Court, and was married, Bexley Heath, Kent.

in 1777, to Henry second Viscount Hood, Nov. 29. At Luddington House, aged who died in 1836. Her ladyship had 84, Mrs. Maitland, widow of David Mait- eight children, of whom the only survivors land, esq. of Barcaple, Kirkcudbrightshire. are the Hon. Selina, wife of Adm. Sir

Dec. 9. At Croydon, aged 83, Mrs. Francis Mason, K.C.B. and the Rt. Hon. Jane Capon, late of Great Yarmouth. Lord Bridport.

Sussex.—Nov. 13. Cordelia, relict of Wilts.-Nov. 25. At Clyffe Hall, the Rev. Charles John Paterson, Vicar of aged 40, the Hon. Samuel Hay, Equerry West Hoathly, and third dau. of the late to her Majesty the Queen Dowager; broEdward Cranston, esq. of East Court. ther of the late Earl of Errol. He mar.

Nov. 14. At Brighton, aged 70, Mrs. ried, in 1832, Louisa, only child Harmer, widow of Richard Harmer, esq. Hon. Capt. Duncombe Bouverie, and of York Terrace, Regent's Park.

leaves no issue. Nov. 15. At Brighton, Susan-Rawson, WORCESTER.-Nov. 20. At Great Malwife of James Ashwell, esq. of Tunbridge vern, aged 70, Elizabeth, widow of Capt. Wells.

John Chambers, of the 10th Hussars. Nov. 16. At Storrington, aged 45, Lately. At Henwick-house, near Wor. Capt. C. Dennett, of the H.E.I.C's M.S. cester, Emma, wife of the Rev. A. Phil.

Nov. 22. At Brighton, aged 59, Tho- lips, D.D. mas Rickard, esq.

At an advanced age, Edward Cresswell, Nov. 28. At St. Leonard's on the Sea, esq. of the Priory House, Dudley. Charlotte, wife of Robert Grant, esq. of YORK.- Nov. 15. At Lartington Hall, Monymusk, Aberdeenshire, and youngest aged 69, Elizabeth, relict of Henry Witham, dau. of the late William Walter Yea, esq. esq. She was the daughter of Thomas of Pyrland Hall, Somerset.

Witham, esq., of Headlam, co. Durham, Nov. 29. At Angmering, Maria Adri- by Mary, daughter of James Thornton, ana, wife of the Rev. Henry Reeks, Rector esq. of Nether Whitton, Northumberland; of that parish.

was married to Henry Silvertop, esq. who Dec. 1. At Hastings, aged 74, Mary, on the death of her uncle, William widow of Henry Crowhurst Roods, esq. of Witham, esq. in 1802 assumed that name; Westham, Sussex.

and died in 1844, having had issue the Dec. 7. At Brighton, Marianne-Barne, present Henry Witham, esq. of Lartington, wife of Henry Purnell Hicks, esq.

and many other children. Dec. 8. At Hastings, aged 87, Mrs. Nov. 18. Aged 9, Claude-Alexander, Blackmore, of Eaton-sq. Middlesex,

second son of Joshua S. Crompton, esq., At Brighton, Miss Steere, dau. of the Sion Hill, near Thirsk. late Lee Steere Steere, esq. of Jayes,

Nov. 18. Aged 75, John Milligan, esq. Ockley, Surrey.

of Bradford.


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Nov. 21. Suddenly, at Alverthorpe Bombay Artillery, second son of H. $.
Hall, Mary, wife of George Sandars, esq. Gibb, esq. Rugby.
M.P., of Wakefield.

Sept. 20. At Loodianah, Lucy, wife of
Nov. 24. Aged 70, Mr. Joshua Fiel. Capt. Reginald E. Knatchbull.
den, in the presence of his surviving bro. Sept. 22. At Meerut, East Indies, aged
thers, including Mr. John Fielden, late 21, Richard Walter Money Kyrle, Lieut.
M.P. for Oldham. He was the eldest H. M. 32d Reg. sixth son of the Rev.
brother of the well-known firm of Fielden William Money Kyrle, of Hom House,
Brothers, cotton and silk manufacturers, Herefordshire.
Waterside, Todmorden.

Sept. 28. Of fever, at Neemuch, in the Nov. 27. Aged 45, John Hodgson, esq. Bengal Presidency, Julius A. Mackeson, of Norton Conyers ; a gentleman of ex- Lieut. 33d Reg. Native Inf. youngest son tensive property, well known in the neigh- of the late W. Mackeson, esq. of Hythe. bourhood, where he was much respected, Oct. 10. Suddenly, at Barrackpore, and was a magistrate for the liberty of Lieut. Samuel T. A. Goad, 20th Bengal Ripon, and of the North-Riding of York. Native Inf. His brother officers, as a trishire. He destroyed himself by firing off bute of their regard, have erected a tomb his gun, which he had placed in his mouth. over his remains. Verdict, Temporary Insanity."

ABROAD.--Aug. 24. Of the Cape of Dec. 10. Aged 67, John Higson, esq. Good Hope, on board the Maryanne In. house-surgeon to the Hull General in. diaman, from Madras, Henry-Clare Car. firmary.

dew, Lieut. of H. M. 94th Infantry, son WALES.--Nov. 18. Aged 48, at Em. of the Rev. J. H. Cardew, Rector of ral, Flintshire, the wife of Sir Richard Curry Mallet, Somersetshire. Puleston, Bart.

Sept. 5. On the passage from India, Nov. 30. At Crockherbtown, Cardiff, John Robert Pringle, esq. of the Civil aged 61, Griffith Lloyd, esq.

Service, Madras, aged 30, youngest son Dec. 5. Aged 80, Philip Elliot, esq. of Sir John Pringle, Bart. of Strihill, RoxM.D. late of Neath.

burghshire. He was appointed a writer SCOTLAND.--Nov. 10. At Porto Bello, in 1835. Margaret Gambier, wife of Roderick Mac. Sept. 18. At St. Helena, Dr. Henry leod, M.D. and dau. of the late Rev. Solomon, eldest son of Saul Solomon, esq. Roderick Macleod, D.D. Rector of St. Sept. 22. At Sierra Leone, Isabelle, sis. Anne's, Soho.

ter of G. W. Nicol, esq. of the Civil Serv. Nov. 12. At Piershill, near Edin- Oct. 16. At Sierra Leone, aged 23, burgh, Marian, wife of T. L. Thornton, Frederick Lemon, esq. of her Majesty's esq. and youngest dau, of Capt. M.Kirlie. Mixed Commission Court.

Nov. 21. At Ayr, Quinton Johnstone, Oct. 23. At Marseilles, William Es. esq. brother to Mrs. de Soyres, of Bris. combe, esq. of the East India Company's tol.

Civil Service, Bombay. He was appointed
Nov. 27. At Powis, near Aberdeen, a writer in 1826.
John Leslie, esq. of Powis.

Oct. 30. At Madeira, aged 55, Joseph
Lately. In Edinburgh, John Bruce, Miller, esq. of Bootle, near Liverpool.
or “ John of Skye,” for some years the Nov. 6. At Copenhagen, aged 40,
Highland piper at Abbotsford.

In his Elizabeth, Countess Danneskiold de
best days John was a fine athletic man, Samsöe, dau. of the Marquess of Ailes-
and when dressed in full costume, playing bury. She was married in 1833.
a pibroch, or marching up the diping-

Nov. 8. In Mecklenburg, at Quassell, room at Abbotsford, to receive from the hands of his illustrious master bis Celtic Paepke, Mrs. Canning, widow of Henry

the seat of her son-in-law, Mr. Von quaich, brimful of Glenlivat, he had a

Canning, esq. Chargé d'Affaires and Conmost imposing and picturesque appear- sul General at Hamburg. ance. Latterly, however, the poor fellow Nov. 10.

At Lyndally, near Toronto, got wild and unsettled. He imagined Upper Canada, Mackay.Hugh-Baillie, himself to be a descendant of the great

second son of the late Lieut. -Col. D. CaRobert Bruce, and hinted at his preten- meron, C.B. 79th Highlanders. sions to the throne. He still wandered

At the Hotel Bristol, at Paris, aged 68, about, old and indigent, playing the pipes John Brenchley, esq. of Wanlass How, which he had received from Sir Walter, Westmoreland, and formerly of Maidand though more than 70 years of age, stone, of which he was a native. His and subjected to much hardship and priva- body was brought to that town and depotion, he walked erect and had a military sited in the parish church of Maidstone. air to the last.

Nov. 16. 'At Brunswick, Capt. H. L. East Indies.Sept. 3. At Kuralee, Cole, only son of the late Henry William in Scinde, 2nd Lieut. H. W. Gibb, of the Cole, esq. formerly of Brunswick.

Nov. 17. At Paris, Souleyman, who said, a fortune of upwards of 100,000,000f. was interpreter to Napoleon when in He has appointed the Emperor of Austria Egypt.

his principal executor, Nov. 20. At Frankfort, aged 70, his Nov. 22. At Brussels, aged 39, RichRoyal Highness William II. Elector of ard son of Robert Haymes, esq. of Great Hesse. He succeeded to the electorate Glenn, Leicestershire. on the 27th February, 1821. He is suc- At Bruges, Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. ceeded by his son Prince Frederick Wil. Robert Cox Clifton, formerly Rector of liam, born in 1802, and who, since 1831, St. Nicholas, Worcester. shared the reigns of government with his Nov. 28. At Berne, Switzerland, aged father. The Elector was one of the rich. 45, Lincoln, eldest son of the late N, P. est sovereigns of Europe, and leaves, it is Phené, esq. of Melksham.


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Weekly average of the 5 years 1842–46,

1046 Deaths. corrected for increase of population * The following Superintendent Registrars' districts are included in the returns : viz. Kensington ; Chelsea ; St. George, Hanover-square; Westminster; St. Martin-inthe-Fields ; St. James; St. Marylebone ; St. Pancras ; Islington ; Hackney; part of Edmonton, viz. Hampstead sub-dist. ; St. Giles and St. George; Strand; Holborn ; Clerkenwell; St. Luke ; East London ; West London ; City of London ; Shoreditch ; Bethnal Green ; Whitechapel; St. George-in-the-East; Stepney; Poplar ; St. Saviour ; St. Olave; Bermondsey ; St. George, Southwark ; Newington; Lambeth ; Wandsworth and Clapham ; Camberwell ; Rotherhithe ; Greenwich ; Lewisham.

8. d.

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Wheat. | Barley. | Oats. Rye. | Beans. Peas.


d. d. d. 8. d.
54 10 33 2 22 3 32 0 37 0 44 4

Sussex Pockets, 21. 48. to 31. 38.--Kent Pockets, 21. 68. to 51. 28.

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PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW AT SMITHFIELD, Dec. 24. Hay, 21. 108. to 31. 128.-Straw, 11.58. to 11. 108.-Clover, 31, 108. to 41. 128.

SMITHFIELD, Dec. 24. To sink the Offal-perstone of 8lbs. Beef.....................

..38. 4d. to 4s. 8d. Head of Cattle at Market, Dec. 20. Mutton ..................38. 2d. to 4s. 8d. Beasts.....

2861 Calves 159 Veal ......

.......3s. 8d. to 48. 8d. Sheepand Lambs 17,650 Pigs 330 Pork.......

..38. 8d. to 58. 2d.

COAL MARKET, Dec. 24. Walls Ends, from 20s. 9d. to 23s. 6d. per ton. Other sorts from 18s. 6d. to 21s. Od.

TALLOW, per cwt.--Town Callow, 493. 6d. Yellow Russia, 483. Od.

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