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and Engineer, and to be Assistant Surveyor



anuel the very general regret expressed that such
very a relic of the olden time should have felt
Pro- "necessity's sharp pinch ;" for although
Mr. the top was" bald with dry antiquity," it

was sufficiently a tree to be an object of at-
traction, if not positively an ornament.

It was divided into thirteen convenient brist lots, and realised the sum of 22. 138., all

by being purchased to manufacture into pieces the of furniture. There is a vignette repreand senting this tree in Mr. May's Companion The Book to Stratford-upon-Avon, recently e all published. It is mentioned in a peram

bulation of the boundaries of the borough, after made in 1591. ove

WILTSHIRE. Nov. 30. The fine old church of West in- Larington, which has undergone a thothe rouglı restoratios, was re-opened for Di. ght vine service by the Lord Bishop of Salistofbury. The church was originally an early. and English structure, built probably in the ons commencement of the 13th century. At

the beginning of the year it presented the

appearance of a dilapidated structure, with cire galleries disfiguring the arches, a flat roof, mts sky.lights (the clerestory windows being of blocked up), square pews, and other un.

sightly appearances. The church has now been restored as nearly as possible to what

it may be supposed was its original design. Tey The south transept baving been conserted

into a sort of mausoleum for the family of

the lord of the manor in former days, has 2d been given up by Lord Churchill for the

use of the congregation. It is now seated uniformly with the rest of the church, and by these means an increase of 200 sittings has been gained, notwithstanding the removal of the galleries. The church has been entirely re-roofed, and the roof of the nave has been restored to its original pitch. It is constructed of oak, after the model of the roof of Ely cathedral

. The choral roof is of oak panelling, with intersecting ribs, and bosses at the angles; the ribs and bosses being painted and gilt. The altar is an arcade of early-English arches with richly carred capitals in oak. The east window is coloured in a pattern of early-English character, with a medal. lion in the centre light representing the Ascension. The north transept and western windows are by Powell. There is also a small early-English window by the same in the east gable of the nave, above the chancel arch, which has a good effect. Che seats are low, of oak, uniform and pen, The expense of completing the 'ork amounts to 1,600!. This sum has een rai:ed, partly by rate (5001.); Lord burchill and the Bishop of the Diocese intributing largely. The Church Soci. jes have also come forward.


F. W. Dillon to be Lieut. Col. ; brevet Major

F. Wigston to be Major.
Nov. 22. Rt. Hon. Richard More O'Ferrall,

Dec. 18. Capt. Alexander Milue, R.N. to be sworn of the Privy Council.

one of the Lords of the Admiralty.–Viscount Nov. 23. Dominic John Corrigan, M.D. to Sandon to be one of the Ecclesiastical Combe Physician in Ordinary to her Majesty in missioners for England, vice Lord Ashley.Ireland.

Wm. Henry Tinney, esq. Q.C. to be one of the
Nov. 26. 3d Dragoon Guards, Lieut.-Gen. Masters in Ordinary of the High Court of
c. M. Earl Cathcart, K.C.B. from 11th Light Chancery.
Dragoons, to be Colonel.-11th Light Dra-

Dec. 21. Rear. Adm. F. Temple to be Vicegoons, Lieut.-Gen. 1}. Wyndham to be Colonel. Admiral; Capt. W. F. Owen to be Rear-Adm. --9th Foot, Major B. V. Layard, from 37th

--Chas. Henry Darling, esq. to be Lieut.-Gov. Foot, to be Major, vice Major F. Lushing- of St. Lucia.--Robt. Russell, esq. to be Registon, C.B. who exchanges.--40th Foot, brevet trar of the Court of Chancery and Clerk of the Lieut.-Col. J. Stopford, to be Lieut.-Colonel ; Patents for Jamaica.--James Watson Sheriff, Capt. J. MacDuff to be Major.

esq. to be Coroner for Antigua.--Paitfield Mills, Nov. 27. James Brooke, esq. to be Gover

esq. to be Solicitor-General for Nevis.--James nor and Commander-in-Chief 'in and over the

Coleman Fitzpatrick, esq. to be Assessor or island of Labuan and its dependencies ; Samuel Assistant to the native Sovereigns and Chiefs George Bonbam, esq. to be Governor and om- on the Gold Coast.-William Macartney, esq. mander in Chief of Hong Kong and its depen. to be Superintendent of Police at Colombo.dencies; George Rennie, esq. to be Governor Edward Bage, and Commander in Chiet in the Falkland Is

Robert Armstrong, esq. to lands and their dependencies; Lieut.-Col. G. be Police Magistrate, for Sierra Leone. C. Du Plat, K.H. of the Royal Engineers, to Dec. 22. The Earl of Shelburne to be one of be Equerry to H. R. H. the Duke of Cambridge. the Lords of the Treasury.-W. G. Hayter, esq.

Nov. 27 Samuel George Bonham, esq. to to be Advocate-General or Judge-Martial of be her Majesty's Plenipotentiary and Chief

her Majesty's Forces. Superintendent of British Trade in China.

Dec, 24. 7th Dragoon Guards, Major-Gen. Dec. 1. Lord Elphinstone to be one of the the Hon. H. Murray, C.B. to be Colonel.-4th Lords in Waiting in Ordinary to her Majesty,

Light Dragoons, Lieut.-Gen. Sir G. Scovell, rice the Earl of Ducie.

K.C.B. to be Colonel.--14th Foot, Lieut.-Col. Dec, 2. Capt. William Fisher to be Rear

M. Barlow to be Lieut.-Col. ; brevet Major C. Admiral of the Blue.-Cheshire Yeomanry R. Newman to be Major.-44th Foot, Lieut.Cavalry, Lieut.-Col. G. W. Baron de Tabley to

Col. J. 0. Clunie, from half-pay 3rd Foot, to be be Lieut.-Colonel Commandant; Capt. Sir P.

Lieut. Col.-63rd Foot, Major C. James, from de M. G. Egerton, Bart. M.P. to be Lieut.-Colo- the 84th Foot, to be Major, vice Major G. Green, nel ; Earl Grosvenor, M.P. to be Captain. who exchanges.--Unattached, brevet Lieut.Dec. 3. 21st Foot, Lient.-Col. J. T. Hill,

Col. S. D. Pritchard to be Lieut. Col.-Hospital from the 32d Foot, to be Lieutenant-Colonel,

Staff, R. M. Peile, M.D. to be Local Inspector vice Lieut.-Col. R. T. R. Pattoun, who ex

General of Hospitals in Ireland.
changes.--53d Foot, Capt. W. R. Mansfield to
be Major.

Dec. 7. T. W. C. Murdoch, C. A. Wood,
and F. Rogers, esqs. to be Commissioners for

NAVAL PREFERMENTS. superintending the sale and settlement of the Appointments, Captains W. B. Mends (1814) waste lands of the Crown in the British colo- to the Caledonia, 120, as Flag Captain to Rear. nies, and the conveyance of emigrants thither. Adm. Sir J. Louis, for Devonport Ordinary;

Dec. 9. Egerton Ford, esq. to be one of her C. Eden to be Flag Captain to the Victory; J. Majesty's Hon. Corps of Gentlemen at Arms, Shepherd to the Inconstant; W. F. Martin to vice Hoare.

the Prince Regent.-Commanders, G. SkipDec. 10. The Marquess of Normanby (Am- with (1842) to the Hydra, steam-sloop; W. B. basador to the King of the French) to be an Monypenny to the Sealark; H. Dumaresq to ordinary member of the Civil Division of the the Cuckoo.--Lieutenant and Commander T. First Class, or Knights Grand Cross, of the A. Lewis to the Seagull. Order of the Bath.--7th Light Dragoons, Capt. C. Hagart to be Major.- 16th Light Dragoons, brevet Lieut.-Col. ). R. Smyth to be Lieut.- Members returned to serve in Parliament, Colonel; Capt. G. O'Halloran Gavin to be Ma- Edinburgh--Charles Cowan, esq. (re-el.) jor.-Coldstream Guards, brevet Major Lieut. Kilkenny-Michael Sullivan, esq. and Capt. the Hon. R. E. Boyle to be Capt. Lancashire (S.)-Alex. Henry, esq. and Lieut.-Colonel.--Scots Fusilier Guards, Liskeard-Charles Buller, esq. (re-el.) Lieut. and Capt. A. E. Onslow to be Captain and Lieut.-Colonel.-3d Foot, Capt. D. M.

Jontgomery-David Pugh, esq. (the Hon. Cameron to be Major.-78th Foot, Major E.

Hugh Cholmondeley not defending his seat.)
Twopeny to be Lieut.-Colonel; brevet Major (re-elected.).

Newcastle-under-Lyme - S. Christy, esq.
W. Hamilton to be Major.--84th Foot, Major
D. Russell to be Lieut.-Colonel; brevet Major

Rye-Herbert M. Curteis, esq.
C. James to be Major.-Brevet, Capt. B. Coney,

Stockport-James Kershaw, esq.
of the Royal Newfoundland Companies, to be

Tamworth--Capt. John Townshend, R.N.
Major in the Army.-Unattached, Capt. H. G.

Weymouth-Hon. F. W. C. Villiers,
Boyce, from the 2d Life Guards, to be Major.

Dec. 12. Edwin Saunders, esq. to be Den-
tist in Ordinary to her Majesty.

Dec. 13. Charles Buller, esq. to be a Poor Rev. Dr. Spry, to be Vice Dean of Canterbury.
Law Commissioner for England.

Rev. H. Percy, to be a Preb. of Carlisle.
Dec. 17. Rear-Adm. Sir C. Richardson, Rev. J. D. Eaile, to be an Hon. Canon of
K.C.B, to be Vice-Admiral ; Capt. Edw. Harvey Durham.
to be Rear-Admiral.-- Ist Fooi, brevet Major Rev. H. M. Scartlı, to be an Hon. Canon of
H. P. Raymond to be Major.-18th Foot, Major Wells.

at се

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Rev. J. P. Alcock, Ashford V. Kent.

Rev. A. Boulton, Sampford Peverell R. Devon.
Rev. J. Bowles, Stanton Lacy R. Salop.

Sept. 15. At Goolahek, near Tehran, Persia,
Rev. E. F. Boyle, Hilperton and Waddon R. R.

the wife of Lieut.-Colonel Francis Farrant, Wilts.

K.L.S. Secretary of Her Britannic Majesty's
Rev. E. Brailsford, Sulby P. C. Isle of Man. Legation, a dau.
Rev. D. Cooke, Brompton, Chatham, P. C. Kent.

Oct. 29. At Poona, the wife of Captain
Rev. R. Cope, Kimberworth P. C. York.

Hinde, the 8th (King's) Regiment, a son. Rev. G. Davenport, St. Jude P.C. Birmingham.

Nov. 4. The Queen of Portugal, a son. Rev. T. Davies, Devynnoch V. with the Cha- 6. At Hyde-park-gate, Kensington Gore, the pelry of Ystrodwelty, Breconshire.

wife of James Pratt Barlow, esq. a day.Rev.J.A. Eldridge, Sutton, Hull, P.C. Yorksh. 11. At 27, Hyde-park-sq. the wife of John Rev. R. M. Evanson, Accrington P. C. Lanc, Harvey, esq. of Ickwell Bury, Bedfordshire, Rev. J. M. Gresley, Overseal R. Leic.

a dau.-12. At Oakfield, Worth, Sussex, the Rev. J. H. Gurney, St. Mary, Bryanstone-sq.

wife of John B. Lousada, esq. a son. 17. At R. Middlesex.

Montague House, Hammersmith, Mrs. GrifRev. E. W. Ingram, Ribbesford R. Worc. fiths, a dau.-20. At Quernmore Park, near Rev. S. Jervois, Bishop Ryder's Church, P. C. Lancaster, the wife of Bellasis, a dau. Birmingham,

21. At Congham Lodge, Norfolk, the wife of Rev. C. W. J. Johnston, Sproxton V. Leic. Martin Browne Ffolkes, esq. a son and heir, Rev. R. Jones, Dolwyddelan P. C. Carn.

At Alverthorpe Hall, Wakefield, the wife Rev. W. Kerr, Tipton P. C. Staffordsh.

of George Sandars, esq. M.P. a dau.-22. Rev. T. Leach, Thornton-in-Lonsdale V.Yorksh. At Connaught-place West, the wife of the Hon. Rev. J. Lecky, New District Church of the George S. Gough, Grenadier Guards, a dau. Holy Trinity, Willenhall, P. C. Staff.

23. At Ditcham Park, Hants, the Countess Rev. H. Morgan, St. Mary Magdalen, Peckham of Limerick, a son.- -In Berkeley-sq. the P. C. Surrey,

wife of John Martin, esq. M.P. a dau.-24. Rev. D. Nelson, Bride R. Isle of Man.

At the Retreat, Battersea, the wife of Reginald Rev. H. G. Nicholls, Holy Trinity, in the Macdonald, esq. late 17th Lancers, a dau. Forest of Dean, P. C. Glouc.

25. At Windlestone Hall, Durham, Lady Eden, Rev. G. L. Parsons, Kirkham V. Lanc.

a son and heir.-26. In Grosvenor-pl. the Rev. J. Potter, Lingwood, Acie P. C. Norfolk wife of Capt. F. Pleydell Bouverie, R.N. of her Rev. A. Pownall, South Kilworth R. Leic. Majesty's ship Electra, a dau.-28. The Rev. J. Qualtrough, St. Jude, Andreas, P. C. Hon. Mrs. Mather, a dau.--At Wadenhoe, Isle of Man.

the wife of Bulkley J. M. Praed, esq. a dau. Rev. E. J. Rathbone, New Church of St. Mat- --At Connaught-pl. Hyde Park, the Hon.

thew, Derrington, P. C. near Stafford. Mrs. Methuen, a dau.—At Boxted hall, SufRev. J. F. Reeve, Queenshead, Halifax, P. C. folk, the lady of Sir Richard Gethin, Bart. & Yorkshire.

son and heir. Rev. C. T. Sale, Holt R. Worcestershire.

Lately. At Accrington House, Lancashire, Rev. H. Shuker, Wichienford V. Worcestersh. the wife of Jonathan Peel, esq. a dau.--In Rev. E. T. Smith, St. Paul P. C. Warwick. Lowndes-street, the Hon. Mrs. C. Cust, a dau. Rey. P. M. Smythe, Solihull R. Warwick. --At Provender, the wife of N.J. Knatchbull, Rev. B. Spurrell, Drayton Parslow R. Bucks. esq. a dau.-In Eaton-sq. Lady Augustus Rev. W. Trumper, Grosmont R. Monmth. Loftus, a dau. In London, the wife of the Rev. J. Walker, Southrop V. Glouc.

Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P. a dau. Rev. T. Wall, Edgware P. C. Middx.

Dec. 1. In Lower Seymour-street, the wife Rev. R. Wickham, Gresford V. Denbighshire, of Gordon Willoughby James Gyll, esq. a son. Rev. W. Young, the Proprietary Chapel, Lea

-2. At Cheveley-park, the wife of John mington Prior's P. C. Warwickshire.

Fairlie, esq. a son.--3. At Upton-grove,
Essex, the wife of Ernest Bunsen, esq. a son.

-4. In Suffolk, Lady Lacon, a son--_-5. At CHAPLAINS.

Berry-hill, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, the wife

of Captain G. B. Cumberland, a son.---6. In Rev. B. Owen, B. D. and Rev.'T. Brisco, B. D. Harley-st. Mrs. William J. Jarvis, a the Earl of Airlie.

7. At Kidderminster, the Hon. Mrs. ClaughRev. Dr. Wolfe, to Lord Carbery.

ton, a son.-8. In Grosvenor-place, the Viscountess Mahon, a son.--At Windsor, the

wife of Captain Cochrane, (late) Rifle Brigade, CIVIL PREFERMENTS.

a son.-ll. At Blackadder, Berwickshire,

the wife of Sir George Houstoun Boswall. Mr. Thomas Frederick Elliott (Senior Com

Bart. a son. ----14. At Sbinfield House, Berks, missioner of the Colonial Land and Emigra the wife of Lieut.-Colonel Dunn, a dau.tion Board) to be Joint-Assistant Under

15. In Bryanston-sq. Mrs. Henry Lee WarSecretary of State for the Colonial Depart

ner, a son and heir. ----16. The Lady Louisa ment with Mr, Merivale.

Cotes, a son.--18. At Bedgebury-park, Rowland Hill, esq. to be Superintendent of the Lady Mildred Hope, a dau. 19. At Court Money-order Office at the Gen. Post Office.

of Hill, Shropshire, the wife of Major Lowe, Dr. Paxton, jun. of Rugby, to be Travelling a son.--21. At Stanmer, the Countess of Fellow for the University of Oxford.

Chichester, a son.
Rev. W. N. Griffin, B.D. to be Head Master

of the Central Mathematical School of Naval

Architecture at Portsmouth.
Rev. V. W. Ryan, M. A. to be Vice-Principal

of the Liverpool Collegiate School.

May 29. At Launceston, Van Diemen's Rev. R Evans, to be Head Master of the Bris.

Land, Owen F. L. Ward, Capt. of the 11th tol Grammar School,

Regt, son of T. Ward, esq. Willey House,
Rev. H. Fowler, to be Master of the Helston Farnham, Surrey, to Annie-Alice, dau. of Major
Grammar School, Cornwall.

Hervey Welman, late of the 57th Regt.
Rev. P. Heale, to be Head Master of Archbp. Aug. 24. At Port Louis, Mauritius, Captain

Tenison's Grainmar School, St. Martin's. Talavera Vernon Anson, R.N., son of Gen. Sir

George Anson, G.C.B. to Caroline-Octavia. Rev. J. Richards, to be Head Master of the Emma, dau. of Major-Gen. Staveley, C.B. Free Grammar School, Bradford, Yorkshire. Sept. 8. At Bellhary, E. 1. the Hon. David

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Arbuthnott, of Kincardineshire, to Eliza, 2nd Cambridgeshire, to Honor, youngest dau. of dau. of Thomas Forbes Reynolds, esq. M.D. Henry Edward Kendall, esq. of Suffolk-st. of Wallington, Surrey,

Pall Mall East, and Kemp Town, Brighton. 16. At Musoorie, Lieut. P. A. Young, 2nd 3. At Brighton, Count Labitsky, to Miss son of the late John Young, esq. of Westridge, Gordon, of Montpellier-road, Brighton. to Elizabeth, fourth dau. of the late Hugh 4. At Finchley, the Rev. George Frost, B.A. Williams, esq. of Cresswell, Pemb.

to Emily, dau. of Richard Dixon, esq. Oak 28. At Cape Town, Edward P. Nisbet, esq. Lodge. commanding the East Iodia ship Agincourt, 5. At Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire, the Rev. C. to Emily, second dau. of John King, esq.; and, Hocker, Vicar of Talland, Cornwall, to Maria, on the same day, Major Charles James Green, only surviving dau. of the Rev. Daniel Evans, Corps of Madras Engineers, to Augusta, fourtti Vicar of Keverne, in the same county.--At dau. of John King, esq. - At Lucknow, E.I. the Catholic Chapel, and afterwards at St. Capt. Wm. Ellison Warden, 23rd B.N.I. eldest Paul's, Hammersmith, Leonard Jesse, esq. of son of the late Lieut.-Col. Warden, to Priscilla- North Newnton, Wilts, to Teresa, third dau. of Emilia, only dau. of Lieut. John Lloyd, R.N. the late James Perry, esq. of Cupola-house, niece of Lieut.-Col. G. W. Aylmer Lloyd, C.B. Hammersmith. -- At Broadclist, the Rev.

30. At St. Mary's, Islington, Walter B. Gill, Harvey Alerander, eldest surviving son of the esq. Surgeon and Medical Associate of King's late Geo. Alexander, esq. M.D. of the H.E.I.S. College, only son of the late Capt. Thomas to Elizabeth-Mary, only dau. of the late John Gill, R.N. of Brock Hall, Heref, to Georgiana- Matthews, esq. Bridge House, Broadclist. Martha, eldest dau. of the Rev. George King, At Stoke Gabriel, the Rev. Robert Bowden, of Upper Holloway.—At Warwick, George Vicar of that place, to Sarah, youngest dau. of Edward Swinton, esq. (3rd King's Own Light Richard Parrott Hulme, esg. of Maisonette, Dragoons), to Charlotte-Sophia, only dau. of J. Devon. --At Wootton St. Lawrence, Hants, Mackenzie, esq. of Warwick. ---At'Elmstone, the Rev. Walter Wither, to Sophia, fourth R. C. Lindley, esq. of Manstield, in the co. of dau. of Richard Stubbs, esq. late of ChockNottingham, to Bessie, second dau. of C. Del. lodge, Cheshunt.--At Blockley, Worc. W. mar, esq. of Elmstone Court.-At Tedding- Viner Beadle, esq. M.D. to Caroline Matilda, ton, Capt. Spencer Westmacott, Royal Eng. only dau. of Edward Banbury, esq.--At youngest son of Sir Richard Westmacott, R.A. Cheltenham, the Rev. Henry Richards, Bidto Mary-Anne, eldest dau. of Charles Green, ford Vicarage, to Rosa Octavia, dau. of the esq. of Broom Farm, Surrey.--At St. James's, late Thomas Moore, esq. of Dorset-sq. London. Norlands, Bayswater, Edward Walker, esq. At Littleborough, Jolin, second son of the Fellow of Trin. Coll. Camb. eldest son of G. Rev. I. E. N. Molesworth, D.D. Vicar of RochWalker, esq. Over Hall, Gestingthorpe, Essex, dale, to Mary, youngest dau, of the late Lawto Anne-Whinfield, youngest dau. of the late rence Newall, esq. of Townhouse, Lanc.Rev. Richard Williams, Preb. of Lincoln, and At Streatham, John, eldest son of John HumRector of Great Houghton, and niece of the phery, esq. M.P. to Emma, fourth dau. of WilMarchioness de Bouffet Montauban. - At liam Cubitt, esq. M.P. of Bedford Hill, BalCheltenham, the Rev. Henry Brooks, youngest ham. --At Stepney, Augustus, fifth son of son of the Rev. Jonathan Brooks, Rector of William Berkeley, esq. of Park Villas, Notting Liverpool, to Elizabeth-Grace, widow of John Hill, and late of Coopersale Hall, Essex, to Wroughton Harrison, esq. and youngest dau. Matilda-Joan, youngest dau. of the late Henry of the late Adm. Master, of Sion Cottage, Bath. Owen, esq. of White Hall, Abridge, Essex. - At Hugglescote-in-Ibstock, the Rev. Charles At Stanton Lacy, Salop, Henry Walker, esq. J. Betham, B. A. of Emmanuel Coll. Camb. to M.D. of Ludlow, to Penelope, youngest dau. Charlotte, second dau. of the Rev. Charles of the late Thomas Brettell, esq. formerly of Goddard, D.D. Rector, Sub-Dean of Lincoln. the Tiled House, Kingswinford, Staffordshire.

At Brighton, S. Bush Toller, of Lincoln's. At St. Marylebone, Charles Dixon, esq. of inn, esq. barrister-at-law, to Mary-Anne, se- Stansted, Sussex, to Augusta, relict of George cond dau. of Emanuel Goodhart, esq. of Langley S. Wilder, esq. of Sussex-pl. Regent's-park. Park, Beckenham, Kent, and Crescent Lodge, At Swafield, Norfolk, Edward Meade, esq. Brighton.-At Bellus, Essex, the seat of Sir of North Walshamn, son of the late Rev. R. Thos. Lennard, Bart. George Granville Har. Meade, Rector of Horsendon, Bucks, to Francourt, esq. M.P. for Oxon, to Frances, Coun- ces-Koster, only dau. of the Rev. J. Lawson tess of Waldegrave. At Christ Church, Sisson, D.D. Incumbent of Coleford, GloucesMarylebone, Pascoe St. Leger Grenfell. esq. of tershire.---At Paris, Richard Francis WoodMaesteg, near Swansea, to Penelope-Frances, rul', esq. to Jane, dau. of Thomas Thatcher, third dau. of the late Rev. S. Madan, D.D.- esq.At St. James's, Piccadilly, Algernon At Swindon, Wilts, G. Westbury Hall, esq. of William Bellingham, eldest son of Algernon Greenwich, to Ellen, third dau. of Amos Barns, Greville, esq. of North Lodge, Hertfordshire, esq. of Broome House, Swindon, and Tilworth to Mary-Fanny, eldest dau. of Christopher House, Tilworth, Devon. At Honiton, Idle, esq. of Northfrith, Kent. At St. MiDevon, the Rev. T. R. Smyth, Rector of Char- chael's, Highgate, the Rev. John Christian linch, Somersetsbire, only son of the Rev. T. Muller, Missionary to West Africa, to HelenS. Smyth, 41, York crescent, Clifton, to Louisa, Graham, younger dau. of the late Peter Tabourthird dau. of Capt. Renwick, R.N.

Lately. At Much Hadham, Herts, C. H. M. 6. At Llanrhaiadr, Denbighshire, Thomas Eden, esq. of Barnet Wood, Letherhead, to Palmer Parr Varsh, esq. M.D. to Emma-CatheFanny-Rose, youngest dau. of George Eves, rine, youngest surviving dau. of the late esg; of Old Park Lands.

William Johnson Edenson, esg. of ManchesAt Gibraltar, the Rev. Godfrey ter.--At Derby, James Lord, of the Inner Kingsford, B.A. Canon of the Cathedral, fourth Temple, esq. barrister-at-law, to Elizabethson of Edward Kingsford, esq. of Southwark, Mary, eldest dau. of Henry Cox, esq. of Parkto Emma-Louisa, eldest dau. of the Arch- field, near Derby.--At St. Pancras, Count deacon.

Aglietta Palatin, to Annabella, youngest dau. 2. At Dover, the Rev. Peter Harnett Jen- of the late Archibald Hamilton, esq. of Dublin. nings, of Richmond, Surrey, to Elizabeth, 7. At the Friends' meeting-house, Stoke eldest dau of Lieut. Robert Mudge, R.N. com- Newington, Thomas Ashworth, of Poynton, manding H.M. Packet “Onyx.”. At St. Cheshire, to Alicia-Sarah, eldest dau. of Maj. Martin's-in-the-Fields, Westminster, Henry Gen. Nicholls.--At Constantine, Cornwall, Edward Fardell, esq. 9th Regt. eldest son of Thomas Rogers, esq. of Reading, to Mary. the Rev. Henry Fardell, Vicar of Wisbeach, Catherine, only dau, of the Rey. Edward

din, esq.

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Rogers, Vicar of the above parish.---The dau. of the late James Compson, esq. of Cleo.
Rev. Charles Henry Mainwaring, third son of bury Mortimer.--At St. John's, Padding-
Capt. Rowland Mainwaring, R.N. of Whit- ton, Lindsay Sloper, esq. of Southwick-pl. to
more Hall, Staff. to Jane, third dau. of the Helen-Mary, youngest dau. of Thomas Bat-
Rev. Sir Henry Delves Broughton, Bart.-- chelor, esq. of Eton.---At Romsey, Joseph
At Donnybrook, Francis Dukinfield Astley, Mayer, esq. of the Sytch, Burslein, youngest
esq. of Dukinfield Lodge, Cheshire, and Feil. son of the late Sam. Mayer, esq. of Thistle-
foot, Lanc. to Gertrude, second dau.of Lieut.. berry Hall, to Frances-Westcott, only
Col. Harry Jones, Royal Eng. Chairman of dau. of Joshua Withers, esq. of Romsey:
the Board of Public Works in Ireland. --At At Campfield Place, Essex, Capt. Daniel Mac-
Bedford, Richard Watson Moor, Incumbent kinnon, 16th Lapcers, to Caroline, dau. of the
of Stoke St. Gregory, Somersetshire, to Anna- Hon. Baron Dimsdale. - At Śt. James's,
Maria, widow of Joseph Trapp, esq. banker, Paddington, the Rev. C. R. de Havilland, In-
Bedford. --The Rev. George Arden, Rector cumbent of Downside, near Bath, eldest son
of Winterbourne Came, and Domestic Chap- of the late Major de Havilland, H.M.S. to
lain to the Right Hon. the Earl of Devon, to Agnes-Maria, youngest dau. of the late Major-
Eliza-Hannah, second dau. of the Rev. F. J.C. Gen. Molesworth, E.I.C.S. ---At Clapham,
Trenow, Rector of Langton Herring, Dorset - Thomas Nichols, esq. eldest son of T. G.
shire. --At Sheviock,Cornwall, Philip, young- Nichols, esq. R.N. of Greenwich, to Caroline,
est son of William Allen, esq. of Lisconjill, co. youngest dau, of the late James Wilkinson,
Cork, to Frances, only dau. of the Hon. Philip esq. of Leadenhall-st. At St. Paul's,
James Cocks. At Annadaff, Drumsna, Ire- Knightsbridge, the Rev. Henry Owen, Vicar
land, Joseph Clarke, esq. of Stoke Newington, of Llanynys, Denbighshire, to‘Jane, dau. of
to Helena-Olivia, relict of Malcolm Walker, the late Rev. C. Chester, Rector of Ayott St.
esq. dau. of the late Capt. Hugh O'Reily Peter's. Herts. --At Poonah, Ellis James
Barnes, and granddau. of the late Sir Hugh Charter, esq., Lieut, in the 8th Regt., to Annie,
O'Reily. - At Great Tew, Robert Price, third dau. of Lieut.-Col. Boileau, of H.M.'s
esg. Llanrhaiadr Hall, Denbigh, to Mary, 23rd Regt.
eldest dau. of Jabez Kimber, esq. of Great 13. At St. George's, Hanover-sq. Arthur J.
Tew, Oxon.--At Northwood, Isle of Wight, Arrowsmith, esq. to Emma, youngest dau. of
John S. Eldridge, esg. of Southampton, tó the late Edwin Alderman, esq. many years
Rosa, youngest dau. of the late Lieut. George Deputy of the Ward of Cripplegate Without.
Forder, R.N. of Rushington. Eling, Hants.

At Dewlish, Dorset, George Templer
At Withcote, Francis-Leslie, eldest son of

Graham, esq. of Cossington House, Somerset, Francis Pym, esq. of the Hasell's, Bedford.

to. Caroline-Mary, eldest dau. of late Gen. shire, to Mary-Jemima, third day of the Rev.

Michel, of Dewlish House.At Plymouth, Henry Palmer, of Witlicote Hall, Leic.----At Christopher Ayre, esq. Marshal of the Court Reigate, the Rev. Thomas Pelham Dale, Fel- of Vice-Admiralty of Newfoundland, to Eliza, low of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and eldest dau. of Nicolas Mitchell, esg. of Ply. Rector of St. Vedast, son of the Rev. Thomas mouth.–At St. Vincent's, Robert Aitkin, Dale, Canon of St. Paul's, to Mary, second esq., to Anne-Emily, eldest dau.; and, at the dau. 'of William Francis, esq. of Woodhatch. same time, the Rev. Alex. Dasent, fourth son

8. At Southover, Lewes, George Edward of the late J. R. Dasent, esq. Attorney-Gen, Engleheart, esq. of the Middle Temple, bar- of St. Vincent's, to Caroline-Mayer, second rister-at-law, third son of N. B. Engleheart, dau. of George Colquhoun Grant, esq. esq. of Doctors' Commons, and Blackheath, 14. At Stringston, Birt Wyndham Rous Kent, to Winifriede-Anna, dau. of Thomas Jenner, esq. late Capt. Bengal Army, youngest Dicker, esq. Banker, Lewes, Sussex.--At

son of late Robert Jenner, esq. of Wenvoe Clapham, Surrey, Lieut. Thomas Martin, of Castle, Glam. to Ann, eldest dau. of Langley the 18th Royal Irish, only son of Major R.

St. Albyn, esq. of Alfoxton, Som. --At Stoke Martin, of the Ceylon Rifles, to Emily, dau,

Newington, George Valentine Buss, esq. of of Frederick Sharp, esq. of Brooklands, Clap. Hanau, to Caroline, eldest dau. of Charles ham.

Trumpler, esq. of 'Stoke Newington. At 9. At Berne, the Rev. Henry Tickell, M.A.

Ryde, Dr. Abercrombie, eldest son of John of Queen's college, Oxford, to Érmance-Ange.

Abercrombie, esq. of Kensington-square, to lique Theodora-Geraldine, only child of the Louisa, dau. of the late Charles Worthington, late M. du Maine, of Lausanne and Vevay,

esq. of Eversley, Hants. At St. Luke's, Switzerland. -At St. George's, Hanover-sq.

Chelsea, the Rev. Augustus William Cole, Frederick W. S. Packman, esq.

M.D. of M.A. Incumbent of Ide Hill, Sundridge, Kent, Clarges-st. to Anne-Hilbert Lord, of Tupton

to Henrietta -Mary-Ann, dau. of Thomas L. Hall, Derb.--At Streatham, the Rev. John

Jeffree, esq. King's-road, Chelsea.
Griffith, M.A. Vicar of Aberdare, to Sarah.

Monkstown, near Dublin, William George
Frances, eldest dau. of William King, esq. of Arthurs, esq. only son of the late Major Ar-
Wandsworth Common.

thurs, tó Helen, third dau. of John W. Wright, At St. George's, Hanover-sq. Thomas B.

esq. of Gloucester-road, Regent's-park.Hanham, esq. youngest son of the Rev. Sir

At Stockport, Brent Spencer® Follett, esq. of James Hanham, Bart. of Dean's Court, Dor.

Lincoln's-inn, barrister-at-law, to Caroline. set, to Emily-Anne, eldest dau. of Edward

Amelia, youngest dau. of Walker Skirrow, Castleman, esq. of Allandale House, Dorset.

esq. Q.C. of Reddish House, Lanc.--At At Newington-next-Sittingbourne, Kent, Frant, the Rev. H. T. M. Kirby, Vicar of May. the Rev. William Fisher, of Hartlip, Kent, field, Sussex, to Hannah-Jane, eldest dau, of youngest son of J. Fisher, esq. of Futham, to the Rev. Sir Henry Thompson, Bart. Áno, youngest surviving dau. of the late


At St. James's, Piccadilly, Capt. W. Richard Ruck, esq.

Holt, R. N. to Juliana, widow of Paul Tate, 12. At Beaumont, near Carlisle, the Rev.

- At

esq. of Liverpool.---At Camberwell, P. H. Isaac Dodgson, M.A. Incumbent of Lanercost Count de Limburg Stirum, Comptroller of the Abbey and Upper Denton, to Margaret, second Household of Prince Frederick of the Nethersurviving dau. of Robert Norman, esq. of lands, to Ellen, only dau. of the late Edmund Kirkandrew's-on-Eden. ---At Marbury, Ches. Drayton, esq. ---Pbilip Cotton, esq. brother hire, Henry E. A. Dalbiac, esq. to Mary, of the Dean of Lismore, to Caroline, dau. of dau of Sir H. M. Mainwaring, 'Bart.At the late Rev. Dr. Hoskins, and niece of Sir Doncaster, Hamilton Cooke, esq. of Carr Charles Taylor, Bart, House, to Caroline-Elizabeth, youngest dau. 18. At Pullingham, William Pigott, esq. of Joha Howard, esq.of Doncaster, and grand- of Dullingham House, Camb, and Denston,


Suffolk, son of the late Sir George Pigott, Bouverie, esq. of the 78th Highlanders, son of Bart. to Charlotte-Maria, widow of Lieut.- the Hon. and Rev. F. Bouverie, Canon of Gen, the Right Hon. Lord Keane, G.C.B. and Salisbury, to Harriet, eldest dau. of the Rev. G.C.H. -At Octacamund, India, Chas. Ed. Sir H. Rivers, Bart.- -At Wrentham, Suffolk, ward Dawson Hill, esq. Madras Eng. second the Rev. Thomas Fison, B.A. of Romsey, son of Major-Gen. Sir Dudley Hill, C.B., of Hants, to Elizabeth, eldest dau. of the Rev. Lyme Regis, to Gertrude-Henrietta, youngest Andrew Ritchel.- -At Stepney, William, only dan. of the late David Shaw, M.D., of the son of Stanes Brocket Brocket, of Spains Hall, Bombay Medical Establishment.

Essex. esq. to Mary, only dau. of Capt. Daw19. At Pirbright, the Rev. Robert Wedg. biney, of Port Adelaide, South Australia. wood, to Mary, second dau. of Henry Hal- At Trinity Church, Marylebone, the Rev. sey, esq. of Henley Park, Surrey.- At St. Edward Butler, A.M. son of the Rev. Richard George's, Hanover-sq. Harry S. Wilde, esq, Butler, D.D. of Priestown, co. Meath, Ireland, barrister-at-law, son of Sir John Wilde, and to Blanche, youngest dau. of P. Perring, esq. nephew to the Lord Chief Justice Wilde, to of Devonshire-pl.--At Halifax, the Rev. Catherine-Caroline, second dau. of the late Thomas Andrew Walker, son of Robert One. Charles Calland, esq. of Upper Forest, Glam. bye Walker, esq. of Bedford-sq. to Charlotte-- At Rugby, the Rev. G. E. Larden, Vicar Matilda, eldest dau. of E. N. Alexander, esq. of Brotherton, Yorkshire, to Mary. Lydia- of Halifax.-At Charlecote, Warw. T. Lloyd Fanny, eldest dau. of Samuel Bucknill, esg. Fitzhugh, esq. of Plas Power, co. Denbigh, to surgeon, Rugby. — The Rev. Charles H. Mary, dau. of the late George Lucy, esq. Travers, Curate of Buckerell, Devon, to Fanny, 23. At Ripon, Frederick George Leigh, dau. of H. Alexander, esq. of Milford Hall, R.N. second son of Col. and the Hon. Mirs. Carlow, Ireland. - At Saltwood, Kent, Frede- Leigh, to Phæbe-Althea, second dami. of the rick Sutton, esq. to Georgiana, third dau. of late John Rothery, esq.--At St. Mildred's, the Ven. James Croft, Archd. of Canterbury. Moses Edward Byles Cowell, esq. of Ipswiclı,

- At Rottingdean, Sussex, Frederick, fourth to Elizabeth-Susan, eldest dau. of the Rev. son of William Borall, esq. to Anne, eldest John Charlesworth. -At St. John's, Not. dau. of John Farncombe, esq. -At Plymp- ting Flill, Augustus F. Roper, esq. son of the ton St. Mary Church, Capt. Cecil Edward late Col. Roper, to Lydia-Mary-Ann, only Bewes, of the 69th Regt. son of Thomas child of the late John Henley, esq. At OtBewes, esq. of Beaumont, Devon, to Frances. terden, the Rev. Alex. George Blunro, only Elizabeth, eldest dau. of G. W. Soltau, esq. son of Major-Gen. Munro, K.H., of the Royal of Little Efford. —Arthur Walton Onslow, Art., to Eleanor, youngest dau. of the Rev. esq. youngest son of Sir Henry Onslow, Bart. G. D. Goodyar, Rector of Otterden, Kent. to Isabella, third dau. of the late John Pen- 25. At Curzon-st. chapel, the Right Hon. rice, esg. of Witton, Norfolk.--- At Liver. Lord Walsingham, to the Hon. Emily-Elizapool, John Ord, esq. of Melmerby, to Mary- beth-Julia Thellusson, eldest dau. of the late Gertrude, youngest dau, of the late Silas Lord Rendlesbam. Richards, esq.

26. At St. Mary's, Marylebone, Sir John 20. At Carshalton, the Rev. Charles Darby Trollope, Bart. M.P. for South Lincolnshire, Reade, youngest son of the late John Reade, to Julia Maria, eldest dau of Sir Robert Sheresq. Madras Civil Serv. and of Holbrooke field, Bart. of Normanby-pk. Lincolnshire.House, Suffolk, to Elizabeth-Lawrence, eldest At St.George's, Hanover-sq. Sir Charles Isham, dau. of the late J. Aitken, esq. of Hadley, Bart. of Lamport Hall, Northamptonshire, to Middlesex.--At Ravensthorpe, Stephen St. Emily, youngest dau. of Right Hon. the late Peter Langton, gent. Commoner of Magdalen Mr. Justice Vaughan and the Dowager Lady hall, Oxford, only son of Thomas Langton, St. John. ---At Aston, Yorkshire, the Rev. esq. of Teeton Hall, to Louisa-Rebecca, only William Judd Upton, M.A. Fellow of New dau. of Thomas Powell, esq. of Ravensthorpe. college, Oxford, to Mary-Elizabeth-Edwina, -- At Weston-under-Penyard, Herefords. only dau. of Edwin Sorby, esq. West Park J. Charles Christopher, esq. of the Grove, Cottage, Sheffield. —- At Christchurch, St. Hammersmith, to Martha-Jane, second dau. George's, Middx. William Mogg, esq. of Rome, of the Rev. John Hardy, Incumbent of Lea, to Mary, widow of Thomas Lainbert, esq. of Gloucestershire. —Capt. Sir Thomas Raikes Brixton. At Wembworthy, Ralph M. Lecke, Trigge Thompson, Bart. of the Royal Navy, to esq. of Longford, Salop, to Hester-Urania, Gertrude, youngest dau. of the Rev. Robert second dau. of the Hon. Newton and Lady Vapier Raikes, Vicar of Long Hope, Glouc. Catharine Fellowes. - At St. George's, Hano- At Childwall, Adam Stewart Gladstone, ver-sq. the Rev. Charles Cavendish, third son esq. son of the late Robert Gladstone, esq. to of Major-Gen. the Hon. H. C. Cavendish, to Caroline, third dau. of Joseplı Need Walker, Felicia-Susan, eldest dau. of the Hon. Henry esg. of Calderstone, near Liverpool. At Lygon. --At Cerne Abbas, the Rev. Thomas Richmond, Surrey, The Very Rev. the Dean Hammond House, Rector of Anderson, to of Ely, to Frances-Elizabeth, youngest dau. Elizabeth, eldest dau. of James Crane, esq. of of William Selwyn, esq. Q.C. -At Norwich, Cerne Abbas. Thomas Edward Amyot, esq. of Diss, eldest 27. At Taunton, Kenneth Mackenzie, esq. son of Thomas Amyot, esq. James-st. West- Lieut. 3rd Regt. (the Buffs), to Frances, minster, to Elizabeth, dan. of the late Rev. youngest dau. of S. R. Pattison, esy. of TaunFrancis Howes. ----At Penninghame House, ton..--At Staughton House, Robert Alexander Edward Heron Marwell, youngest son of the Cochrane, esq. eldest son of the late Hon. Cap. late Lieut.-Gen. Sir John Heron Maxwell, Cochrane, to Julia, dau, of the late Gen. OnBart. of Springkell and Heron, to Elizabeth- slow.--At Axbridge, Charles, youngest son Ellen, only dau. of Lieut.-Col. Stopford Blair, of Thomas Lyddon Edwards, esq. of Clifton, of Penninghame, Wigtonshire. - At St. Glouc. to Rachel, only child of Samuel Lund John's Notting Hill, Charles J. Baker, esq. Fry, esq:

At Great Yarmouth, the Rev. to Harriet-Maria : and at the same time, Charles J. Fisher, M.A. Rector of OvingtonWalter Henry Medhurst, esq. of Shanghae, cum-Tilbury, Essex, to Mary, dau. of Capt. China, to Ellen-Gilbert, dau. of J. W. Cooper, Sir Eaton Standard Travers, R.N. esy. of Notting Hill.

Dec. 1. At the parish church of Hawkshead, 21. At Bath, the Rev. Edward H. Carr, Lancashire, by the Rev. T. Gawthorp, B.A. M.A. of Trinity college, Cambridge, Curate R. B. Smith, esq. of Pygons llill, Lydiate, to of Melton Mowbray, to Eleanor-Henrietta, Abigail, dau of the late W. Gawthorp, esq. of third dau. of Capt. W. F. Carroll, C.B., R.N. Sawrey, Windermere.

At Martyr-Worthy, Laurence Pleydell GENT. MAG. VOL. XXIX.


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